Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 11th September 2021 Written Update


Read Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 11th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Sagar Tries To Kill Anant

Episode Start: Kanak scolds Sagar over phone, saying he’s going to drown the whole family of the Desai during Ganapati, he’s fit for nothing. Sagar says he can do a lot, he’s in Anant’s room right now in Desai house. She’s wondering what he’s doing. He says he plans to destroy Anant and looks for something. Baa tells Gehna in pandal that she prayed to God for Anant’s work and that she forgot prasad at home. Gehna is heading home. Radhika threatens Sagar to throw him back into prison if he doesn’t ruin Gehna and Anant’s lives today. Sagar assures her that the visarjan of Desai family will surely happen. She warns he should count his destroyal back if he fails. Sagar says he can’t fail this time because he has a master intellect behind him. He’s fishing in the room for a device. Kanak and Gehna hear Baa telling Shanti ben to wait till Gehna takes prasad from home. That Gehna can see Sagar, Radhika gets tensed. Gehna goes into her room and there she sees Sagar. Sagar tells us that today his destiny is very strong as her family sent her to take vengeance. Gehna is pushing him away and attempting to close the door. Kanak and Radhika talk about getting Sagar out before the family reaches. Shantaben tells Baa they should start aarti now and distribute prasad once prasad is brought by Gehna.

Paresh sees Bapuji strained and asks him why. Bapuji describes the entire incident of abduction. Paresh says Sagar plans something big. Sagar says. Sagar attacked Aannt’s job this time, Bapuji says, and has many supporters with him. Sagar stops the door closed by Gehna. Gehna is looking for help from Ganapati bappa. Air blows kumkum and falls on the face of Sagar. Gehna closes the door and calls Sagar, but in pooja he’s busy. She runs out of the house and when she sees a man asking if he’s a man from Sagar, she won’t let him stop her. He says he’s a policeman who came at the request of Anant. She asks him to arrest Sagar quickly and takes him to the room to find Sagar out of the window. Sagar runs away. Sagar runs away. The inspector is informed by the police that Sagar is there. Sagar is noticed by the police and runs behind him. Sagar hides behind cars and thinks that somehow he has to escape, and only the master and his suspense partner of this game can help him. He calls his suspense partner and asks him to leave here. Anant, Krishna and Professor speak no phone. Sagar was found by police and he continued to follow him.

Aarti ends with a pandal. Radhika is concerned that Gehna must have seen and arrested Sagar. Baa asks Anant to check Gehna because she has not come back with bhog yet. Gehna is running in hopping. Anant asks if it’s all right, what happened at home. Gehna is from Sagar. Sagar is dressed in fake beard and moustache and thinks Anant is behind him by the police, he is going to kill Anant now. He pulls the knife out. Gehna reports she’s seen Sagar at home. Anant says Sagar’s here and they’re going to catch him and stop him. The knife of Sagar heads to Anant that no one knows except Gehna and rescues Anant on time. Again, Sagar attacks. Anant holds his hand. Anant holds his hand. Hema supports Sagar. Hema supports Sagar. Sagar is brutally pulled up by Anant. Sagar is pushing him and trying to escape. The police stop him. The police stop him. He pushed the police and pointed at Tia warned that he had been afraid of him or would kill Tia; he thought he ought to do what his 4th partner had advised. It spreads smoke and easily escapes. Episode End.

Precap: Anant asks Gehna whether she was hiding and listening to his conversations. Sagar asks Radhika who’s his fourth partner. It’s a storm, Sagar says. Professor Gehna asks who Sagar is. She says he’s brother to Hema. He’s slipping and falling.

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