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Read Pandya Store 13th September 2021 Episode Written Update: Raavi Comes To Pandya House

Episode start: Talking about Shiva and Raavi, Gautam and Dhara. She says that you might believe that I’m selfish, that Shiva and Raavi do not respect our words. For Shiva, the man gets black colour. He says you’ve lost us to a girl, Raavi has won for you. Krish is throwing on them black colour. He says girls can participate, but not win, your confidence caused you to lose, not Shiva. The man gets irritated at Krish. He says that Shiva deliberately made Raavi win, he could be happy, we saw how Raavi left him, she will never return. Raavi’s got her bags. The women ask her where she is going, she gets divorced, Maasi left her house. They taunt her. They taunt her. Shiva scolds the man and asks him to go.

Krish says they don’t fight with everyone, they didn’t say that they didn’t, Raavi never returns. Raavi comes home. Raavi comes home. Raavi looks at Dhara and smiles. Everybody’s coming and seeing her.

Dhara asks why you came here. I’ve come to stay, Raavi says. By what right, Suman asks. Dhara tells us that you want to insult us more. Raavi says by your love’s right. I have forgotten your love and you too, I don’t need your love or you, go from here. Dhara says you burnt that right. Raavi rejects going. She says you saw my love and anger; I’m not going from here, see my stubbornness now. Gautam smiles. Gautam smiles. I know how to break your stubbornness, Dhara says. Raavi asks what you’re going to do, you’re going to break my head, I’m going to get a knife, even if you hit me with a knife!

She’s getting the knife and asking her to hit her. We don’t need you here, Suman says, I know Prafulla sent you, she can’t see you happy. Raavi says nobody has sent me, I have come by my wish. Suman says he’s only going to go from here. Dhara says Rishita, make out the bag of Raavi. Raavi says nobody’s going to touch my bag. She asks Dhara not to cry aloud, to look after herself. Suman says Dhara wants to get out and throw out your bags. Raavi says that my divorce hasn’t happened. I’ve got a right to stay here. Gautam smiles. Gautam smiles.

Anita says I’ve done as you said, but Dhara is pregnant, how am I going to marry Gautam. Kamini says that you can marry him still. Kalyani is coming and listening to them. Kamini said that Dhara is going to be busy with the kid, you’ll make Gautam the best friend, his mother likes you now, you go home with fruits, show them you’re happy, leave me the rest.

Dhara notifies us and says the date of the hearing has come. Suman is asking Dhara to relax. She asks Rishita to call the police, tell them that there is a thief coming into our house to steal our peace, she is sent by her Maasi. She yells. She yells. Rishita says the police will scold us. Raavi and Shiva aren’t divorced. Raavi’s bag is taken to her room by Gautam. Suman and Dhara stop him. Stop him. Kamini asks you to tell Rishita this. It’s nothing like that, Kalyani says. Kamini says that you are inviting Rishita and Dev to lunch at home when Janardhan is not home. Raavi is coming to her room.

Gautam says she doesn’t feel bad for the words of Dhara, she’s angry, she’s going to melt in some time, mood swings happen in such times, I read the web. Raavi hugs him and says Congratulations, I’m really pleased about you. Finally you’re going to become a dad, I’m so glad. Thank you, welcome back. He says thank you. Dhara cooks and tobs the food. Raavi is coming and seeing her. She says I’m going to do it. Dhara says don’t try to force me, my mood isn’t better, because I don’t need your charity, do you want everyone to have no food. Rishita comes and says you’re going to go, I’m going to get food. Don’t let Raavi do any work, Dhara says. She goes. She goes.

Raavi thinks I have become emotional and came to take care of you. Thanks to me, Rishita says, because of me, you are here. Raavi says you needed me. You just needed me. Rishita says we managed without you, too. Raavi says we’re going to give everyone food. Rishita says you can wash and serve food, then move food to utensils, and I’m going to make a call and come. She goes. She goes. Raavi smiles. Smiles. Shiva and Krish are coming back home. Krish asks why there is so much silence. Dhara asks him to come and refresh him. Shiva also says I’m hungry, serving food, I’m going to change and come. Dhara says that I’m going to get the food. Krish says that I’m going to get it. He sees Raavi in the kitchen working.

He screams ghost…. Look at him, Raavi and Rishita. He says that Raavi was alive, she had died, she had been a good soul. He’s sitting crying. Rishita tells the drama king to shut up, take the plates. Raavi says that there are a lot of days to ask, go out and ask nothing. Krish goes. Krish goes. Rishita says I’m going to make a call. Rishita is calling Kirti. Kirti. Shiva finds the wardrobe locked. He’s watching his clothes on the bed. He hears the voice of Raavi.Episode end.

Precap: Shiva go to the kitchen to cook Raavi. He holds her. He holds her. He’s asking how dare you return. That’s not just your house, he says. He criticises her and asks her to get out.

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