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Episode Starts: Paresh hides and munches snacks after Kanak’s party. Hema searches Kanak and asks him. He says she must be in her room drunk after her party and asks why she needs Kanak. Hema says she wants to check if Kanak is planning something again after destroying them. In Kanak’s room, Jigna thanks Kanak for her party. Kanak says she enjoyed Desai family’s humiliation. Hema rushes to her and says this was her last celebration and explains Anant and Gehna’s plan. Kanak says she is lying as she didn’t take her in her team. Hema says she is not lying, Anant and Gehna are really conspiring against her, and if she thinks she is lying, she should question Anant and Gehna. Paresh hears their conversation and informs Anant and Gehna. Anant seeing Kanak and Hema asks Gehna that he doesn’t know if their plan of sending Hema to manipulate Kanak are going to be successful as Hema wasn’t delivering dialogues naturally. Gehna says it’ll be good if Kanak believes Hema. Kanak shuts Hema’s mouth, walks to Anant and Gehna, and asks what were they planning and what did they teach Hema. They act nervous and Gehna says Hema planned to tell Kanak that they have hired a fake Irani builder to grab her house back as this will make Kanak angry and she won’t sell this house then. Hema says Gehna is lying. Kanak asks why would Hema do this . Anant says in exchange of leftover party snacks. Hema requests Kanak to trust her. Paresh acts next and asks Anant if Hema fooled Kanak. Kanak slaps Hema and walks away angrily. Hema fumes and determines to show Anant and Gehna. Kanak returns to her room. Jigna asks if she is thinking about Hema’s words. Kanak says she feels something is wrong and hence she will postpone the property deal. Gehna and Anant hear their conversation.

Next morning, Kanak wakes up hearing family panicking and rushes right down to see ceiling breaking down and debris falling down. Jigna informs that she isn’t getting water in her bathroom. Chetan says pipes are blocked and old and can burst anytime, so he stopped water supply. Family requests her to get the house repaired as its in dilapidated state and can collapse soon. Jigna suggests Kanak to sell her house before Irani builders find out about it and deny to pay her even half the deal amount. Gehna smirks remembering planning with family to fool Kanak by lying about the house’s condition to force her to hurry up the deal.out of flashback, Paresh asks them to go, he will handle everything here. Hema hears their conversation and plans to follow them and expose them ahead of Kanak.

Anant and Gehna leave house. Kanak follows them. Gehna notices her and informs Anant. Anant says he knows and takes her to a house. Hema waits outside and thinks once they come out disguised as Irani builders, she is going to expose them to Kanak. She then walks in to see once they don’t begin for long and sees Anant hugging Gehna and saying that he doesn’t get privacy at home to spend time with her, so he brought her here. She runs away shy. House’s lady notices Anant and Gehna and asks what are they doing in her house. They both run away.

At home, Baa walks to Kanak and pleads her not to sell the house reminding her how she welcomed her when she got married and performed her graha pravesh. Kanak remembers her happy moments within the house and also remembering Pankaj kicking her out says she remembers her graha pravesh. But, she also remembers Pankaj kicking her out of house, so she will sell the house and take revenge from them. After sometime, Iranis visit Kanak and offering her money asks to sign the house documents. Kanak says she is going to after counting the cash . Gehna gets tensed thinking she will find the reality and can kick them out of the house. Episode Ends.

Precap: Kanak dreams of enjoying her life like a queen. Baa slaps Kanak. Gehna asks Kanak to get out of house and do whatever drama she wants to.

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