Namak Ishq Ka 13th July 2021 Written Update


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Namak Ishq Ka 13th July 2021 Today Written Full Episode Online, Written Update Namak Issk Ka 13th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serials Written Episode Available On multidesiupdates 

family comes to the mandir. Kahani on the other hand is leaving the house, but iravati is pushing her down the stairs. Kahani whispers for Yug and tries to get up but is unconscious. in the mandir Yug feels like the Kahani is calling to it. He says Rupa asked what happened? Yug says i don’t feel well i think the Kahani is in trouble why hasn’t she come yet? Saroj says she will come, don’t worry. The priest says we have to start pooja. We are waiting for our daughter-in-law Saroj said.

iravati saw the Kahani unconscious on the floor and said that you tried to bring out my truth but i will not forgive you. gunjan came there and saw the head of the Kahani bleeding. She runs to him and asks what happened to him. “i have taught him a lesson not to mess with me,” he said. gunjan says he is bleeding, what if something happens to him? iravati says she will be in pain but she tried to trap me by recording my voice. This recording broke up your marriage. gunjan says he is bleeding a lot. it broke your heart, did you forget? iravati looks at the Kahani and says you shouldn’t have given me a second chance when you know my nature. She laughed and said that no one can save you today, not even your god.

Everyone is waiting for Kahani in the mandir. priest says time is running out. Yug asked Saroj to start pooja. i can wait she says. Yug says no you start pooja. He tries to call the Kahani but she doesn’t get up. Saroj starts pooja and thinks that if Kahani told me a lie about Yug’s father i would never forgive him but i wish she would not lie. The Ravi prayed for Kahani. Saroj is pooja but diya is being dodged. Everyone sees.

iravati looks at the Kahani and says that she tried to bring up my past, she tried to play with me but she is a good person because of which she is in this condition. She tells gunjan that it’s time to end it. You have to decide whether you want to live a luxurious life in this house or cry like your sister Rupa. gunjan is tensed.

Saroj once again light on Diya and prayed for her husband to be reunited. Ravi came to Yug, saying that she was not picking up her phone. she tells her to call again. iravati asked gunjan to take action. gunjan sees Yug telling the Kahani but they pick him up and take him away. iravati and gunjan put the body of the Kahani in the trunk of the car and drive away.

Ravi prayed for Kahani and called iravati. She doesn’t pick up. Rupa prayed for the protection of Kahani. Yug asks what happened? Ravi says she is not picking up either, we have to go home. Yug tells the family that i think Kahani is in trouble, let’s go home. Saroj said yes.

iravati and gunjan are running away. iravati says no one will know what happened to him. gunjan says i am very scared, what did we do? if you had to trap Yug i don’t need to do it don’t cry now says iravati. if the family asks where we are? gunjan says then i will tell them that we went to another mandir by mistake.

iravati and gunjan returned home. “i’m scared,” says gunjan. iravati says wipe your sweat and calm down. She takes him out of the car and says just tell them we went to another mandir, these little things happen so don’t worry, i’ll take care of it. gunjan rang the bell. iravati was surprised to see the Kahani open the door. gunjan gets scared. Kahani tells the family that iravati gunjan has returned, Yug was about to call the police. gunjan said tremblingly, “Why the police?” They come in. Yug asked Where did you go? iravati is upset and says it was my fault, we went to a different mandir. Kahani goes that i know you would say something like that so i already told Yug. Saroj says that you did not do the right thing for iravati. gunjan says i’m sorry .. iravati asks what happened? Saroj says the Kahani hurt and you left him alone at home. How did it hurt? iravati says he didn’t tell you? Kahani goes that i told them i slipped and fell down the stairs. Yug asks iravati if she is telling the truth? i don’t know, i didn’t even know she was injured, iravati said. Ravi told Kahani that if something went wrong, they would speak. Kahani goes that no one would agree if i told this too. i am fine now gunjan says i will go and rest. iravati tells Saroj that it was a heavy day. Saroj told the Kahani that i know you are tired, i wanted to talk to you but if you are tired… Kahani gets dizzy then Yug takes it.

Yug sat down with the Kahani and asked if he was ok. He shook his head. He says i am with you. How did you get hurt Kahani goes that i slipped down the stairs. Rupa brings him milk and Yug drinks it. Rupa says it’s not good that she’s dizzy. Yug says i will call the doctor. Kahani says i’m fine. Yug says i’ll call him. He goes from there. Rupa asked the Kahani, are you all right?” she shook his head. Kahani is that i want to meet iravati.

gunjan is frightened and trembling in his room. iravati comes to him. gunjan says he will find out the truth soon. iravati told him to be quiet. gunjan says she will tell everyone the truth. “no one knows yet,” says iravati. “if you open your mouth, i’ll do what i did with the Kahani.” gunjan says you have the same solution to every problem. i am very scared and you are threatening me. i can’t lie. iravati says then go and try to tell the truth, i will not forgive you. if you try to tell the truth, i will tell Yug that you pushed the Kahani down. gunjan is surprised and says i am your daughter. You know my nature says iravati. i won’t tell anyone, gunjan said. iravati says good.

Yug comes to Rupa and ask where is Kahani? When i was in the kitchen he left his room, says Rupa. Yug called him but Kahani left his phone there. Yug says something is wrong. iravati hides and wonders where she has gone. i have to find it. Yug says i’m worried about it.

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