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Episode start: Mohan tells Diya that tomorrow, when we all have this poison, we will have peace. Diya is shouting and asking him to stop. She throws away his glass and falls on her feet. Diya shouts and asks him not to do this. What are you doing, Meera says? Everything’s lost for me, Mohan says, I have no honour left and my brother turned away from me too. We must also leave this house. Where are we going without a job and without a house. We ought to die now. Diya cries and says that I know it’s hard, but we’m not going to figure it out like that. You’re stubborn, but I’m your daughter and I’m not going to let you. Look at me, please. Mohan says okay, I’m not going to drink poison but I’ve got a condition. Diya says that I’m going to do whatever you ask of me. Mohan says you’re going to marry the guy I’ve chosen for you, I have to accept him in any way I ask you. Diya says that I agree, I’m going to marry the guy you are asking about me. I promise you that. I promise you. Mohan glares and leaves at her.

Arjun comes to the lounge and asks who brought my car this box of shoes? Madhuri asks who are these girls? I don’t have to tell you, Arjun says. Madhuri says that’s the right girl? Arjun says yes, he says yes. Niharika says you’re continuously bringing up that girl. Arjun says the girl is playing badminton, so I’m helping her. Her life differs greatly from me so let it be. Niharika thinks everything to tell Tina. Madhuri eats food and says it’s all going to be good tomorrow. Madhuri looks away. He looks away. Arjun thinks Maa’s wrong thinking, but the girl has woken up the true Arjun and that is for her tomorrow.

Arjun comes to the park in the morning and waits for Diya. He begins to be agitated because Diya doesn’t show up. He’s going to leave, but Diya is coming in front of his car. He screams at her and cries that you are five minutes late. You don’t value time so I can’t appreciate you. Diya looks at him in her eyes with tears. Arjun says okay, I’m forgiving you as this is your first day but you cancel your training if you want to play badminton. Diya says from now on, I’m not going to be playing badminton, I just came here to thank you. What do you mean, Arjun says? Diya says you helped me so much, so thank you, but I no longer need to train.

Sadna comes to the house of Mohan. She asks whether they’re going to leave? Mohan says yesterday I was worried, but then tell me if you have a good proposal for Diya. Again, Diya is not going to do anything like that. Sadna says I was responsible for finding her a good match, so I began working again. There’s a man like us who values relationships. He’s here. He’s here. She’s bringing the guy in. Who’s he, Mohan says? Sadna says Ajit is. Sadna says Ajit is. He does a company. Mohan is asking him to sit. Meera goes to bring him tea. Sadna says he’s living in society, he’s seen and likes Diya. Ajit’s a pretty man. You can ask anything of him. Mohan says you brought him here, it’s good. Sadna says they can meet not waste time, we can finalise it all. Mohan says he’s going to go from there, I agree. Sadna tells Ajit that if this proposal is made, I’d take a saree. He says I’m going to give 2 sarees to you.

Arjun asks Diya to force me back to badminton and now I’m here, so you say you won’t play badminton anymore? You wanted to play state-level and you changed your mind now? I’m done. I’m done. He’s going to leave, but Diya says in a few days I’m getting married. What does Arjun say? What? I can’t see him concerned so I promised him that I would get married, Diya says my father worried about my marriage. I wanted to support him by getting a job, but destiny has decided to take me away with Badminton. Thank you for all, farewell. She starts leaving but Arjun says who said you just need to get married from badminton? You can also play after you get married. Diya says that playing badminton first and then my dream is my necessity. I won’t have to play once I’m married. Arjun says dreams can make you fly, but life burdens you.

Mohan says Sadna, Diya’s going to be here soon. Sadna says that you can ask Ajit anything. Mohan says I’m all right if you like him. He tells his brother that in October we can get a marriage date. He says yes. He says yes. Sadna says that on 4 October we can marry. Diya’s uncle says that I’m going to talk to the priest and we can do the house marriage. As you say, Mohan says. Ajit says I’m ready to marry, I’m going to ask my parents. Mohan asks Meera to take Diya with him. Meera comes in and Diya isn’t in her room. Mohan is coming and asking where Diya is? Meera says she’s in the toilet. Mohan asks whether she lies? Meera’s getting tensed. Tensed. Episode end.

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