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started episode Kamini asking Rishita to accept gifts. “Anything you can ask for, your father can spend a lot on you,” she says. She thanks Gautam for inviting her. “You invited them and you didn’t,” says Prafulla. Jagat says this is my sister’s house, we don’t need a special invitation. Kalyani is giving ATM card to Rishita. She says you can get your money back whenever you want. Rishita thanked him. Krish says you should have given it first. Dev said, “Rishita, return the card.” He says thank you, but we don’t need cards and gifts, just bless us. Rishita says she is my mum and smell, she can give me gifts. Dev says thank you but we don’t need anything. He also returns jewellery . Prafulla asks why you are not taking it, at least let the narrator take it. She asks Kamini to show her the necklace. “We love you so much, we will take it from you whenever we want,” says Shivaa. He tells the men to take him home, Kalyani’s heart is big. “You can charge us for transportation,” he says. “We have received gifts for you with love, we thought our distance would end, your in-laws may not accept it, we were taunted again,” Kamini said.

Kalyani says take care. Dev signs her to leave. The Rishita cries and runs after them. Suman says let him go, Dev. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know,” she says. Kamini pushes him down. She says you ruined our honor, my political career was at stake, I saved her with great difficulty, Janardhan should have been more childless than having a daughter like you, we don’t care if you die ۔ Rishita cries. Perfola says I will leave now too, it’s too late. Suman asks if anyone has stopped you? Dhara asked Prafulla to eat. Kalyani cries. Rishita stopped him. Kamini asked Kalyani to come. Rashita says please don’t go. They’re gone. Dev came and hugged Rishita. She cries

Raavi says Rishita looked upset. Shiva says we should have kept it as a gift. She says talk to me, you were saying something. “I feel weird when I’m cooking with you, do you add anything to it?” Says Shiva. She says, yes, there is some poison, look, it comes to your head. she goes. “I think the poison is really falling on my head,” says Shiva. Rashita went to Dev and asked him to return all the gifts, which he had bought with his father’s money. She says you will sleep on the floor now. She goes. Dev worries.

Suman greeted Dhara. She prays. The faction asks what are you doing, punish me if I have made a mistake. Suman says don’t ask me, you invited Janardhan’s family. Dhara says no. Gautam says it is not Dhara’s fault, I invited him, I saw him in the market, Dhara did not invite him. Suman says you are both Maha Saas, leave me in the ashram, you both manage the house, but I will not go to the ashram, I will stay in the room. Dhara says that Rashita was happy to see her mum. Suman says but I’m upset, don’t show me your face. she goes. Gautam says that we will bring Rashita and her mum together, Suman will also be happy. He jokes

Janardhan scolded Kalyani. Kamini says there is no point in crying, Rishita will not come back, she tried to ruin her political career, I tried to control the loss by clicking on the picture in the ceremony today. “I can do anything to teach them a lesson,” says Janardhan. Shivaa saw Gautam and Dhara sleeping in the hall. He says Gautam and Dhara will have a bedroom, they will not need to sleep in the hall. He smiled thinking of the narrator. The narrator thinks that where he has gone, everyone will be asleep. She comes He touches it. He says he’s really here. She asks what are you saying He asks what are you doing here She says i’m here to look for you He says I’m not lost, go to sleep. She asks why do you care? He says don’t eat my brain. she goes.

That morning, Dev came to Shivaa’s room. He sprays water on his face. Shiva wakes up and says I want to sleep. “I want to show the design of Dhara and Gautam’s room,” says Dev. Shiva said show me. They look at the design. Shiva asked about the relationship. Dev says it will take time for his anger to subside. Shave likes a design. Dev says it will cost around Rs 1.5 lakh. Shivaa said it is good, I will come and talk to Gautam. The giant says be ready, I will come now. The narrator comes. The giant went to one side and told him to go. Shiva smiled at him.

Shiva and Ravi are arguing. He says throw out the smoking pan. Baawra Mann pays. He stopped her. She says I will burn. She has a bad cough. She pats him on the back. He threw out the smoke pan. He goes to take a bath. He asked who was inside, to take a bath in the bathroom, not to sleep. He knocked on the door. Rishita comes out and argues with him. He says your room is the biggest, he sleeps in the hall, he should complain about the private space. Dev Shivaa says, and not a word.

Precap: The narrator met his friend. Her friend asks why you were helpless to marry this jungle man? Shiva became angry.

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