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Read Pandya Store 25th September 2021 Written Update: Shiva And Raavi Stay Sorrowful

Shiva and Raavi’s divorce hearing is tomorrow, according to Dhara. Suman says Shiva if the divorce will take place tomorrow, and Shiva responds, “Don’t worry, you won’t be alone.” Dev says, “Listen, take back the application.” Gautam says nothing revealing yet, so persuade Raavi. Dhara says, “Look at how she’s handling me and this house; if you take a step towards her, she’ll run away; she has a problem with your insecurity, not with you; she believes you have an inferiority complex, which is why you vent your rage on everyone.” Suman inquires. Krish describes himself as feeling insecure and incapable in comparison to others. Suman extols Shiva. Prafulla chastises Anita. She promises to get you engaged soon. She calls Pandit and tells him to get the girls’ pictures; no, Gautam’s marriage is on track; Krish is too young; it’s for Shiva; he’s getting divorced; he married Raavi; he’s a diamond; he’s got a glass; how will he keep the marriage? Raavi is saddened to hear this. Pandit requests that you locate a diamond for him. Shiva departs. Raavi leaves the house. She returns home. Prafulla thinks it’s great that you left them and returned. She embraces Raavi. Raavi says that they did not single me out, that I did not flee, and that I must return someday. Anita inquires as to why you have come. Raavi says that the court hearing is tomorrow.

Anita instructs Prafulla not to look for a boyfriend for Raavi. She says she hopes she never divorces because then all her hard work will be for naught. Prafulla calls you a fool. Gautam inquires, “What are you doing?” and attempts to comprehend. Suman thinks you look good, but you’re a fool. She requests that they send Shiva’s picture to Pandit. Rishita appears and requests sweets; she has a job. Dhara says, “Congratulations, I’m very happy.” Suman says she shouldn’t eat sweets because she might get sick. Rishita and Dev disagree. She says that I am doing this job because only Dhara has the money; I want my money, and I can’t buy a bangle without Dhara’s permission. Gautam inquires, “What are you saying?” Dhara can never refuse a bangle; if she did, there would be a reason. Dhara departs. Suman dispatches Krish. Gautam says, “Do a job if you want, and if you’re doing it for money, I’ll pay you every month.” Dev says there’s no need because we get money when we need it. Dhara receives the bangle. She says, “I got better bangles for you, I knew you felt bad about it, sorry, it wasn’t about 500 rs, the bangle seller duped you.” Dev says you did it for Bangle. Rishita replies, “No, it made me realize that a career is important for a girl, there should be celebration, not this upsetness, what shall I do when you aren’t happy.” Krish pops a popper and says congratulations. Rishita inquires as to the nature of this misbehavior. Suman says, if you want us to be happy, we’ll get band baaja for you. Rishita departs. Suman says, “I’m not sure how you liked my son.” Dev becomes agitated.

Shiva receives a phone call. He says it’s the wrong number and not to call again. Raavi arrives. They have a disagreement. She requests that he drink the milk because it will relieve his headache. He thinks I didn’t realize she’d handle the house as Dhara; she knows we’re getting divorced tomorrow, but she’s still taking on the responsibility. He puts a stop to Raavi. She says what happened now, and tells him to throw the milk if he doesn’t like it. He says that if you drink it, you will get a headache. Phir le aaya….plays… She says you’d be content. He inquires if you are dissatisfied. They notice the moon. She thinks the moon is lovely. He takes a look at her. She walks away. Rishita arrives. He says we had an argument. She says I didn’t ask for clarification, that fights happen, and that you must understand the love that lies behind the fights. Shiva says that she doesn’t understand love. She says that if you try to understand, your life will be free of problems. She walks away. She adjusts an alarm. She mocks Dev. Dev says, “I’m delighted for you.” She retires to bed. Rishita sweeps the floor in the morning. Suman inquires, “What are you doing, venting?” Rishita departs. Suman summons Dhara and requests tea. Raavi receives the buttermilk. Dhara, she says, went to the temple with Gautam. Suman informs her that he has gone to Kanta, and that Pandit is gathering photos and biodata for Shiva’s wedding. Raavi becomes depressed. Episode end.

Precap: Janardhan notices Kirti with Krish. He slaps Kirti and arrests him. Dhara receives a phone call from the police station. She faints while running on the road.

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