Pandya Store 9th September 2021 Written Update


Read Pandya Store 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Raavi Hurts Dhara’s Emotions

Episode Start: Everybody’s excited to see the Kanha. Dhara is expecting Raavi. What has happened, Gautam kasks, why do you look upset. Dhara tells us a great day, people used to taunt me today, I’m pregnant, I’m able to tell them, my whole family has been fighting for me, Raavi has been staying with me also, she’s not there with us today. Gautam says don’t think much, perhaps it’s got something good hidden. Krish says sorry, I’ve been trying hard, but Raavi haven’t been here. He looks at Raavi and smiles. He whistles and says you’re surprised, look back.

You see that Raavi is coming. She doesn’t wear the lahenga, Krish says. At least Dhara says she’s come. Everyone sees her, everybody sees her. Dhara asks what she’s going to get into the pot. Raavi says Dhara, I have you surprise, in this pot is your gifted lahenga. She says I wasn’t able to take your false love, sorry. She throws a pot. She throws the pot. You’re seeing the ashes. Dhara shouts. The Dhara says great, these ashes aren’t that Gautam clothes you had, the ashes of the relationships you had launched; you had a battle with Shiva, we were prepared to break a relationship with you, it also got less for you, I thought his Janmashtami, we’re going to win you with our love. Raavi is arguing. Dhara says I felt guilty of the mistake, because I saw your behaviour, I felt peace, I felt what happened was right, you became very sensitive, right, I will keep my love with you, you keep smart. Dhara gets dizzy. Dhara gets dizzy. Everyone holds her. Everyone holds her. Summing up screams. Raavi thinks how she got dizzy, how could I hurt her, how Shiva filled hate with me. Gautam asks you’re all right Dhara. He asks Dev to get the water of lemon. He says that I told her not to get stressed, but she always gets stressed. Dhara looks at Raavi. She’s just stopping Raavi. Everyone is going to do the puja of Kanha. Raavi is coming and stumbling. She holds the hand of Shiva. That’s what Gautam and Dhara see. Gautam smiles. Gautam smiles.

Dhara thinks that Raavi has done too bad. Raavi and Shiva meet in the Dahi handi competition with their teams. Everyone comes. Everyone comes. Krish dances. Krish dances. Dev says the team of girls and boys will compete. Friends of Raavi come and greet. Shiva gets furious. He says I’m going to win at any cost, that’s my bike. Suman says we will dance well once happiness comes into our house. Krish requests Dhara to dance. Suman says she’s not going to dance, she ought not to have come to the crowd. Prafulla looks on. Prafulla looks on. Dhara makes Suman an iron bracelet. She says you’re not going to catch bad sight. Anita thinks she will find out. The ladies aren’t going to on, too. Suman says everyone is watching us, we must be careful why you are so covered, you look so lovely. Dev says that the first person to break this dahi handi will get this new bike. All dancing on dhol. Episode End.

Precap: Shiva and Raavi. Suman says that my tiger is going to win. Shiva gets to the top, holding the dahi handi. He sees Raavi. He sees Raavi.

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