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Read RadhaKrishn 24th September 2021 Written Update: Krishna’s Promise To Devaki

Krishna exalts himself and smashes the butter pot. Devaki, Radha, and Rukmini are overjoyed to see this. Devaki says that she realized before he was born that he was not from this world. She enters a flashback in which she tells Vasudev that she cannot bear the thought of her child dying at the hands of her brother Kans, so she wants him to kill her. He says that he, too, cannot bear the thought of his child dying. They both attempt to hang themselves with a rope when Devaki notices Narayan appear in front of her and asks her not to kill herself because he will be born through her. They both see rope transforming into garlands, and she informs them of what she witnessed, claiming that their 8th child will solve their problem. In a flashback, Devaki expresses her envy for Yashoda, who witnessed Krishna’s childhood and ate butter from his hand. Krishna promises to feed her butter in the same way that he fed Yashoda maiya butter. Devika requests that he feed Radha and Rukmini as well because they serve him so well. He complies.

Radha says to have relived Krishna’s childhood and to have touched Devaki’s feet. Devaki embraces her and Krishna, blessing them with the knowledge that their love and sacrifice will be remembered for centuries. Krishna says she saw his true form today and that he cannot change time, but swears in front of Radha and Devaki that he will fulfill all of his mother’s demands. Radha wonders why he said this. Devaki says she doesn’t need anything because her son is right in front of her. Krsishna says that all he wants is for his mother to get whatever she wants.

Rishi Shukracharya tries but fails to find a person who will kill Krishna. Radha approaches Krishna and presses her feet against his. He asks as to what transpired. She says that because he made such a large promise to Mata Devaki and makes so many sacrifices, he must be exhausted from working so hard. He says he doesn’t get tired when she’s with him. They both express their feelings for one another. She wonders why he made such a large promise to Mata Devaki when she may wish to die before him. He says he has no fear of death. She wonders what would happen if she asked him to return to Golok without dying. Krishna warns her not to discuss his death in front of his mother, or she will see his alternate form. Radha recalls her dream of Krishna’s death and asks Mahadev what she should do now; she doesn’t want to be in a position where she has to discuss Krishna’s death.

Shukracharya travels to the jungle in search of Krishna’s murderer. He gets a shock when he touches a tree leaf. He believes he has seen many places in the universe, but none like this. He arrives at the tree where Krishna will perish. Krishna observes him using his superpowers. Episode end.

Precap: Balram notices Shukracharya visiting Sam and informing him that he has discovered a way for Krishna to die.

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