Qurbaan Hua 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Qurbaan Hua 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Chahat Vows To Cure Vyas Je And Free Neel From Jail

Episode start: Chahat prays to see the last digits of the human being when she lays him under the light, she can see them and then tells Bopho the numbers, he explains that his friend sent an email with the name of the person who had cashed it, and she is shocked to read the email. Sometimes Alka stops Chahat telling her not to take it out as she might spoil, she offers to cover it but putting it into the file it flies outside the house, Chahat Alka goes to Chahat saying that it is flying outside, Chahat exclaims it is the last evidence she had so rushes outside the house to search for the check but she can’t find it, she hurts even her fingers. Chahat realises that there are some pieces of broken glass on her ground, that she cannot get from the side, that she is forced to stand on the joyful piece, and even though her feet are hurt, she takes out the cheque. Bopho comes to ask what she’s doing because she’s supposed to wear certain slippers, Chahat says pains are nothing compared to what Neel is doing, Bopho asks what they’d do because the check is wet, Chahat thinks about something and they both go into the house.

Chahat, who sits drying the check so exclaims that she will see the number once she has placed it against the light. She can see the numbers so Bopho can call his friend, she tells his frient of the numbers that they really need the information, because that is the only way she can help her husband. Chahat is walking into her room, she’s just sitting down and recalls how he asked Zain to kill her, but doesn’t think he’s harming Chahat. He has vowed how much he loves her, she sits down constantly thinking about him and how they’re going to spend time together while he is going to do whatever is feasible to take care of her health.

Chahat is sitting when Alka apologises because she has not been able to hold her check. Chahat says that she shouldn’t worry because when someone like her has the strength of a sister she should worry, since she could certainly bring Neel back, they both hear the call of Bopho and then leave. Chahat asks Godambari for the call, Chahat prays that this is good news and then ass Bopho when Sachin sends the details, Bopho answers that he has emailed the details. Chahat opened the e-mail and, after loading it, read Akhilesh’s name so wonder who’s owning the bank account, she decided to talk to Neel, but he refused to know anyone by that name and ended her call by asking him about her health.

Bopho suggests looking into the past transactions of the person as to who the owner is, Bopho reads the name, Chahat suspects that something is wrong is happening so she finds a letterhead with the name, she mentions he’s the person preparing the report so that then Bopho thinks he needs to find out the truth; Chahat goes into the room of Vyas Je, she tries to take his blessings by touching her feet but remembers how she said that the sons of her families do not touch men’s feet. She takes the blessings and says that she needs to pray because she wants to reveal the truth of the person Neel is in prison. Episode end.

Precap: Chahat is with the women at the clinic, she is trying her so that while she offers the food she has to leave to wash it, Chahat thinks her mobile phone would have the contact of Akhilesh, and she starts dialling the number.

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