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Read Rishton Ka Manjha 28th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Arjun Helps Diya But Demotivates Her

Episode Star: Arjun’s car breakdowns on the road. He tries to repair it. Mohan and Diya pass by his car on the road but they don’t see him. Another car is about to hit Mohan but Diya saves him. Mohan faints there. Diya cries for help so Arjun brings water to her. She is surprised to see him. Mohan wakes up. Arjun says I will take you both to the hospital. Mohan says I am fine. Arjun says Diya forgot her cycle in my car after her match. I dropped her to the venue. Diya says this man saved me from the locked room. Arjun says I can drop you both home. Diya says we will go home ourselves. Arjun says it’s late night so I can drop you. Mohan tries to walk but he is dizzy so Arjun scolds Diya. He makes Mohan sit in his car. Diya stares at him and sits in the car.

Tina thanks her father for new designer dresses. She says I really like Arjun. He says I will get you married to him, he leaves from there. Tina’s friend says why do you want Arjun? He is short-tempered and unpredictable. Tina tells her friends that Arjun is my adventure and my passion so I will win him over.

Arjun brings Diya and Mohan home. Meera rushes to him and asks if he is fine? Mohan says your daughter’s badminton destroyed our lives. He thanks Arjun and goes in the house with his family. Diya thanks Arjun for the help. He gives her cycle. Diya starts going in the house but Arjun says you won’t get anything from this game, it’s money that wins and not the talent. Forget badminton otherwise it will destroy you also. Diya looks on.

Amitabh tells his wife Madhuri that we all want Arjun to come on the right track, he will do that once he is married. Madhuri says Arjun can get angry tomorrow in front of everyone if we announce the wedding. He says Arjun loves you the most and he won’t deny you. Tina can handle him. Just convince Arjun for tomorrow. Madhuri says fine, I will try to talk to him. He thanks her and leaves.

Diya comes to her room and cries. She recalls moments with her family. She lies on her bed and weeps. Diya says who can tell baba that I didn’t do anything wrong.

Mohan packs the bags. Meera asks him to rest. Mohan says we have to leave tonight only. Meera says can’t we stay till the morning? Mohan says it’s boss’s order so we can’t stay longer.
Diya looks at her racket and says I won today but I lost everything. I lost my father’s trust and he lost his job because of me. She wipes her tears and says it’s fine. I might have lost today but it’s not the end. Meera comes there and says it’s time to leave. Diya asks if you think I was wrong? Meera says neither you nor Mohan is wrong. You tried to raise your voice up for your father’s honor and he tried to bow down his head for your future. The only thing wrong was you leaving the house today, if you hand’t done that then this all wouldn’t have happened. Diya comes out of the room. Mohan says let’s go. Diya cries looking at their house. She asks Meera if we leave then what about my school and my friends? Mohan glares at her. Diya cries.

In the morning, Diya’s family arrives in a new city Kolkata. Mohan thinks why did Diya do it? She has broken me. Diya thinks I will become my father’s strength. Diya sees Karan Mathur’s poster which says he will be in the city tomorrow. She thinks I have a chance to meet him again. I can ask for a job, he praised me also. Thank you God.

Niharika shows the cake to her husband. She says I made this cake. He shows her the bakery card and asks her to hide it. She says don’t tell anyone about it. Amitabh comes there. They wish him birthday. Niharika gives him the cake. He asks Madhuri when is Arjun coming? She says soon. Tina comes there and wishes Amithabh birtyday. Madhuri says we should wait for Arjun to come before he cuts the cake. Everyone wishes Amitabh birthday. Niharika says let’s cut the cake. Amitabh is about to cut the cake but Arjun enters the house and sings happy birthday.. he is drunk and barefoot. All look on. Arjun says happy birthday Mr. Agarwal. Episode End.

Precap: Amitabh offers the cake to Arjun but he stops him. Diya asks her friend if she can find the address of Kolkata badminton academy?

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