Nima Denzongpa 30th August 2021 Written Update


Read Nima Denzongpa 30th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Tulika Gets Married With Suresh

Episode Start: Nima wakes up and the nurse tells her that her daughter is a lioness. Nima asks for her husband Suresh but the nurse tells her that her family left after the daughter was born. It was weird. Nima says that’s not possible. The nurse says there is no one from your family in the hospital. She leaves. Nima tells her new born daughter that we are not alone. Suresh is getting ready. His friend tells him to hurry up, our bhabhi has to come home. Suresh says you are right, I have done so wrong with my own people, I am disgusted by myself. Nima is waiting in the hospital with her daughter. The nurse tells her that you have to be discharged today, just be ready. Nima waits for Suresh to come and pick her up Suresh is in the auto with his friend. They are going somewhere. They arrive at the mandir. Tulika is waiting there for the marriage. Sunita tells Suresh to get ready for the wedding. He nods and goes to the mandir. Sunita tells Madhuri that Nima is a problem, it’s good that she is not here.

The nurse pressurizes Nima to leave the hospital. Nima says I don’t have a phone. The nurse gives her phone to her. Tulika and Suresh are getting married. He recalls his marriage with Nima and is tensed. Nima calls Sunita but she cuts her call. Suresh and Tulika get married. The nurse tells Nima that she can’t stay in the hospital anymore. Nima starts leaving with her daughter. Nima comes to the house. A neighbor brings her other daughters Sia and Manu. Nima sees her house locked and goes with the neighbor. Nima asks her neighbor if Sunita told her anything? The neighbor says they were wearing good clothes. Don’t know where they went. They hear band playing in the chawl and come out to see Suresh coming there with Tulika as his bride. Nima is shocked. Nima hides from him and cries. Sunita welcomes Tulika in her house and does her aarti. Suresh and Tulika come to their room, it’s decorated. Tulika says I know you are stressed, you can take your time. I really like you that’s why I married you. I love you. Suresh leaves from there. Nima comes to her room. Tulika says do you have any shame? It’s our marriage night so leave. Take all your kids’ clothes from this room, I need this cupboard empty. Nima looks at the decorated bed sadly and leaves the room. Suresh comes out of the washroom and goes in the room. He finds Nima’s clothes and asks Tulika if she was here? He goes behind her.

Suresh comes out of the house and sees Nima sitting with her daughter outside. Suresh says I didn’t know you were coming today. Nima says congrats on your daughter. Suresh says you knew that I had to get married again if we didn’t have son this time. Nima says I am just congratulating you for your new life. Suresh says it’s our life, it will continue. Nima says you didn’t even look at your new baby. Suresh is embarrassed and says I saw her when you were unconscious. Nima says my life is a mess now. Suresh says it’s difficult for me also. You are my love, I will always be yours, please understand me. I didn’t want to do all this, God is with us so it will happy ending. He hugs Nima and says this baby is cute like you. Nima smiles. Suresh kisses her forehead. Tulika is angry seeing them. In the morning, Tulika comes out of her room. Sunita praises her. Nima is working in the kitchen. Suresh ignores Tulika. Sunita asks Nima to bring breakfast. Tulika takes the food from her and brings it to Suresh. He eats it. Tulika eats the food and says it’s not tasty. Suresh says it’s good. Sunita says Tulika can make Nima learn our dishes. Sunita asks Suresh to take Tulika on the honeymoon. Tulika says we can go to Sikkim. Nima looks on. Episode End.

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