Pandya Store 28th September 2021 Written Update


Read Pandya Store 28th September 2021 Written Update: Dhara Gets Kidnapped

Krish is being stopped by Janardhan. Kirti is pushed away by him. He raises his hand to Krish. Krish argues while holding his hand. Janardhan slaps him across the face. He says you were attempting to kidnap my daughter, and he threatens to bring you and your brothers to justice. Krish inquires if you are inebriated. Janardhan instructs the driver to take Kirti home. He takes the keys to the bike. He slaps and scolds Krish. Suman sees the photos of the girls. She believes the girl should outperform Raavi. Dhara is awakened by a phone call. She wonders why Janardhan is calling Gautam. She responds. Janardhan says that your brothers want to sully my reputation, and that Krish attempted to kidnap my daughter, so I’m taking him to jail. She is taken aback.

Krish says that is not the case. Krish, she exclaims. Janardhan tells Gautam that he is taking Krish to jail because no one can save him. Krish assures me that I am fine. Kirti returns home and spills the beans. Kalyani is concerned. Kamini says, “We don’t know this; okay, if Janardhan asks, tell him you took a lift from Krish and didn’t realize he was Gautam’s brother.” Kirti predicts that I will be slapped. So what, Kalyani says, you can take some slaps for the sake of the family. Don’t worry, says Kamini, I’ll handle everything.

Dhara sobs and summons Dev, Shiva, and Suman. She asks, “What shall I do now that I have Gautam’s phone?” She hangs up the phone and flees. Anita searches for the ladies. She inquires of the lady as to the whereabouts of her aides, claiming that they had duped her. The lady chastises her. She beats and catches Anita. She says my sister is in jail because of you; please give me 1000 rupees. Anita snatches her hand and flees. Punish Janardhan for attempting to elope with my daughter. Don’t worry, Inspector, he won’t be able to do it again. Krish says I was assisting his daughter by dropping her off at home, but Janardhan is dangerous and should be beaten. Inspector slaps him across the face. Janardhan beams.

Inspector chastises him. Dhara is running down the street. Raavi searches for Dhara. Dhara collapses. Dhara is being checked by a lady. She inquires as to what transpired. She requests that the driver lift her. Suman arrives. Dhara, according to Raavi, is nowhere to be found. Suman says I’m leaving Kanta’s house, but she isn’t there. She summons Dhara. Raavi says I visited Prafulla’s home. Suman inquires as to why you went there. Raavi says, “Kirti came home, and I took Krish there to give him the bike so he could drop Kirti off.” Suman believes Janardhan should have sent Kirti here to abduct Dhara, as he has both you and Shiva kidnapped. She is concerned about Dhara. Raavi says I’ll contact Gautam. She discovers the phone, which has fallen there. Suman says that they kidnapped Dhara and Gautam as well. Rishita is passed over for the job by Dev. He smiles as he hugs her. He wishes you all the best. She thanks him and departs. He appears to be in pain. She rushes up to him and inquires as to what happened and whether he is okay. He says I was joking. She walks away with a smile. Janardhan returns home and yells, “Kirti, come out!”

Kamini inquires as to what transpired. He becomes enraged. She requests that he not beat Kirti. He says, “I have a feeling you did this; you sent Kirti to hang out with Krish.” She says, “Shut up, it’s a strike,” she didn’t get auto, so she asked for a lift, and she had no idea Krish was Gautam’s brother. He questions why she needed a lift; she went to college, so how did she get to the market? He asks Kirti to tell the truth about why she went there. Kirti sobs. Kamini says, “I’ll tell you what, she had to buy some ladies’ items, and she’s going to buy them in front of the driver.” He says he’ll let it go if this is the case, and that it shouldn’t happen again. He walks away. Dev comes to a halt on his bike. He receives a call from Raavi. He inspects the gas tank. He tries to start the motorcycle. He says that it is too late and that Raavi and Shiva must travel to the court on this bike/scooty. Suman says that they do not answer the phone when we call. Don’t worry, says Raavi. Suman says that someone kidnapped Dhara, and you tell me not to worry. Dhara has gone to the brothel. The lady looks at her and thinks her fate is good; all she needs is for me to help her. Episode end.

Precap: Raavi informs Shiva that Dhara is missing. Shiva inquires as to what you mean. Gautam inquires as to why Dhara is missing. Dhara is being sold by the lady.

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