Rishton Ka Manjha 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Rishton Ka Manjha 24th September 2021 Written Update: Diya Gets Invited To Arjun’s Sangeet

Diya recalls Arjun telling her that his mother saw him suffer because of badminton, and that he had lost himself until you came into his life and rekindled his passion for the sport. Your spirit taught me that I can fight Karan and stop him from doing wrong; your victory is my victory. My family wants to see me happy, but they don’t understand that my true happiness comes from playing badminton. The flashback concludes. Diya says he is willing to fight for other people’s dreams, but his own family does not understand his. She begs God to show her a way to assist Arjun.

Khush shows the family samples of wedding invitations. Khush, according to Madhuri, is extremely creative. Khush suggests that we ask Arjun. Madhuri says he is pressed for time. Arjun appears and asks, “Why not?” He looks at the cards and comments on how nice they are. These, he says, are good, but they don’t match Mr. Agarwal’s status. Amitabh gives him a stern look. Arjun believes that there should be a gold and silver lining. Amitabh says he is correct, it is about our honor, so let’s go ahead and do it. Arjun says that I only like gold and silver on trophies, so don’t waste your time. He begins to leave, but Tina’s father Singhal arrives with his servants, bringing gifts. Amitabh greets him. He says to have brought you all gifts. Thank you for looking after Tina. He instructs Arjun to go to the showroom and choose a sports car as a wedding gift from his side. Arjun says you can give that money to someone who needs it; I don’t need your political contributions. He inquires as to the whereabouts of your daughter. Singhal says she went to invite Diya to the wedding. Hearing that, Arjun becomes enraged.

Shobha and Meera are shopping for Diya. Meera displays the gold necklace she crafted for Diya. Shobha’s mother says that she does not require all of this. Tina arrives at the location. Shobha greets her. Tina says she came to see Diya; are you all getting ready for her wedding? Meera dials Diya’s number. Diya arrives and sees Tina. Tina says that I came here to invite people to my sangeet. She hands her clothes over and tells her, “This is your outfit for sangeet; we have a theme, so you must wear this.” You must come to Arjun and me. Tina believes she needs to come there so I can show her around. Diya believes I won’t be able to leave. Tina advises making an attempt. Diya notices Arjun calling her and cuts him off. Arjun calls her once more. Diya tries to dismiss it. Tina says you should take the call because it must be important. Diya answers the phone. Don’t say anything, Arjun says, because I know Tina is there to invite you. Accept the invitation rather than saying no. We need to meet before the game, and this will be a good opportunity. He hangs up the phone. Tina asks that Meera allow Diya to attend the sangeet. Meera says I should ask Mohan. Mohan arrives and says, “I don’t mind Diya going there; I just don’t want Arjun’s family to have a negative perception of Diya.” Tina says, “Great,” and hands Diya the clothes, saying, “You can’t say no now.” Diya takes it from her and observes. She thinks I’m strange, but I have to go because Arjun asked me to. Tina believes I will see her right now.

Madhhuri is concerned and tells Deepika that she made a mistake in trusting Diya. Tina is inviting her for what reason? I don’t want to see her expression. Tina is very intelligent, according to Niharika. Madhuri inquires as to what she did. Niharika says Tina gave Diya clothes; she is a middle-class girl, so she will not have expensive clothes; it’s good she’s coming here so we can find out what’s going on between Arjun and her. Madhuri says, “I don’t want to see her in my house,” and Arjun, for the first time, questions his mother about that girl.

Arjun notices Amitabh and Singhal in the lounge. Arjun tries to leave, but he fears they will question him if he does. He thinks I need to get Diya something for the match. He leaps out the window and flees his home. He feels pain in his foot after landing, but he continues. Diya says I’m already scared and strange. Something bad is about to happen. She begs God to keep things in order. Episode end.

Precap: Diya calls Arjun and asks that he return home. Arjun says I won’t leave until the job is finished. Ajit approaches Arjun from behind and hits him on the head. Diya overhears it and inquires if he is okay. She becomes concerned for him.

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