Nima Denzongpa 23rd September 2021 Written Update


Read Nima Denzongpa 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Tulika Steals Mania’s Scooter

Tulika, Varun, and Sunita sneak out of the house late at night. They try to remain hidden from everyone. Tulika requests that they remain silent. I’ll keep an eye on Nima’s house while Varun removes their scooter. The boss of the showroom tells his salesman, “How could you let that girl leave with the scooter without taking payment?” He claims I have their identification. The boss has told me that I must have my money or scooter back by tomorrow or I will not spare you. The salesman walks away. Tulika is attempting to steal Mania’s scooter. The salesman infiltrates their society in search of Mania.

Mania, sadly, is seated in a corner. Nari brings Nima the cake that Mania baked for her. She tells Nima that Mania made it with love for him. Mania walks over to the window and opens it. Tulika is standing outside when her finger becomes entangled in the window. Tulika runs away from them. Nima shuts the window. Varun attempts to start the scooter, but it is locked. Tulika suggests that we pick it up and take it away. From there, they take the scooter.

Mania and Nima apologize to each other. Nima expresses gratitude for the cake but declines to accept the scooter. Mania says I’ll return it tomorrow, but don’t be upset if I don’t. Let’s eat the cake, says Nima. Nima tries to cut her cake, but it’s solid as a rock. Nima bursts out laughing. The salesman arrives at their home and requests that she return the scooter to him. We want to return it, according to Mani. The salesman inquires as to the location of the scooter. Mania and the others are taken aback by the scooter’s disappearance. What if someone stole it, asks Nima? The salesman claims that I should not have trusted you both, that I would go to jail now, but that I will bring you both with me. I have your identification and will file a complaint. Mania tells him to calm down, that she will find it tomorrow if he gives her enough time. The salesman says, “OK, but I won’t wait after that,” and he walks away. Nima observes. Tulika and Sunita keep the scooter hidden in a godown. What will happen with it, according to Varun? Tulika suggests that we disguise it as trash so that no one can find it. They strew trash around it to conceal it.

Mania apologizes to Nima and admits that it was all her fault. Sarla claims Nima worked hard for 20 years to make you three independent, but you spent $20,000 like it was nothing. Nima says to leave it alone because we don’t have that much money right now. I’ll figure something out. Sia says I can inquire about my job. No, Nima says, it’s new, so don’t bother them. Mania says I’ll go to the police station to look for it. Nima says she’ll ask her madam for a loan, but she’s a jerk. Sunita notices Nima and Nari leaving the house in the morning. She mocks them with the scooter. Tulika stops her and says, “Don’t bring up the scooter; they can’t believe us.”

Nima arrives at Suman’s home to work as a maid. Suman informs her that a groom’s family will be visiting Babita the following day, and that she should prepare something delectable. What can I create? Babita, according to Nima, is still in school. Suman claims she will no longer need to study once she marries. So, what should we do? Nima claims I wanted to discuss something. Maaji orders Nima to bring her tea. Nima brings Maaji tea. Maaji claims that a driver took my advance payment and fled. I’m not going to pay any servants in advance right now. Nima observes. Maaji says that if anyone has a problem, they can leave the house. Nima observes.

Mania converses with a police officer. Sia inquires as to what transpired. Mania claims that the police will be unable to assist us because the scooter was not registered in our name. We’ll have to go looking for it ourselves. Sia says, “Let’s go find it.” They search for the scooter. Sia receives a call from her boss and says yes. She hangs up the phone and informs Mania that they are requesting my documents in order to finalize the job, and that the salesman has our IDs, so I can’t submit it at the bank. Mania claims that if you lose this job, Ayi will murder me.

Sia and Mania make their way to the showroom. They may be here to return the scooter, according to the boss. The salesman approaches them. Mania claims that we come from a good family and that this is the first time something like this has happened to us. The boss says I’m not a good man and that I should get my money back. Please give us one month’s notice, and could you please give me my ID? You can keep mine until then, according to Mania. The boss says, “I’m not going to give you anything; I’ll send goons or cops to get money from you both.” Get lost right now. Nima arrives and orders a halt. She says it’s a large sum for us, so I’m requesting, nay, begging you. I worked as a maid for 20 years and was unable to save any money. I spent everything on my children’s education; give me some time, and we’ll refund your money. The boss claims I don’t spare anyone, but my mother has given me everything, so I want to believe you. I’m giving you two days to return the scooter or I’ll refund your money. Okay, says Nima. Episode end.

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