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Pandya Store 16th July 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Pandya Store 16th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On Multidesidrama

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Episode start: Dev and Shiva are playing with marble. Dev says sorry. Shiv asks why you are apologizing, it is not your mistake, I am not suitable for the Raavi, she wanted serious gentleman like you, but she got me in her fate, wrong with that Happened Dev says Raavi likes you, I have seen him upset for you. Shiva says she is helpless to do so. “Dev says Remember how you two fought as a child, I was just setting up your fight like a side character, you both liked each other, you both don’t understand. Shiv says I brought marble here to remind you of my childhood, I won the shot. I lost my life. Dev said not to be bothered by small things. He asks her to check his message. Shiva checks. Dev asked if you have talked to Gautam, well I will talk to him, we have to make a bedroom for him. Shiva says we will make it, I have won this shot. Dev cheated and said yes.

Raavi angrily went to work. Dhara says that your anger is justified but…. Raavi says that Shiva is your son, don’t you know that he drinks alcohol. When she hears this, she says, Oh my God. Raavi argued. Dhara told him to stop. Sneha told him bad words, so he will drink? Dhara scolded him, she said I know he made a mistake. Raavi says that he has made a big mistake. Dhara says that when you guys fight, you come to scold me, he is your husband now, you have to understand and explain to each other. Raavi says that you know that I cannot explain it, I will not tell you anything. Dhara says I will listen to you if you come to express your feelings, I love you, but you can’t come and give me a lecture, you should sort these things in your room, learn to value your decision Rishita says that I have never seen the incarnation of Dhara, Raavi has left. Raavi says I’m sorry, I love you. She hugs Dhara. Dhara I love you. Raavi says that Shiva read my diary, he read my feelings about Dev.

Rishita Cough. They see Rishita. Rishita goes to fetch water. Dhara says that what’s the big deal, what did you write your feelings in this diary, everyone already knows it, Shiva will never look at your past, he will understand you. Rishita is back. Raavi says i feel guilty when he becomes silent. Rishita says don’t feel guilty, There is nothing in your heart for dev, chill. Dhara says she understands you too. Shiva comes home. Dhara scolded him for drinking alcohol. Shiva says I didn’t understand anything, I felt like someone hurt my heart, I was thinking that something went wrong with Raavi, she should have married Dev, not me, everyone reminds me that I m not suitable for her. Dhara says you don’t want to move on in life, your marriage is reality now, accept it and move on, you have read his diary properly, you know his feelings well, if you have to see if you want to keep this marriage. you have to see the future, not the past. Shiva thinks you are a mother, you will never see my flaws, Raavi will never have chosen me. He hugged her and said sorry.

Gautam told the men to put the bed inside. Rishita asked What is this? Gautam says double bed. She asks Dev did you get this for us?” Dev says no, we have to save money. Gautam says for Raavi. Rishita thinks that we are still sleeping on the old bed of Gautam and Dhara, it costs 15000, I can’t even spend 500 rupees. Raavi and Shiva came to the kitchen. She sorry says on behalf of Sneha. He says I don’t care if you and your friend think I’m not interested in your past. Rishita says We also need a new bed. Gautam said, “Okay, we’ll keep it in your room.” Dhara says no, Raavi has been sleeping on the floor for a long time, he should get this bed. Rishita got upset. Shiva argued with Raavi. He goes to his room and looks at the bed. He asks what it is, why waste money on a bed? “We don’t like Raavi sleeping on the floor,” Says gautam. Shiva says she sleeps in the room, you and Dhara sleep in the hall. Gautam says stop nonsense, get aside. Dev says I have something to show you, stay here. he goes. Rishita says its a strange room, second hand room, bed and cupboard, thank God I didn’t get a second hand husband. She checks the sketches. She tears him up in anger. Dev comes and asks for his papers. “I tore it up,” she says. He asks what did you do? She says you have disturbed the room, I do not want to talk nonsense, good night.

Dev thinks what you did, what should I show Gautam now. Gautam asks Dhara to take the Raavi to the shop. Dhara says he doesn’t know what he will do there. He says he will get tired of fighting one day, I am looking forward to that day. Hardik comes and embraces the Dhara. Gautam says you came at the right time, see I bought a bed for Raavi and Shiva, isn’t it good? Hardick was upset. She says I made the pudding of your choice. She refuses and leaves. Shiva sat on the bed with a mattress. He says Raavi will eat my brain again. Dhara asks what happened? “I can understand that you are great, I don’t like that fool, I’m your brother,” Hardick said. Dhara why? He says I can see what is happening to you, you have given your room to Shiva and you are happy when the bed comes for him, what is your happiness, you are sleeping in the hall No one values you, because you have no children. Gautam comes and hears this.

Gautam stopped Hardik. Hardik says there is nothing to talk about. They argue. Hardik says I have raised Dhara with great love, you know it well. “You know I like the Dhara,” Says gautam. Hardik says yes, but now he lacks love, where do you sleep him, tell me, those who love their wives very much do not stand still like this, you are my best friend, My life, but I can give my life for my sister, she has the right to get a room, that room will build her, either make her, or I will put your self-esteem in the well I will put it and make a room for him in this house. Episode End.

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