Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 20th September 2021 Written Update


Read Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 20th September 2021 Written Update: Khanderao Is In Danger

Dhana ji said we should stop helping to get to Khanderao, then he is going to be killed. Gunu Ji says Nizam is going to be blamed. Dhana ji says we don’t sin, we don’t stop the enemy, we won, we don’t stop the enemy. They smile. They smile. Ahilya is coming to the room of Khanderao. Sje smiles and sits down to talk to him. She says that tomorrow, I’ll see your new avatar. I’m going to have to keep it in my eyes and in the heart. You’d have grown up. She remembers Khanderao little and smiles. Khanderao’s seen in the tent sleeping. The guards sit outside. The soldiers of Nizam come and hide. They’re near the tent area. In sleep, Ahilya gets restless. She wakes up. She wakes up. She asks why I feel so restless and tense, why do I feel like something evil is happening with someone dear, no, why do I think so. She goes out. She goes out. The soldiers of Nizam get close. Dhana ji says I’ve changed the route. Malhar sent out the guards; he will just have 10 guards when the soldiers of Nizam attack Khanderao, he won’t be able to fight against them. Gunu ji says, I think our plan is the best one, we’re not going to lose. You’re correct, Dhana ji says it’s going to happen what we want, we’re not going to get blood stains in hand, our enemy Khanderao’s going to be dead. They’re laughing. Ahilya goes out. Ahilya goes out. Dwarka is coming. Ahilya asks you haven’t slept until now. Dwarka says you haven’t slept, too. Ahilya says I felt restless, so I thought I would sit for a while in the temple.

Dwarka taunts her. She taunts. Ahilya asks if you’ve got any complaints about me, did I make a mistake. Dwarka says no, impossible, you can’t make a mistake, I can’t ask anything, why did you fill the hearings of Malhar against Gunuji, this great responsibility would have done better for the future of Gunu, that you didn’t allow this to happen? I’m from Sita’s house and Sita’s sad. Ahilya says that I’m never going to do Gunu ji wrong. Dwarka says enough, I’m not going to hear your clarification, you’re always making excuses, you try to do good before others, spare me, it isn’t wrong to think good for your husband, it’s wrong to make others trouble for his sake. Ahilya is concerned. The soldiers of Nizam reach the tent. You come in to see Khanderao. Malhar is worried about this. Gautama sees him sleeping. He just goes out. He goes out.

Gangoba comes. Gangoba comes. Malhar asks what the news is all about. I know you’ve asked some guards to tell you the situation, Gangoba says. Malhar asks me what to do, I have a father’s heart, sometimes it’s like a mother. I’ve been doing everything to protect Khanderao, guard’s gone, I want my plan work done and my son is safely returning home. Gangoba says it’s going to happen, don’t worry. The soldiers of Nizam watch Khanderao sleep. Khanderao is attacked by the man. Malhar asks why you haven’t gone home. Khanderao’s life is in danger, Gangoba says, I know your tension, you’re awake, how do I get home. Malhar says late, I haven’t gotten any news, I hope it’s all okay. Gangoba says that news has arrived, so I’ve come to say, I have news that our guards have not yet reached Khanderao. The Malhar concerns. Malhar concerns.

Precap: Gautama says no, tell me, it’s a lie. Rakma tells me that I want her a lie, I heard it, Chauni Khanderao burns, our guards have lost their lives, he’s missing. Gautama faints. Gautama faints. Harku holds her. Harku holds her.

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