Namak Ishq Ka 17th August 2021 Written Update


Episode starts: Iravati coming to Satya’s room. Iravati tells today she is going to kill Satya then she is going to kill her mother. Iravati and Satya starts fighting and hitting each other. Satya asks Iravati about Yug’s father but Iravati notices her phone and breaks it. Iravati tells now Kahani won’t be ready to hear anything and takes her knife to kill Satya. Satya fights back with Iravati and takes her gun. Iravati tackles her and and the gun fires at Satya accidentally. Iravati leaves bleeding Satya on the ground and calls Raunak to do his task.

The hotel staff decides to take Satya to hospital. Rupa is worried that Satya is alone in hospital maybe the kidnapper will hurt her again. Gunjan comes and taunt Rupa that she is always thinking about strangers. Gunjan tells she won’t get angry and ruin the plan and asks Rupa to share her problem. Rupa calls the doctor and asks if Kahani came to meet him. Doctor tells she didn’t take her appointment.

Saroj is knitting clothes for Yug’s kid. Rupa tells her Satya didn’t take doctors appointment. Rupa tells she feels this is Kahani and not a duplicate. Rupa tells if this is Kahani this kid would be your grandmother. Yug and Gunjan watch Satya lying on the ground. The hotel staff call ambulance and tells it’s difficult for her to survive as she already lost a lot of blood.

Yug tells we’ll soon find your mother and my father. Kahani tells she is tired by keeping so much hope. Doctor calls Yug and tells the report came out. Yug tells Kahani that Satya is her sister. Kahani tells now she won’t let Iravati come between her and her sister. Yug and choose to finish all of Iravati’s lie and win the battle.

Saroj asks Kahani where was she if she didn’t meet the doctor? Grandmother calls her a liar and asks even if she is pregnant? Kahani tells when they think she is a duplicate and this kid is not Yug’s why do they need to know anything about her. Saroj tells Yug to question her where she went and why she lied about meeting the doctor.

Rupa tells she called the doctor and he said Kahani never booked any appointment. Yug asks her why did she lie and where was she? Police comes to the house and tells they’re here for a murder. Police shows the saree that the victim was wearing and everybody is shocked to find that it’s Kahani’s saree. Raunak thinks the hotel staff did their job by changing Satya’s clothes. Police asks Yug if he has doubt on anyone who could have killed her? Yug tells police to arrest Satya as she was missing from house at the time of murder. The episode ends with Iravati thinking now Kahani will be arrested for her own murder. Episode ends.

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