Rishton Ka Manjha 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Rishton Ka Manjha 23rd September 2021 Written Update

Amitabh approaches Guruji and informs him that the pooja can begin. Guruji says I should first meet the bride and groom. Tina and Arjun arrive. Guruji says you appear tense. Madhuri says he’s always busy, so tell him to concentrate on his wedding. Guruji believes their kundlis are compatible and that they will have a happy marriage. Arjun says you’re free to rest. We’ll meet later, Guruji. As he begins to walk away, Dadi inquires, “Where are you going?” Arjun promises that I will return before Guruji departs. He asks that he bless him.

While Meera is getting ready, her cousin Shobha asks that she keep some bags with her. Mohan suggests that I accompany you; how will you transport all of your belongings? Diya claims that we are not alone and that we are all traveling together. Mohan gives her a stern look and recalls Diya telling him that Arjun encouraged her to play badminton. Meera says, “Let’s go!” Mohan instructs Meera to meet the vendor and request that he bring sweets on the wedding day.

Guruji tells Madhuri that Arjun’s future wife will bring him happiness. What do you mean, his would-be wife, says Madhuri? Guruji claims that what is written in his fate will occur. That is unchangeable. Whatever happens will be for the best. Madhuri observes.

Arjun is in his room getting ready. Madhuri enters and says, “I told you you weren’t going anywhere today, Guruji is only here for your wedding.” I’ll be back soon, according to Arjun. He walks away from there. Niharika claims he just walked away like that. This individual even ignored Guruji. Deepika assures you that he will return because Diya promised you would no longer be trained by him. Niharika claims that these middle-class people have no morals, and she intends to break her promise. What if Diya runs into Arjun again? wonders Madhuri. She says, “I don’t know anymore,” and walks away. Guruji, according to Niharika, hinted at something.

Diya, Meera, and Shobha are in the market when a car pulls up next to them. Arjun steps out of his car. Diya claims to know why he’s here. Meera asks, “What are you going to do?” Diya claims he has no right to know what happened at our house. Arjun approaches her and asks, “What was all that?” Why are you refusing to train any longer? Diya recalls how she promised Madhuri she would never bring Arjun near badminton again. She takes a step back. Arjun gives her a stern look. Diya says, “You heard correctly, I don’t want to train anymore, so I don’t need your assistance.” I’ll be fine on my own, and Ajit will help me if I need it. She begins to walk away, but Arjun stops her and says, “You want to play badminton, you want to train, but you don’t want to practice with me, so what’s the problem?” Right? Tell me what happened. Diya takes a step back. Arjun yells at him to just answer him. Diya claims that the problem is with you; badminton has only caused you pain, and it has hurt you every time. Badminton would not have returned to your life if you had not met me. You once told me to avoid badminton, so today I’m telling you to avoid both me and badminton. Arjun asks, “How do you know about my suffering?” How come you’re talking about my pain when I never said anything to you? Diya takes a step back. Diya says you’ve helped me a lot up to this point, so thank you. She begins to walk away, but Arjun stops her. Sadna appears and asks, “Who is this guy with Mohan’s daughter?” Arjun inquires, “What is your problem?” Meera asks that Arjun stay away from Diya; she is getting married, so don’t cause problems for her; leave now. Arjun says no, he won’t leave until he gets an answer, so he asks Diya. What is the problem with my training? I’m not going to let you end this story like this. You’re right; I didn’t want to play badminton after what happened to me, but you got me interested in it. Now, I want to stand with you and fight for justice, but you’re leaving? If you do this, Karan will be the winner of who sells people’s dreams. I’m not going to let it happen. He invites Diya to accompany him. He tells Meera, “I’ll drop her off in an hour, and I promise you I’ll drop her off anywhere you ask me after training.” He drags Diya to his car, forces her to sit, and then drives away with her. Meera observes. Sadna claims he is the same man from the television. I’m not going to tell Ajit because I just need my money.

Arjun summons Diya to the court and instructs her to prepare for the training. We must begin with a warm-up. Diya looks at him with sadness. Diya believes he is fighting for my dream and standing up to everyone. I need to realize my dream so that I can assist my father. She smiles at him and begins to warm up. Arjun inquires as to who advised him to keep me away from badminton. Tina or my mother? Diya takes a step back.

Guruji begins the pooja with the family. Madhuri asks that Deepika contact Arjun. He isn’t picking up, according to her. Madhuri says she hopes he returns before the pooja begins. Arjun appears and says, “Why fear when Arjun is here?” Madhuri says, “Let’s go to the pooja now.” Arjun stops her and asks, “Did you go meet Diya again?” Tina and Niharika arrive. Madhuri gives him a stern look. Arjun inquires whether she told her to stay away from him. Madhuri remembers Diya’s promise to never see Arjun again. Arjun asks Tina if she told Diya to stay away from her like a jealous would-be wife. You want Diya to stay away from me so I can avoid badminton, correct? Tina questions why I would do such a thing. She is a lovely young lady. I kept my mouth shut around her. Madhuri claims, “I told Diya to stay away from you, but I had no idea she’d fill your ears against your mother.” That girl is astute enough to exploit your flaws for her own gain. She’s dragging you back into your troubled past. Everyone knows your weakness is badminton; she is using training as a tool to take you away from us; I don’t want to lose you again. Are you worried, Arjun, that Diya will bring me closer to badminton? For the record, Diya did not introduce me to badminton, and I chose to return to it. Madhuri asks why you want to continue down a path that has caused you pain. Arjun explains that he wants to punish Karan and not let him ruin another Arjun’s life. Madhuri questions why you are still having these thoughts after all these years. Isn’t it because of that girl? I was correct about her. Why should my problems affect that girl, yells Arjun. Badminton is my problem; her only ambition is to help her father, and I admire her for it. She shouldn’t have to suffer as a result of my dark past. Madhuri exclaims, “Are you fighting with me for that girl?” Deepika tells them to calm down and instructs Arjun to prepare for the pooja. Madhuri is taken from there by her. Tina is enraged.

Precap: Arjun inquires about Tina’s whereabouts. According to her father, she went to meet Diya and invite her. Arjun observes.

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Read Rishton Ka Manjha 23rd September 2021 Written Update

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