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Episode Start: Neel tells Chahat not to say anything. She always speaks and he listens. Today let him express what’s in his heart. They fall on the bed. She asks him to leave her. He pins her hand on the bed and holds it tight. He asks she doesn’t remember his love? He asks her to look in his eyes. What does she see? Love or hatred? Chahat wonders what’s happening to her. Why is she not getting angry at his mibehavior? Why does she feel attracted towards him?

Zain comes upstairs, thinking by now Chahat must have seen Neel misbehaving with Dr. Anaya. He will make sure Neel gets life imprisonment. After today, Chahat won’t want to see Neel’s face. He enters the room and only finds Anaya. He asks where are Neel and Chahat? She says that she has been there for last 10 minutes. Neither of them came. He asks where they could be? His plan will flop. He even called police there.

Neel tells Chahat that she must be asking herself about her feelings. What she is feeling for him is love. Neel and Chahat’s love. He knows why she forgot him. He hurt her a lot, right? May be this is his punishment for it. That’s why today she’s hating him. He requests her not to leave him else he will die. He touches his forehead on her forehead. Tears come out of Chahat’s eyes.

Zain asks a waiter if he saw Neel or Chahat. The waiter says no. He then fixes the 6 number into 9. Zain sees it. He wonders if Neel and Chahat are in that room.

Neel tells Chahat not to separate him from her. He will die without her. Zain enters and gets shocked seeing Neel on Chahat. He turns on the lights and starts beating up Neel. Police come there. Zain accuses Neel for molesting and asks police to arrest him. Chahat tries to speak, but Zain doesn’t let her. He provokes her by reminding what Neel did with her father. He says after Neel goes to jail, her father will have no fear and will come out. Police tell Chahat that Neel said he was just talking to her. He didn’t do anything. Before Chahat says anything, Zain says he’s lying and asks police to take him away. Neel pleads to Chahat that he didn’t do anything. Zain keeps intervening and police take him away. Chahat says that this is wrong. She cannot let him get punished for what he has not done.

Vyas ji feels something wrong is going to happen. Bopho get a call that Chahat filed a case against Neel for attempting to rape her. Vyas ji gets angry. They leave for police station. Outside, they see Chahat. Bopho’s wife asks her how she can accuse him for a rape. Vyas ji tells her that if Neel did anything, then she wouldn’t be looking away. He requests her to take complaint back. He figures that she did up on Zain’s telling. He tells her not to do that with his Neel. Ghazala comes and brainwashes Chahat telling her not to get trapped in their talks. She shows photos what they did with her father. Because of them, her father is hiding from them. Even life imprisonment is less for Neel. Chahat is confused. She screams, stop and leaves from there.

Chahat comes to her room and recalls Neel’s words to not leave him. She then sees her father’s photo. She says he will get punished for what he has done. But it’s wrong to accuse someone for what he has not done.

Police is beating up Neel. Zain tells them to beat him more so he doesn’t eye any other woman. He video calls Chahat and shows police beating Neel. He says this is nothing, he will get punished more for what he has done. Neel starts laughing. Police office says, first time, he saw someone laughing while getting thrashed. Neel says he is mad, in Chahat’s love. He is laughing because heroine is in pain seeing hero getting beaten up. Side hero (Zain) is soon going to be out. He tells Chahat and he and her are one. If he has to go through this to prove that, then he doesn’t mind. Police continue beating him. Zain gets worried seeing Chahat’s concern. Chahat disconnects the call.

Vyas ji and Bopho come there. Vyas ji tells police that they should have first found out what’s Neel and Chahat’s relation. Neel stops him saying because if he tells the truth, then police will go to Chahat and interrogate her. He doesn’t want Chahat to suffer. If Chahat loves him, then she will come to save him. He might not be in Chahat’s memory, but he is still in her heart. He is confident that Chahat will come to save him.

Chahat thinks she cannot do wrong with Neel. She must go to police station. Ghazala tires to stop her, but fails. Ghazala then locks her in a room and gives her swear of her father. Ghazala thinks now Chahat will be locked in a room here, and there Vyas ji’s reputation will go down to drain. Chahat cries. Episode End.

Precap: Zain and Ghazala gather people and insult Vyas ji by throwing him in mud and making him wear shoes’ garland.

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