Nima Denzongpa 13th September 2021 Written Update


Read Nima Denzongpa 13th September 2021 Written Update: Suresh Promises To Leave Nima

Episode start: Suresh sees Nima entering her house. He says that my Nima lives in front of my house? Sunita and Tulika are coming. Sunita acts like Suresh falls down and rushes to her. Nima works at the house of Suman. For the daughter of Suman, she brings dry fruits. She’s wondering if she could eat it? Nima says yes. Nima says yes. Maaji calls Nima and tells you to give her grandson Paras almonds, but why does she give them to her granddaughter, Babita? Nima says I was just thinking about giving it to her, too. Maaji says our rules are contrary. Paras is our heir, he’s going to take our family forward. She’ll get married to Babita and soon have her own family. How dare you bring in this house these cheap modern thoughts? From tomorrow you’re not going to come to our house, you’re fired. Suman stops Nima and doesn’t say anything changes here. Nima says I’ve been fired already. Suman says that she’s not even going to remember it, every day Baaky gets fired. Just continue to work as you do. Nima nods. Nima nods. Tulika dances. Tulika dances. Sunita comes to her and asks you to prepare yourself because you’re afraid that Nima is back? What if Suresh knows that Nima began to live here, Tulika says? Nima’s at her house and suddenly the lights are gone. She’s calming down her daughters.

Tulika sees the lights gone, and Sunita says I’m going to go and seek Suresh. Suresh’s on the road. He goes to the house of Nima and thinks she’s out. He’s holding her hand and I’m so glad to see you Nima. I just thought about you. I always dream of you. I always dream. Life continues to bring us together. Forgive me once, please. The lights are returning and Suresh is stunned to see that he holds Tulika’s hand rather than Nima’s. She looks at him in her eyes with tears. Nima comes out and sees them out of her room. Tulika leaves from there angrily. Suresh runs behind her. Behind her.

Tulika packs her bag. Suresh says you’re wrong. You’re wrong. Tulika says I’m sure that Suresh has Nima’s house. Suresh doesn’t even want to talk to me, says Nima. Tulika says that when you had three children, I married you, what did I get? I still try to be with you. I try to be with you. I’m not a weak woman, I’m going to take away my son. Suresh says my life is Varun. Then Tulika says prove it, I’m afraid of the woman. Promise me you will forget this woman, that in your life there will be no one except me and Varun. Suresh gets tensa. Suresh gets tense. I’m going to leave the house, Tulika says. Suresh stops her and tells me that there’s no one but you and Varun. Tulika says this is your last chance, I’ll leave with Varun if you make a mistake. It goes to her room. She goes to her room. Sunita asks Suresh to leave Nima, Tulika and Varun are your life. Take a break and take her out tomorrow, make her feel better. You’re going to lose your family like that.

Nima is concerned about her youngest daughter with a high fever in the morning. There comes a neighbour and tells Sarla to go to her town, but I’ll take care of your daughter. Just go to work, I’m going to keep you informed.
Nima left the house. Nima left the house. Tulika comes out and tells Suresh that we’re late. We’re going to go and have a hangout. Nima sheets. Suresh comes to Tulika and says that we’re going to go out a little.

Maaji says to cut Baaky’s nails. Baaky says Suman gives Nima a free hand. I’ve seen her use the house telephone. Maaji calls Nima and tells us that you used our phone? You think this place you own? That’s why I just called to ask her about Nima says my daughter is sick. You might have used your own phone, Baaky says. I don’t have a phone, Nima says. Maaji asks how many minutes have you been using? Nima is saying 1 minute. 1 minute. Maaji says you’ve got to give 2rs. Nima gives her it. Maaji says never again do this. Get lost. Get lost. Suman sees everything and leaves everything. Suresh and Tulika are out to enjoy their date in the city. In every woman, Tulika sees Nima. You’re coming to a park. Suresh says we go home. Suresh says we go home. Tulika says I want a little more to enjoy. Suresh’s telling Nima enough. Tulika glares at him, he glares at him. Episode end.

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