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Episode Starts: Krish joking on Gautam’s age. Gautam calls him lazy. He gets water buckets for them. Suman say you lifted me and walked thus far , you’d be so tired, come, take rest. Raavi and Shiva argue. He pulls her and saves her from the falling structure. The people comment on their marriage. Raavi asks Shiva to answer, why did he beat her friends. Shiva recalls the taunts. He says you recognize what they were talking, you should keep them away. She asks will you beat any guy who talks to me, I studied during a co-ed college, you can’t beat anyone, you made fun of our relation. They argue more. Kanta comes with the women . She sees them.

Shiva says you’ve got a problem with me, that’s why you laughed and spoke to those guys, go to that gentlemen. Raavi slaps him. She says I didn’t give you a right to misbehave with me. Kanta leaves. Shiva stares. Raavi gets back. He shouts on the people and asks them to go away . He says our marriage is finished from today. Raavi gets shocked. Tadap tadap ke….plays…

He burns his bike in anger. It starts raining. the fire gets blown off. Raavi leaves. He also leaves. Dhara asks Krish and Dev to put feet within the water. Rishita says I got snacks to revive energy. Suman says you look happy, did Maayka family accept you. Rishita says no, I m just happy. Dev says they insulted her today, she shouldn’t meet them. Rishita gives snacks to Dhara. Krish asks Dhara to keep foot in water. Dhara says I already did that. Krish asks when. She sees Gautam. Dev says Gautam was in the kitchen. Krish smiles.

Gautam says no Maa, i used to be drinking water there. Suman nods. Gautam says keep snacks for Shiva and Raavi also. Dhara says she would have kept snacks for them. Krish says I told it. She says you recognize me well. Shiva sits somewhere and thinks of the taunts. Raavi cries walking on the road. Suman says Rishita, your turn is next, i would like to see your baby in one year. Dev smiles. Suman says I even have hope with Shiva and Raavi also, they started staying together. Krish says I even have seen something happening between them. Shiva and Raavi cry. Rishita says Raavi agreed to take a seat behind Shiva on the bike. Dhara says yes, how long will they fight, that they had to see their goodness. Krish jokes on Gautam’s age and health. Gautam jokes that he will beat lazy Krish. Dhara says i will massage Suman’s feet. Shiva recalls the slap. Raavi says I even have become like Shiva, I slapped someone today, how. She cries.

Precap: Raavi comes home. She says Shiva raised an issue on my character ahead of everyone. Shiva says say you’re ashamed to call me your husband. Suman says if things have spoilt such a lot , then end this relation, get separated. Everyone gets shocked. Episode Ends.

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