Rishton Ka Manjha 18th September 2021 Written Update


Read Rishton Ka Manjha 18th September 2021 Written Update: Tina Makes A Pact With Karan

Episode start: Diya tells Arjun I’ve cleaned the court and we can begin to practise. Arjun shows her hanging ballons from the roof. He says these are your opportunities to fulfil your dreams so spring up and grab them. Diya is jumping and the balloons are bursting. Arjun screams at her to continue to jump higher and higher. Diya is tired but continues to jump. She falls down and her foot sprains. Arjun rushes and asks whether she’s all right? He tends towards her foot as Diya looks at him. Arjun asks whether she’s okay? When are we going to play badminton, Diya says? Arjun says you must first practise. He asks her to get up and continue to explode the ballons.

Niharika tells Tina I like a saree, but it’s costly, and I won’t buy it for myself. Tina says my marriage isn’t going to happen again, so I’m going to buy it for you. That’s why Niharika says you’re my favourite. She goes from there. She goes from there.

Arjun brings Diya spray and says you’re going to need it tonight. The workout ended. Diya says that we haven’t even been playing badminton. Arjun says you have no discipline, at this point you can’t even play at state level. Diya says without practise I won all my matches. Arjun says that your over-trust will lead you down and focus on your skills. Diya says you don’t think I’ve got skills? She gives him a racket and says let’s play a game, if I lose you, then today, we are just going to start training. Arjun starts leaving, but Diya says you don’t trust? Are you afraid of a district-level player? If you doubt my skills, can’t you play a game with me? Then Arjun says let’s play. He takes the racket. He takes it. Both of them take their seats.

Karan is calling Tina and asking how are you doing? Tina says after the academic incident I didn’t do anything but don’t test my patience. Why did you call me? Why did you call me? Karan says don’t get angry, I called you to inform you about planning to get married, but that middle-class Diya Mukherji is going around with your husband. He trains and spends time with her. Tina says where are you? Where are you? Karan says in my office I’m waiting for you.

Arjun and Diya are beginning to play the game. Arjun throws her shuttles. Because of the force he applies, Diya cannot catch them. Arjun asks her to keep the game focused. Diya tries to hit shuttles, but is disappointed. Arjun says to concentrate on your goal before you think you’re champion otherwise your opponent will break you down. Diya’s falling to her knees.

Karan informs his manager to call the meeting so that they can decide the eligibility date for the game. He ends his call and says Diya and Arjun marry on the 4th so what’s better for announcing a test match than the 4th? Arjun decided to fight with the wrong man.

Arjun sits next to Diya and says that you can’t live with under or surreptitiously. He’s offering her water and saying let’s go. He’s going to his bag and drinking alcohol. Diya stares at him. He stares at him.

Tina comes to the office in Karan and asks what evidence is there that Arjun trains Diya? Karan says my men saw them today. He uses this girl to fight me. You want me to stop him from exercising her, Tina says? Karan says it’s good for both of us, come on. They get closer. They get closer. Tina doesn’t say that’s like that. Karan says that I won’t let Arjun return to the court of badminton.

Arjun brings food to Diya who has been broken after the game has been lost. She takes food and begins to eat. Arjun drinks alcoholic beverages. Why do you drink so much, Diya says? So how do you play badminton, will it hurt your liver? Arjun says we must leave so quickly that we hurry up.

Tina tells Karan that I will support you if you tell the truth. On 4 October, Karan says I planned a surprise for Arjun. Tina says that at my wedding I don’t want any drama. He says don’t worry. Don’t worry. Karan smirks. Karan smirks.

Arjun is driving Diya to her house. Diya looks at him and sleeps. Arjun comes to her house and looks at her. Diya’s waking up, he’s looking away. Diya says why didn’t you wake me up? Arjun says you’ve awakened yourself. Diya begins to leave his car, but Mohan sees him passing by. She is hugging Arjun to hide it. Episode end.

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