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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 15th July 2021 Today Written Full Episode Online, Written Update Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 15th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serials Written Episode Available On multidesiupdates 

Mayura came home. Sachin asked him what is the matter? She looks very happy. She says tomorrow is her birthday. Sachin asked, “Did he invite Ishan?” It is very important for him and his mother to come tomorrow. She says she has to come. That’s when Ishan’s video call comes. Mayura confirmed that he was coming with his mother. Sachin left. Mayura then tells Ishan that he has to make the biggest explosion tomorrow. Is she ready He previews it. He took pictures of Mayura embracing Omkar. She says she is excited for tomorrow. She bothered him a lot. Now he will know that this was his biggest mistake.

next morning, Dayimaa wished Mayura a happy birthday. She throws rose petals at him. Mayura says she knew Dayimaa would be the first woman he wanted. Mayura’s family has now arrived. Happy birthday to her and give her presents. Mayura’s father says he will celebrate her birthday on a grand scale. He confirmed that Ishan and his mother are also coming, okay. They can also do their own business deal. They’re gone. Mayura was sad. She tells Dayimaa that, as always, they gave her expensive presents. To save their time, they are using his birthday party in a business deal. She can’t understand whether her father had a party for her or in her business. Dayimaa says the party is going on, she should just be happy. Mayura said, yes. She says her special friend is coming tonight and something special is going to happen to her. She can’t wait.

Omkar’s mother wishes him a happy birthday. She prays that all her dreams come true. She tells him to get God’s blessing, at least for today. He says he is his only God. Its blessings are many. Naina says that the day Omkar remembers God, God will be surprised. He asks where is his gift? She asks him to party tonight, then he will get his gift. He thinks of Mayura’s party. Omkar’s mother reminds Naina tonight about her cousin’s engagement. Naina says she will party after the engagement. Omkar received a message and left. This is Mayura’s message. She wishes him a happy birthday and says he hopes he is coming to the party. He wonders what he will say to his mother and Naina.

The party begins. Mayura is waiting for Omkar. He hopes he won’t find her. Dayimaa tells him to get ready.

At Omkar’s house, Naina comes and asks her mother about Omkar. Omkar’s mother says she took off her clothes a long time ago and asked Naina to check. She goes to her room, but she’s not there. She calls him, but he doesn’t answer. She wonders if he went somewhere with Mayura.

Omkar reached Mayura’s house. Some friends ask if he was invited or if he just came for a free meal. Omkar answered him and closed it. Omkar is looking for Mayura. He wonders where he is stuck. Once he shows his face to Mayura, he can go back home and spend time with his mother and Naina. Sachin scolds Dayimaa for dropping juice and breaking a glass. She says it was a mistake. Omkar tells Sachin that mistakes happen. Instead of shouting, he should explain it quietly. Sachin asked Omkar who he is. From the dressing up, he looks like a catering team. Omkar says that clothes keep changing and it is not a clever thing to do judge to someone’s clothes. He gives his example to Sachin that he is dressed so well, but still what he said was not very smart. Bela was shocked to hear this. Sachin tells Omkar that he would deal with him later and leave. Dayimaa is happy to meet Omkar. She says that if Mayura has friends like her, then she doesn’t have to worry about him anymore.

Ishan comes. Sachin and his father greet him. They ask about her mother. She says she got an important call, so she went back. Mayura’s father asked, “She’s still coming, right?” Ishan says she will come once her call is over. Ishan went to see Mayura. Sachin’s father told the servants to take good care of Ishan and his mother.

Omkar wonders where Mayura is. She comes in a beautiful red dress. He looked at Omkar and smiled. Ishan goes to her and wishes her well. She asks if there is a plan. He says exactly Mayura says she will deal with Bela and tells Ishan to keep her father and brother busy, so she will have some time to play with Omkar for the last time before breaking her heart. Ishan went to Mayura’s father and brother and told them that his mother’s car had broken down. He says he will go and pick it up personally. Mayura’s friend, on the other hand, drops the juice on Bela’s clothes, so she goes to wash it.

Mayura walks towards Omkar. He wants it She wants him back and I thank him for saving my life. They give each other presents. She asks to open the gift together. The two gave each other a chain and a star pendant. He says, Tara? He has received a vague flashback of his daughter Tara. They look at each other. Ishan comes and asks if there is any dance. She says there will be dancing, of course. Ishan says they will then dance as a couple. Mayura’s friend says he can start with that. She pulls out a chit and Omkar’s name comes up. She goes to Omkar and shakes his hand, but he is restless. She takes his hand and says in college, he danced with her. Now it’s his turn.

Episode Ends.

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