Pandya Store 24th August 2021 Written Update


Read Pandya Store 24th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Dhara’s Emotional Breakdown

Episode Start: Raavi saying I tolerated Shiva’s insulting behavior for this family’s sake, but his inferiority complex has increased with time. Shiva argues. She asks him to become something, he hurts others rather than controlling his emotions. He says heart maybe good, but until mind is under control, heart isn’t seen. She apologizes to Gautam. She says this relation isn’t imp to me than my self-respect. Shiva argues with her. He shouts sign the papers. Dhara says I fold hands, you won’t get anything, step back. She cries. Suman says don’t cry, let them ignite the fire to their relation and burn themselves. She asks Raavi to sign and leave. Gautam asks what are you saying. Raavi thinks of their moments.

Hamari adhuri kahani…plays…. Shiva says I want freedom from you, you can’t stay here. Raavi signs the papers and throws on his face. Dhara asks Raavi not to go. Raavi says I regard you my sister, its not right to stay in sister’s sasural, I have no relation left, Shiva broke the relation. Prafulla says when everything got over, I will take Raavi’s belongings to me. Suman says I had already got her belongings packed, go and take it. Prafulla gets the sacks. She asks Raavi to come. Raavi leaves. Gautam beats Shiva and scolds him. Dev and Krish ask Gautam to stop.

Gautam says you ruined Raavi’s life, I will kill you. Suman says leave him, he made a mistake, you have beaten him a lot. Dhara asks Gautam to stop it. They all cry. Gautam stops beating. Shiva picks the papers and goes. Dhara faints down. Everyone worries. Suman prays for Dhara. Raavi cries a lot. Prafulla consoles her. Anita asks her why did she sign the papers. She says you don’t keep any relation with that family, but I can’t spoil my terms with them. Prafulla says you can keep your relations, don’t hurt Raavi, Raavi is so worried. They go.

Raavi says why did you do this Shiva, you insulted me, you never accepted me. Shiva sits somewhere and cries. He says you signed the divorce papers. He says I know we could have kept this relation for family’s sake, but you would not be happy, they will not regret seeing us move on. Suman and Rishita pray for Dhara. Suman says Dhara is really nice. Dhara is in the hospital. She gets treated. She recalls whatever happened. She asks Raavi to stop. Suman prays and cries. Dhara says Shiva, stop Raavi… Gautam worries for Dhara. Doctor checks her. Episode End.

Precap: Suman asks Rishita to call them. Shiva’s friend asks Shiva is Dhara fine, Gautam took her to the hospital. Shiva gets shocked. Gautam asks the doctor about Dhara.

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