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Episode start: Gautam is searching for something spicy. Raavi comes and asks for something. He says yes, Gautam wants something beautiful to eat. She’s going to like it, she says tamarind. He says she’s going to like it a lot, thank you. He goes. He goes. Suman tells me that I’m here. The bowl is hidden by Gautam. She’s wondering what you’re hiding. He says nothing. He says nothing. She says tell me that. Tell me. She’s watching the tamarind. She laughs. She laughs. He says I’ve found Namkeen and I think I’ve got tamarind. She jokes and asks Dhara to feed it. He goes. He goes. But my husband didn’t go to the kitchen to find tamarind, she says. I got four sons. She smiles. She smiles. Gautam comes to Dhara. Gautam comes to Dhara. She says you can do nothing, Hardik’s going to have tamarind for me. He gives tamarind. It gives tamarind. She’s asking how did you know that I wanted it. Raavi says you’re going to like it. She says that she understands me well, I’ve been very angry with her, my feelings are at a height. He says my warning is going to stop their struggles, sleep now. He sleeps. He sleeps. She says I’m going to see Shiva and Raavi. She’s got up and she’s dropping on the bed. She sees her saree holding Gautam. She’s telling me he forgets that I’m not alone now, all the time he teases me. He holds her hand. He holds her hand. She smiles. She smiles.

Raavi comes to sleep in the hall. She does not ask Krish to shout, she sleeps at her wish. Okay, sweet dreams, good night, he says. Rishita says I must submit my certificates tomorrow, I’m going to go home, talk to me, Dev, Raavi is back, too. He’s asking if Raavi is going back… She’s not going to go, Rishita says, she’s going to stay here. He says you want to flee housework, Dhara has impregnated, you can do a job later, I have no right on Raavi, but on you. She says you’re forcing me to come and talk to you, my mistake. He tells you to correct your mistake. Shiva goes out and sees Raavi falling asleep. Thodi jagah… the game… He thinks how many favour you’re going to give me, I’ve got you wrong. He covered her up. He covered her up. It holds his hand. It holds his hand. He’s sitting there. Dhara comes downstairs. Dhara comes downstairs! She sees Raavi dormant. She says you left the room. You left the room. Kaise mann samjhaye… She goes and sees Shiva on the floor sleeping. She says that they don’t know from their relationship what they want. She goes. She goes. Shiva sees that Dhara is gone. He says I have been saved, what would I say if Dhara saw me with Raavi?

Dhara wakes up her morning and goes to the kitchen. Rishita says my work is over, I must go. I must go. Raavi is asking for this great job, when are you going back, I have to go and pay college fees. Rishita says now you start it, you say you’re going to handle it all, handle it now. She goes and hits Dhara. She says so sorry, you’re all right. Dhara says yes, you did Suman’s tea. Rishita says Raavi made the breakfast for Suman. Dhara asks her to give Suman medicines money to Dev. Rishita says Dev went, I’m going to take medicines, don’t think I’m careless and I’m going to take medicines on time. Dhara says that I never slept that late.

Raavi says you are sitting, I made the food. Dhara tells me to go away, my work can be done by myself. Dhara lights the stove. Lights the stove. The gameplay falls on her saree. Raavi’s saving her and making her sit down. She excuses and says that I’ve gotten angry. Dhara says that anger isn’t greater than family. Raavi says yes, I returned knowing my family needs me, forgive me, please. Dhara says no. Dhara says no. Raavi stops her and says that until you forgive me, you can’t go out of the kitchen. Suman comes and asks why the door is shut, open the door and you’re all right I’m going to call the police, Dhara. Raavi says Suman might call the police, you must forgive me. Suman tells me that I call the police. Dhara is resting Raavi and opening the door. She says that the police didn’t call, Raavi apologised to me. Suman asks what to apologise for. She takes her stick. She takes her stick. Dhara stops Suman. Suman stops. Suman says your wrath is over, Raavi is here to take care of you, you’ve melted. Dhara tells me that she is like Dev, Krish, and Shiva, how long I’m angry with her. Suman says you can forgive her that you don’t compare her to my sons, but my sons can never hurt anyone’s heart. Raavi says my heart was hurt by Shiva. Suman says that is the punishment for your deeds, you’re a girl, you don’t know that Dev does not love you, Shiva holds your hand, you can’t understand him, then you must bear the punishment.

Precap: A lady is selling herbs. Anita asks herbs to get somebody out of her husband. She gets herbs. She gets some herbs. She takes Dhara’s fruits. Dhara eats and sleeps with the apple.

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