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Read Pandya Store 24th September 2021 Written Update: Rishita Gets A Job

Rishita and Dhara are having a disagreement. Raavi tells Rishita to relax. Dhara responds, “Explain to her, it’s not like that.” Raavi says it’s your fault this time; if she wanted it, you should have gotten the bangles for her; she’ll always be there for you. Dhara says the bangles were of poor quality, which I thought was bad for Rishita because we wear local clothing and Rishita wears branded clothing, which is why the seller demanded such a high price. Rishita says he was willing to lower the price because “we know you have the money locker, you insulted me, and I decided not to do a job for your sake.” Dhara says enough, it’s my fault, you don’t need to do a favor for me, I’m pregnant, I’m not sick, I can take care of myself, you don’t need to make any sacrifices for me, sorry. She walks away. Raavi tells Rishita, “You do your job, and I’ll handle the house.” Rishita says that I will now do a job at any cost. She pulls out her phone. She calls and informs me that I will be attending the interview. Rishita says I’ll do it; at the very least, I won’t have to rely on others for small favors.

Rishita attends the job interview. She converses with the men. He says that it is a start-up, and that those who want to convert their shops into a mart must provide their contact information. She says it’s a telemarketing job. Yes, he says. Dhara thinks I’m crazy because I’m always doing something, and I should have gotten the bangles for Rishita. Raavi advises us to take care of our family’s emotions; when you break someone’s heart, good comes from it; Rishita felt bad and went to the job interview. Dhara says it’s fine, and I hope she gets a job. The man says your salary will be 30000 rupees and that you must start working tomorrow. Rishita responds, “Fine.” The man says you’ll get the offer letter tomorrow because Sundays are off. She responds, “No problem, thank you.” Raavi says that her job should not begin tomorrow. Dhara asks as to why, as it is not your birthday. Raavi says there will be a divorce hearing. She walks away. Dhara sobs. Rishita dials Kalyani’s number. She says I’m on my way home. She walks into the house. She embraces Kalyani. She asks about Kirti’s whereabouts. Kalyani says that she is not at home. Kamini observes and signs Kalyani. Rishita informs me that I have good news. Your father may come, according to Kalyani, but he should leave. Rishita says, “I didn’t think I’d do a job, but this job came to me, and I’m going to join it.” Kamini believes the Pandyas will now lose their respect. Janardhan receives a phone call. The man says it’s bad news, your feud with Gautam is costing you money, Gautam helps others, everyone sees their profit, our market is going to crash, do something. Janardhan wonders how they can do such a thing. He dials Gautam’s number. Your Sasur, according to Gautam, is calling. Dev declares that he will never change. Gautam picks up the phone. Janardhan mocks him. He says that you are breaking my market and that you can never stand in front of me. Shiva scolds him and takes the phone. Janardhan makes a threat to them. Shiva says that Gautam will now have his own football team, and that we will oppose him. Dev says Gautam will run in the Somnath union elections. He hangs up the phone.

Gautam believes you said a lot. Dev says you’ll run in the elections this time. Gautam says you told him a lot about a lot of kids. According to Dev, you will have 17 children, not 11. Gautam says that none of us can have 11 children. Dev predicts that you will win the elections this time. Gautam tells you to relax because he is your Sasur. Janardhan will lock Rishita in the room if he sees her, says Kalyani. Janardhan returns home and yells at the guards. Kamini wonders how he arrived so quickly. Rishita says I’ll go, but she doesn’t say how. Kalyani advises her to go upstairs and hide. Janardhan declares that he will not sit quietly until he has destroyed the Pandya family. He yells, “Kalyani!” Rishita walks out the window. Janardhan yells at Kalyani. Rishita hides and observes. Kalyani observes that you appear agitated. Janardhan says, “You know what the Pandyas did; they tried to break into my market, they kidnapped my daughter; I will punish them; and if you try to talk to Rishita, I will not leave you.” Rishita departs. Kamini thinks it’s great that Rishita accepted the job; send Kirti to her house with new clothes and sweets, and Rishita will be with us forever. Kalyani asks if Janardhan is aware. Kamini advises you to abandon your desire to meet your daughter.

Suman asks, “How dare Janardhan threaten my sons?” We need to teach him a lesson, and I’m going to throw chilli in his eyes. Gautam cracks a grin. Suman says you’ll fight the elections this time. Krish advises using a low tone of voice. Suman wonders how he can threaten my sons. Rishita will feel bad if she hears Krish say enough. Suman wonders if I should be afraid of her and call her. Raavi says to have gone for a job interview. Dev says that she has stated that she will not work and will instead focus on her family. Suman says you’re acting innocent; she’s cunning; I believe she beats you in the room; please tell me. Everyone in the room laughs. Suman says she’ll make you Tommy once she gets a job. They both laugh. Shiva notices Raavi.

Raavi says I’ll just show up. Suman asks as to where you are going and when you will prepare and serve us food. Raavi informs me that I have finished half of the cooking and that I need to go get court papers because my divorce hearing is tomorrow. Shiva takes a look at her. Episode end.

Precap: Suman asks about Dhara’s whereabouts. Raavi says to have gone to the temple with Gautam. Suman tells her that he is going to meet Pandit at Kanta’s house for Shiva’s wedding. Raavi notices Shiva.

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