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Read Pandya Store 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Raavi Decides To Return Home

Episode Start: Doctor advise Dhara not to take stress, she should be careful, her case is different. She goes. She goes. Suman says from now on you won’t go home, everyone’s got to know the good news, it didn’t finish for three months, everybody’s wrong with sight can catch her. She’s asking Rishita to get the thread black. She ties the thread to the leg of Dhara. She says that we’re not going to talk about Raavi. Dhara says yes, I’m upset at her this time, she has burnt the lahenga, she doesn’t have any love for us in her heart; I won’t talk when no relationship is there. Raavi wins the competition for the dahi handi. She’s going to win the new bike. Her friends are clapping and telling her that you deserve it. Prafulla says incredibly, you have given Shiva a good answer, a problem left from your life. The lady says that the Pandya family disappeared after the loss of Shiva. Kanta says Dhara didn’t feel right, so they took her home, nobody has to deal with her. Raavi hears this. Raavi hears this. Suman says good news is like candy, the ants get on the candy, bad sight has an impact on good news. Rishita says these days don’t happen. Suman signs Dev to Rishita control. Rishita is asked by Dev to make tea. He takes her aside and says that he doesn’t argue with his mother. Rishita goes. Rishita goes. Suman says that he’s not taking tension. Thanks to her, Dhara. She smiles. She smiles.

Prafulla stops Shiva and takes him for a selfie. She says that today you lost Raavi. Shiva goes. Shiva goes. Dhara is telling Gautam… Gautam asks what happened, I’m going to call a doctor. She says I want to eat candy cotton. He says oh, now you want to eat candy cotton. She says yes, she’s going to get it. He asks how I’m going to get it. She says baby wants to eat cotton sweets, you can’t get them. He says I’m going to get it. She says that I’m going to come with you. He says Suman will not leave you. He says Suman will not leave you. She says she will say anything. She says she will say nothing. He says come. He says come. Suman is coming and asking what test now you want to do, that day you had golgappa. Dhara tells me I’m going to have fresh air. Suman says that you don’t worry about the baby, that you are coming to my room with me to get fresh air. Dhara takes her. Dhara takes her.

Shiva works at the store. Raavi is coming and running the bike. Shiva is asking her to stop it. He twists her hand. He twists her hand. The man asks what you do. The imagination of Shiva ends. Sorry, he says. The man is leaving. Prafulla takes the help of a guy to take the bike. He says I have a job. I have a job. She says don’t act intelligently, I’m going to throw this bike on your face. He taunts and goes. He taunts her. She is searching for Raavi. Raavi thinks Dhara. Think Dhara. Dhara is Suman. Dhara is Suman. Suman says that he doesn’t act intelligently. Gautam comes with sweets of cotton. Suman and Dhara are asked to have it. He says that I have this for you. Suman says fresh air is coming now. Gautam goes. Gautam goes. He smiles. He smiles. Dev comes to see them and smiles. Prafulla is coming home and is hugging Raavi. She says this are the keys to the new bike. You’ll take me for a ride. You have shown Shiva his place. Raavi’s sad. Sorry.

Its morning. Its morning. Dhara does the work. Dhara does the work. Rishita stops and says I’m going to do it. To sum up Gautam’s calls. She’s asking Dhara to sit down. She asks Gautam to see Dhara’s feet swell, and she doesn’t stop working. Gautam asks me to call a physician. Suman doesn’t say it’s necessary, Rishita gets salt hot water. You didn’t see her swollen feet, she says Gautam, our duty to handle happiness. Rishita gets a bath with hot water. She receives a Shiva courier. Gautam checks. Gautam checks it. Dhara asks what it is. What is it? Suman asked what. Suman asked what. Gautam says a notice of divorce, the hearing is next week. Suman says I’ve got to see it all, wind it up. Dhara is sorry for Gautam. Raavi’s bag packs up.

Prafulla asks you’re going somewhere, Shiva ought to hide his face and go somewhere. Raavi says I’m going back. I’m going back. Prafulla asks where. Where? Raavi says the house of Pandya. Prafulla is getting shocked. Dhara says don’t get sad, this relationship we tried to save. Prafulla says no, I won’t let you go, we don’t have anybody there. Raavi says no, I’m going to go for that. Prafulla yells and asks what the right thing to do is to stop you from entering, nobody appreciates me here, why do you want me insulted by returning. Raavi says sorry, I know I’ve misused your love, I can’t forgive myself if I’m not going now. Gautam says that Raavi’s wrath was on Shiva. Dhara says anger ought to be in control, otherwise there is nothing left. He asks Raavi to understand her. Episode End.

Precap: Raavi is coming back home. Dhara asks why you came here. Raavi says he’s going to stay here. By what right, Suman asks. Dhara asks you would like to insult us more. Raavi says I’ve come to correct my error. Dhara’s asking her to go. Raavi rejects it.

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