Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 17th September 2021 Written Update


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Episode start: Basa slips off steps and falls wounded when somebody hits and pushes down her head. Family rushes to him and asks how she dropped. Baa says somebody hit her and dropped her. Sapan says they’re going to take her to the hospital. Sagar has reached here, Kanak tells Radhika. Baa is sent to the hospital by family, where Anant asks the doctor to save Baa. Doctor says that he’s going to try his best and bring her to OT. Anant cries that the whole life of his family is at risk for his job. Gehna says she knows that his job is a secret, but he’s not mistaken. He says his mother is fighting for his life. She does not ask him to blame herself. Bapuji consoles Anant and says that he should continue his duty, and they are proud of him. Doctor comes out of OT. Doctor comes from OT. Gehna asks whether Baa’s all right. Doctor says Baa has lost a lot of blood and has moved to an ICU. Gehna entered into Baa’s ICU room and shouted that she couldn’t lose her mother again when she was small. She prays to God that she might revive her Baa. Baa’s eyes are opening. Gehna happily tells Kanhaji to revive her. She’s going to call everybody. Baa’s holding her hand and trying to talk. Gehna rushes to bring Bapuji and Anant to his doctor. Baa tries to talk and again becomes unconscious. The doctor checks her and says she needs rest and that her condition is critical. Gehna asks whether she could stay with Baa. He says it’s a special ward, and no one can stay, so they ought to go home.

Anant claims that Kanak is back home to push Baa from the stairs. Kanak refuses and says she’s not going to take that odd act by forgetting her bigger odd acts. Anant asks who has to do that. Professor says it must have been Krishna’s doing this. Krishna asks why he’s going to do that. Tia says he can’t claim Krishna because he’s a member of his family. Krishna asks a teacher if he has evidence. Professor is taking Anant aside and telling him that he has 1000 evidence against Krishna and is telling Gehna about it, asks him to remember where Krishna was when accidents occurred. Anant recalls all of the incidents. Tia says that Krishna is unable to betray them. Kanak believes that Krishna is Sagar’s fourth mysterious partner. Anant says he’s seen Krishna meet Sagar. The tongue of Chetan and Pankaj lashed Krishna. Krishna agrees that he met Sagar, threatening to harm his family, in order to give the money. Gehna says Krishna tells the truth when Baa fell with her. Chetan and Pankaj are again asking Krishna. Anant says no one will question Krishna again when Gehna backed Krishna. Sagar called Radhika and ordered her, as she saw her fourth partner, to give Baa an injection. She asks what is this injection. He says that the hypnotic injection is a poisonous injection and that even the 4th partner’s identity will again be a secret with Baa’s dead.

Gehna prays for God and Baa is worried when he sees the pooja thali falling. Anant gives his boss the picture of Krishna and says he is doubting him at the moment and asks the boss to spy on Krishna. He doesn’t believe Krishna is wrong, he thinks, but why did he meet Krishna? Fourth partner calls Anant and threatens him to return his secret mission file or else to lose his family, the poisonous injection of his mother is now being given and the life of his father is also under threat. For Baa and Bapuji, Anant gets tensed. Radhika enters a hospital covered in an injection vial nurse. Nurse stops her and asks who she takes the injection. Jamuna Desai says Radhika. Nurse already says that she has given her injection and asks who she is, goes to check the log if Radhika leaves, enters Baa’s room and is on her way to injecting poison into her IV drip when Gehna enters and stops her. She pushes Gehna and injects IV drop poison. Episode end.

Precap: Gehna reaches the den of Sagar and asks who’s his fourth mysterious partner. The inspector informs Gehna that the fourth partner has been captured. Gehna’s wondering what his name is.

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