Pratigya 2 18th August 2021 Written Update


Episode start: Krishna is in his room and tensed. Kesar comes to him and asks what are you thinking? Krishna says nothing. Kesar says you’re worried about this family too much. you always took Pratigya’s side, always stood with her but you’re doubting her today? Krishna says i’m never doubting her, I completely trust her. I just am angry that she doesn’t want to get the test done. She is being stubborn, if the test is done then we will stop everyone. Pratigya comes there and says if he doesn’t trust me then there’s no use in talking to him. If our relationship was so weak then it’s useless to talk.

Samar tells Sumitra that their exemplary love will break with these doubts now, God listened to you. Sumitra says it’s not God, it’s me only. I got the report earlier that day and everything was fine so I had an idea. I wanted Krishna to doubt Pratigya and changed the report. Samar says you played well. Sumitra says I lost my son but i will never lose a chance. Samar says i will be with you in this game.

Kesar asks Krishna and Pratigya to sort this matter by talking, she leaves. Krishna comes to Pratigya and says let’s talk about this. we’ve to sort this matter, i’m talking to you. Pratigya ignores him. Krishna says i’m just asking you for a test, once it’s done then we will stop everyone. Pratigya says are you doubting me? you would like to say that Kriti is your daughter and Garv is not? That’s why you were about to hit Garv when Kriti got hurt? Krishna says don’t say all that. Pratigya says then what do you mean? you would like me to do the test because you think that I had an affair with someone else and Garv is that person’s son. Krishna raises his hand and shouts Pratigya. He says i’m not doubting you, maybe Garv was changed in the hospital. i’m not doubting you. I just want to do the test for my peace of mind. Pratigya says Garv is my son and it can’t change. we’ve raised our son and now we would like to go away him because you think that he doesn’t have your blood? Krishna says you’re thinking wrong about me, we’ll talk later on.

Scene 2
Komal brings food for Adarsh and asks him to eat. He eats and coughs. He says these have stones in it. Komal says you’ll have poison but can’t have stones? you would like take revenge from me right? Adarsh says even an animal can’t live with you. Komal says you think that i will divorce you when you irritate me? i will irritate you more. Adarsh says you can’t force me to live with you.

Garv sees Krishna leaving the house. He rushes and hugs him. He says am I not your son? i’m scared that you don’t love me anymore. Krishna hugs him and says you’re my life. Don’t think that. Krishna reluctantly hugs him. Pratigya sees all that.

Sumitra calls Garv to her room and asks if he has packed his bags? Garv says why? Samar says your father is not your father so you can’t stay here anymore. Sumitra says he’s an orphan so where will he go? He will need to live on the roads and beg to live. Samar says we can’t keep him here as he is not a part of the family. Garv will survive on the roads, he can beg and get some food. Garv says nothing will happen to me, my mom will protect me. Samar says but this is Krishna’s house and if he is not your father then he won’t let you stay here. Sumitra says don’t be scared Garv, you can”> you’ll sleep here tonight you might not be able to sleep in a house tomorrow. Samar says if you tell about this to anyone then i will throw you on the road myself.

Kriti makes a card for Garv. Pratigya says you care for him a lot. Kriti says yes because he is my brother, i’m not a weak sister, I can protect him also. Pratigya says yes, you both should protect each other.

Pratigya is looking around the house for Garv. She sees him sitting in the lounge and crying. Pratigya hugs him and asks what happened? calm down. Did anyone do anything? Garv recalls Sumitra’s words. Pratigya says don’t cry. Garv recalls how Samar threatened him to not say anything. Pratigya says don’t think about reports or anything, nothing will happen to you. i will make everything fine again. Let’s go, you’ll sleep with mama and papa tonight.

Krishna comes to his room and sees Garv sleeping on their bed. Krishna asks Pratigya why Garv is sleeping here? Pratigya says it’s not the first time he’s sleeping here, he was scared so i thought to make him sleep here. Krishna goes and lies on the floor. Episode ends.

Precap: Sumitra says I won’t allow Kriti tie a rakhi to Garv as he’s not a part of this family. Garv is hurt to listen to that. later on Pratigya rushes to Krishna and says Garv is missing, I couldn’t find him anywhere. Otherside Garv is sadly walking on the road, a car is approaching him.

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