Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 17th August 2021 Written Update


Episode start: Kanak shocks realising that Anant and Gehna deceived her. Jamuna asks Gehna to tell Kanak to leave the house because now Kanak don’t belongs to this house. Kanak falls on Gehna’s feet and promises to not make any mistake again and pleads her to convince Jamuna. Gehna tells her that the latter didn’t make mistake but sin and the latter don’t deserve forgiveness for her wrongdoings. She asks her that didn’t the latter felt ashamed while torturing Praful, Jamuna and Pankaj. She tells her that she would have forgive her if the latter just hurted her then but the latter tortured her family that’s why she won’t forgive her.

Kanak tells her that she agree with everything and beats herself. Gehna stops her and asks her to not act again and tells her that do that drama after leaving the house. Jigna tells her that the latter don’t have any rights to throw the Desai’s elder daughter in law. Pankaj cuts all ties with Kanak and gives divorce papers to her which shatters her. Jigna takes Kanak from there.

Jamuna asks Gehna and Anant to move to an entrance. She signals something to Hiral and the latter goes inside. After some time, Hiral gives ‘aarti plate’ to Jamuna. Jamuna tells Anant and Gehna that they returned this house to her and welcomes them. Anant gives the property papers to Praful. Desai’s decides to celebrate their happiness and decorates their house.

Gehna stares the stars and Anant comes there and asks her that what’s she doing. She tells him that she is trying to find out their future. He tells her that nothing wrong will happen especially with her because she is absolutely a nice person. He tells her that so much happened between them and he believed her sometimes and accused her sometimes and asks her to start their relationship forgetting the past. She holds his hand and nods at him. Desai’s does ‘aarti’.

Kanak comes there and mocks them. Pankaj asks her that how dare the latter to return and asks her to leave the house and he’s about to throw her out of the house but few ladies comes there and stops him. one of the lady asks Pankaj that why the latter behaving like this with Kanak. Anant asks them that who are they. one of the lady reveals that they’re from NGO who works for women. Kanak tells those ladies that Desai’s even beats her and asks her to bring dowry.

Gehna asks Kanak to stop lying and tells NGO ladies that it’s Kanak who tortured Desai’s. Kanak shows her wounds to NGO ladies. Gehna tries to prove that Kanak hurted herself. Kanak asks them to not believe Gehna. NGO lady tells them that they don’t know that what happened so their associate will find out the reality. Episode ends.

Precap: Radhika returns to Desai house and threatens Gehna. Later she shows something to Gehna.

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