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Read Pandya Store 27th September 2021 Written Update: Raavi And Shiva’s Dilemma

Suman says he’ll get the kundalis matched as well, and then Shiva will marry. Raavi notices Shiva. Suman says Raavi will be estranged in a few days, so don’t look at her and drop me off at Kanta’s house, where we will form a good alliance. Shiva inquires if it is necessary to do so. Suman believes it is critical. Raavi departs. Gautam and Dhara are congratulated by Kaki. Gautam says that we want a daughter. Dhara says, “I prayed not to have any more sorrow and problems, and I prayed for the family and what happened.” He inquires as to what you prayed for me. She says that you are always happy and keep me happy. Dekha pehli dafa…..plays… When he sees her, he smiles and kisses her. She takes a look around. She asks, “What are you doing, kissing me in the market?” He says that it doesn’t matter if anyone sees me kissing my wife. He brings her home. He says I have to go to the store early, but don’t worry, I’ll get some food there. Take care, she says. He walks away. She says he forgot the phone, so I’ll have to send it to him. She can feel the baby kicking.

Kirti admires Rishita’s clothing. Kamini asks Kirti to accompany her in the car, but she must stop before reaching Rishita’s house; otherwise, the driver will inform Janardhan. Okay, says Kirti. Rishita informs me that there is an auto and taxi strike; how will I get there? Raavi receives tiffin. Rishita asks that Dev drop her off at the office. Dev says I’m running late; call the office and inform them of the strike. She says you don’t want me to take the job. Raavi provides her with curd and sugar. Rishita inquires, “Did you put poison in this to keep me from going for the job?” She laughs and says, “Don’t worry, I was just joking.” Raavi says, “Don’t make such a fool of yourself.” Rishita believes Dhara will be envious of my job search. Raavi says no, she was dizzy, she asked me to feed you curd and sugar, don’t keep guessing, you said you all stood by me, won’t we stand by you, best wishes. Rishita apologizes and thanks you, and wishes you luck in court. Dev says yes, I’ll leave Scooty here, and you can both go. Krish cracks jokes. Dev advises Raavi to reconsider because they can’t live without each other. Krish says he is correct, but reconsider.

Shiva and Gautam have arrived at the shop. The lady says I can help Suman find an alliance for Shiva because she is very good. Shiva responds, “Fine, but I’m still divorced; get her married to someone else.” People will talk, you can’t be angry at everyone, Raavi’s lawyer can tell you anything, you stay calm, it’s not common for a girl to get divorced, understand her feelings, says Gautam. Shiva wonders if men suffer the same agony if they divorce. According to Gautam, Shiva is in a bad mood, which is a good thing.

Krish goes to assist Raavi at work. Raavi says, “Let it be, I’ll wash it.” He says, “Go, I’ll wash it thoroughly.” He is seated, scrubbing the utensils. Kirti returns home. Krish takes a look at her. Music is playing… He tosses the utensils. Tune maari entriyaan……..plays….

Raavi arrives. Kirti says, “I’m Kirti, and I found out about Rishita’s job, so I got her some sweets and gifts.” Raavi says she is not at home because it is the first day of her new job. Kirti says, “Fine, I’ll go.” She instructs Raavi to request a rickshaw from her servant. He says that there is a strike. Raavi says he is not a servant, but rather my Devar who is assisting me. But, as Kirti points out, he was washing utensils. No, says Raavi, we all help each other. Kirti apologizes profusely. Raavi says, “Sit here, I’ll make some plans.” Krish is summoned to retrieve the bike. He inquires about the bike. Prafulla says that I will not sell the bike. The man says that the bike will age until it divorces. Raavi is accompanied by Krish. They chastise the individual. Raavi asks the keys. Prafulla mocks Krish. Raavi instructs Krish to put Kirti on the bike and get petrol from Jagat’s bike. Prafulla says that no one will touch my husband’s bike, that petrol is expensive, and that he should go buy it from a gas station. Raavi says that I’m running late, and that if I show up for my court hearing, my divorce will be canceled. No, says Prafulla. Raavi believes I am capable of caring for myself. Krish pours the gasoline from the bottle into the new bike. Prafulla yells. Raavi tells Kirti to leave and returns home. Sit, says Krish, it’s time to become a hero. They walk away.

Kirti says it’s an LS house with no servants. Kirti, Krish will drop you, according to Raavi. Kirti responds, “OK, thank you.” Krish adopts Kirti. Kirti apologizes profusely. Krish responds, “It’s fine, I don’t feel bad about beautiful girls’ words.” She laughs and thanks you for dropping by. Janardhan is taken aback when he sees Kirti with Krish. Episode end.

Precap: Janardhan slaps Krish in the face. He lodges a complaint against Krish. Dhara receives a phone call. She dashes off to the police station. She passes out on the highway.

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