Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Professor Questions Gehna About Sagar

Episode start: Sagar spreads pandalous smoke and escapes. When smoke is cleared, Tia is asked by family whether she is all right. Tia scared Sagar blabbers. Inspector says Sagar will be behind bars soon and will not be able to escape. Sagar watches police follow him and steals car escapes from a man. The inspector commands his team to soon search Sagar and catch him. Desai’s family consoles frightened Tia. Gehna asks the family not to worry about Tia saved by Ganpati bappa and will protect them. Hema cries her brother’s gone insane. Sagar is not now under their control, Chetan says. Vimla asks Baa to go with his family and keep pooja. Hema asks Baa to stay and let her go home to Tia. Baa agreed. Baa agreed. Anant thinks what Sagar was looking for at home. Let’s start aarti, Vimla says. Paresh tells Bapuji that Sagar has made more dangerous criminals friendly. Radhika criticises Kanak for raising a problem with herself by getting Sagar out of prison to help her.

Gehna prays bappa and performs pooja to solve her problems. Anant and others are carrying the visarjan bappa idol. Gehna comes back to her room and thinks if Sagar hid something in her room. She searches the room and doesn’t look at the beisde cupboard hidden from the device. Anant comes back home after Visarjan, and seeing a tense family asks them to remain tired, they don’t need to worry about security because the police is watching them out of the house. Bapuji thinks he needs to inform Anant about Sagar’s partner, as Paresh suggested. He tried, but Anant stopped him and said Sagar couldn’t harm them. He receives a call and goes aside. Paresh asks Bapuji to find an appropriate change and to inform Anant. Aannt turns and asks Gehna to hear his conversation. She says he’s been tense for a long time, it’s work. He scolded her not to give her so much importance, and then calmed her down and excused her. Something’s wrong, Gehna thinks.

Sagar comes back to his hideout and thinks his partner is very wicked and intelligent. In his home, Krishna confronts Professor and his weapon and other props collapse. Professor says they often collide, perhaps in past life they were related. Perhaps Krishna says in this life. Professor asks what those are. Krishna says that these are his props and he plays a terrorist, and he was doubted last time that he kept these supplies. He is asked by Professor to guard his character. You see Anant and ask where he’s going. For a job interview, he says. Krishna insists that he drop him on his motorcycle. Anant agrees and believes that he’s going to get down and accompany him. Gehna sees the teacher and asks whether his class was tomorrow. He has to visit a doctor, Professor says, so he has come today. She asks if all is okay and says she’s going to make tea. He says he’s going to take her kitchen class.

Kanak slaps Sagar because of his insane behaviour of attacking Anant and Gehna before everybody. Radhika’s more provoking her. She slaps Sagar again, but holds her hand and warns her to behave. Radhika asks who his fourth partner is and now asks to call him. Sagar says that he won’t come to her order, that he is very cruel, that he will only reveal his identity when needed. Professor asks Gehna who is Sagar who attacks them brutally, and they are all frightened of him. She informs that Sagar is the younger brother of Hema, who has repeatedly been wrong with her family and describes all of the events. Professor feels dizzy and descends. Gehna gets concerned. He gets worried. Episode end.

Precap: Gehna believes she must find out what’s in a bag that Radhika had on a wardrobe. She goes into the room and sees the teacher picking this bag.

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