RadhaKrishn 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read RadhaKrishn 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Krishna’s Request To Radha

Episode start: Getting into heaven remember Krishna’s words and thinks she will use her and all of the energies of the world and free him from all the pain. Sam is grateful to Pradyumna for not competing with him even as a prince of the Crown and giving him the opportunity to serve Dwarka on the side of Yaduvansh. Pradyumna says he’s proud to see his change and devotion to the yadukul. Next Sam is looking for Balram’s support. Balram says he’ll help him until he does good for their yadukul and Dwarka. Sam now thinks Dwarka is going to be known by his name, he is going to weaken Krishna and kill him.

Radha sits in meditation and seeks the full support of uncertain powers. Every god supports her. She stops time to stop the pain of Krishna. On Earth, heavy storm begins. Sam requests that the people of Dwarka hide in their rooms. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that there is a storm in the entire universe with Radha’s meditation. Krishna believes that Radha is wrong. Balram rushes to Krishna and asks him to stop the disaster, and believes that evil forces have bargained against it. Krishna tells her Radha who stopped the circle of time to end his suffering. Balram asks him to do something about it. Krishna says that Radha will decide and he can do nothing. He can do nothing. Radha seeks help from all the gods to remind them how Krishna repeatedly helped them. Gods are looking for Suryadev’s help. Radha asks Suryadev to assist her and give her all her powers. Suryadev tells other gods that Radha is deviated from love and that she needs assistance, but it would destroy the world. Next, Radha is looking for Ganesh’s help. Ganesh goes to his parents and asks what he’s supposed to do. Next follow other gods and explain their pride. Devi Gauri says the time circle would be reversed.

Mahadev meets Krishna and seeks his assistance in stopping Radha as his death will happen with pain and the adamantness of Radha will destroy the whole universe and the time reversal. Krishna asks Radha to stop her meditation because it is going to give him more pain. Radha does not agree and decides, even by opposing him, to end his pain. They oppose each other. Devi Gauri gets sad to meet Radha Krishna. Lastly, Radha says that Krishna can do anything, she’s not going to stop him. Episode end.

Precap: Radha is worried about Krishna and she’s going to love him enormously. Sam makes Yaduvansh struggle to destroy Krishna with each other. When he’s attacked Krishna screams Radha. Radha wakes up worried about him from sleep.

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