Nima Denzongpa 24th September 2021 Written Update


Read Nima Denzongpa 24th September 2021 Written Update: Nima And Suresh Meet Again

Tulika asks that the inspector produce evidence against Varun. Varun’s scooter videos are shown to the inspector. Tulika and Ayi are taken aback. Mania grins. He inquires of Mania, “Is this your scooter?” She agrees. Varun, the inspector informs you that you will be arrested shortly. Varun bursts into tears. Varun is asked by the inspector to bring back the scooter. Varun says that I do not have the key. The inspector instructs you to simply return it in the same condition in which you took it. Varun looks at Tulika and Sunita.

Tulika, Sunita, and Varun are dragging the scooter back to civilization. Sunita describes it as “heavy.” The officer orders them to return quickly. Tulika instructs Varun to beg the inspector not to take you away. Tulika returns the scooter to everyone. Tulika, Sunita, and Varun take their places at the inspector’s feet. Tulika says we were just joking with Nima’s family, who live next door to us. Nima affirms. Look at the scooter, Nari says, they’ve messed it up. Tulika is tasked with cleaning it by the inspector. Tulika, Varun, and Sunita clean up after the scooter. Mania tells Nima that they have earned it. Nima observes. Sunita pleadings with the inspector to let them go. The inspector says madam will decide whether or not to take the case back. Nima asks that Mania put the matter to rest here. Mania says that because this matter has caused us pain, we will leave it alone if they apologize. Tulika says Varun will apologize. Mania hints at the inspector, so he asks that all three of them apologize. Tulika and Sunita begin to cry. Nima says we don’t need forgiveness, so leave it alone. Mania says that I will not forgive them in this manner. Nari says, “I concur.” Nima has informed me that I am leaving. She proceeds from there. Sunita, Tulika, and Varun apologize silently to Mania. Varun expresses regret. We forgive you, according to Mania. Suresh arrives and inquires as to what is going on. Varun embraces him. Suresh, the inspector informs you that your son stole something. He walks away from there. Suresh is greeted by Sunita.

Sia, Mania, and Nari enter the home. They apologize to Nima. Nima asks, “Why do you have to do this drama?” Nima says she wants to avoid them, but you don’t listen. Suresh chastises Tulika for putting on such a show. In this house, I feel as if I have no respect. Tulika says I’ll take care of it. Suresh says you will. You keep telling me to stay away from them, to avoid interacting with them, but then you do all of this and fight with them? Sia apologizes to Nima. Mania says that all we wanted to do was punish them. Nima says, “I want you all to succeed and not look back.” Don’t be filled with venom. The girls hug her and apologize. Nima smiles and embraces them.

Suresh tells Tulika that she should be grateful to them for taking on the case. Tulika advises against siding with the cheap girls. Suresh believes you. Sunita begs him to stop, saying, “You don’t even ask how we’re doing.” Varun says that he does not love me, but rather his daughters. Tulika says you think we’re idiots. Suresh apologizes for even opening my mouth. He walks away. Sunita instructs Tulika to keep his mouth shut. Tulika tells Sunita that she will exact vengeance on them. Nima, I’m not going to spare you.

Sia and Mania return the scooter. Sia says, “Thank God, now my and Mohan’s jobs are safe.” Mania encounters the inspector. She informs Sia that Raman is a struggling actor. Mania says I asked him to pose as an inspector. Raman thinks it’s great that they purchased my acting today. Sia is introduced by Mania. Raman says that I am capable of doing anything for Mania. Suresh walks in and notices them conversing with Raman. Suresh believes I’ve seen him somewhere. I saw him with Balaj sir, a junior artist, so whatever happened in the morning was a drama? He walks away from there.

Maaji has the candies. Nima begins to leave, but Maaji gives her sweets. Nima thanks her and says, “My daughter got a job, so I brought sweets for you as well; I wasn’t sure if you’d accept it.” Suman accepts it and congratulates her on her achievement. But don’t start flying right away, says Maaji. Nima says never again and walks away. Bakay comments on Nima’s candy box, saying it’s lovely. Don’t eat it, says Maaji, because it must be cheap. Bakay reluctantly departs. Maaji consumes Nima’s confections.

Suresh is patiently awaiting Nima’s return. He is enthralled when he sees her approaching. Nima is about to slip away, but Suresh stops her. Nima is taken aback to see him there. Suresh smiles at her and hands her the bag. Nima takes it and begins to walk away. Suresh comes to a halt in front of Nima and says, “I’ve been waiting for you since the evening; I know it’s strange, but can we talk for a minute?”

Suresh brings Nima tea while she waits for her slipper to be repaired. She inquires as to what you wish to discuss. Suresh says that whatever happened in the morning was Varun’s fault, but that insulting him with fake police was also wrong. Nima asks, “What exactly do you mean?” Suresh says the inspector is a novice artist. Nima says I had no idea at all. Suresh says, “I understand how Tulika, Varun, and Ayi are, but you didn’t have to go through all that drama.” Nima says I left before all of this occurred. Suresh points out that it is a parent’s responsibility. Nima nods and asks, “Was Varun also your responsibility?” Suresh averts his gaze. Episode end.

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