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Read Pandya Store 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Gautam Pacifies Dhara

Raavi said, “Dhara has always stood by you,” and I’m happy to do the same. Suman says you’ll be divorced from Shiva in nine months, train Rishita well, Dhara’s baby will arrive, she’ll be preoccupied with the baby, Rishita will handle the house, Shiva’s new wife will arrive until now, it’s not good to make a new bride work. Raavi is concerned. Kamini reprimands Kalyani and Kirti. Kalyani claims that if Janardhan discovers that we are meeting Rishita behind his back, then… Kamini says I’ll handle Janardhan, and I spoke for Rishita’s position. She receives a phone call. Kirti inquires as to what has transpired. Rishita refused to go to the interview, according to Kamini, and while she is unsure what her family did, we must force her to work.

Dhara enjoys the food. Raavi says that when you shout, I worry about the baby because the baby doesn’t know how lovely you are. She cracks a smile. Dhara asks, “If you’re so good, why did you leave my Shiva?” She asks Raavi to respond and then leaves, wondering why Shiva looked so bad to her. Raavi claims, “I never had a problem with him; I just didn’t like his clothes or his way of life.” Dhara says, but he believes so. Raavi claims he is insecure, that he has never understood me, and that I am powerless to help him. Dhara claims he is not less than anyone else; try talking to him; perhaps he will express his feelings. Raavi claims that he doesn’t talk, that he questions my character, that he filed for divorce, that I have always tried to keep the relationship, that he is weak, that he can’t fight for me and this marriage, that how can I keep a relationship with such a person? She walks away.

Shiva examines some clothing in a store. He remembers Raavi’s friends. Rishita notices him and asks what he’s doing here. The man inquires whether you wish to purchase clothing for Dev, Gautam, or Krish. Shiva explains, “I want to change my style.” The man suggests that you change your style because Raavi has returned and expects to see a new Shiva. Rishita beams. Gautam returns home. Raavi goes to get him some water. He claims that I must do all of the work by walking. Raavi wonders if we can’t get a new bike. Gautam claims that there will be additional expenses, that the baby will be born, and that we should save money for Dhara. Dhara observes. Gautam is concerned. He says you didn’t get me wrong; I was explaining expenses to Raavi. Anita returns home. Gautam is asked to keep his mouth shut by Dhara. Anita embraces Raavi. She extends her greetings. She inquires of Dhara, “Are you all right?” Dhara affirms. I forgot, Gautam wanted a cream for Dhara, you had sent Krish with the list, he didn’t get this cream, he told me that he couldn’t find it, so I got it for Dhara. Gautam believes Krish is unable to keep anything to himself. Anita inquires as to what transpired, saying, “I’m sorry, you didn’t want to tell Dhara about this.”

Dhara accepts the cream. She expresses gratitude to Anita. She says Gautam thinks my face is bad and that I should apply this cream right away; fine, I’ll do that. She walks away. Raavi explains to Gautam that it is due to hormones. Gautam is concerned. Anita believes my herb is effective. Dhara yells. They dash to catch a glimpse of her. Dhara’s skin turns bright red. She asks if I’m Apsara now. Gautam apologizes, saying, “I was worried about you.” Raavi rushes outside and brings some ice to help with the pain. Dhara says I don’t want to use ice. Gautam apologizes to Dhara and advises her not to punish herself. Anita observes. She becomes overjoyed. She believes I did nothing to the cream, yet she has this reaction. Gautam asks if I should take you to the doctor. Dhara says no, and to stop worrying about me. Raavi visits Anita. Gautam says, “I can’t leave you for a hundred births, please forgive me, I love you.” Dhara says she loves you as well. Anita becomes enraged. She chooses Raavi. Gautam claims that he overheard you talking alone and asked Krish to get you some cream. He sings Ruth na jaana…he plays… Dhara grins.

It’s early in the morning, and a bangle seller returns home. He inquires of Dhara as to what happened to her face. She doesn’t say anything, but I applied something incorrectly. Dhara enjoys wearing the bangles. She asks that Raavi inspect the earrings. She goes to get some cash. Rishita says I want bangles as well. Raavi inquires if you attended a job interview. Rishita claims that she does not want to work. Dhara receives money to purchase bangles and earrings. Rishita considers how she will ask Dhara for money, knowing that she has the same right as she does.

She asks 500rs from Dhara. Dhara examines the bangles and says, “I’ll give you 200 rupees.” No, says the man, 480rs final. Dhara says no, the 200 rupees is final. She tells Rishita, “I saw bangles in the market; I’ll get the same one for you.” Dhara claims that I do not want it. Rishita says we don’t want it, and she doesn’t want to give me money. She disagrees with Dhara. She claims you are insulting me in front of him to demonstrate your financial power. Episode end.

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