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If you want to read previous written updates for get in touch and click here

Namak Ishq Ka 12th July 2021 Today Written Full Episode Online, Written Update Namak Issk Ka 12th July 2021 All Indian Tv Serials Written Episode Available On Multidesiupdates 

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Yug comes closer to Kahani and is about to kiss her but Kahani hugs him tightly. Yug kisses Kahani’s hand. She says there are many things that you don’t know, things that will change your life. Yug says things won’t change my life but my Kahani will. Yug is about to kiss her but Rupa comes there and Ronak is here. Yug tells Kahani that don’t be scared, I am coming back. He goes with Rupa.

Dadi saw Ronak beating and asked what happened? Yug comes there. “I’m ashamed,” Saroj says Ronak. apologizes to Rupa and Kahani. Kahani gets there. Ronak apologized to Rupa. Yug goes to Kahani and took his hand. He brought her to Ronak, she is scared. Saroj asked him to apologize. Ravi asked what happened? “Saroj said I’m sorry but I can’t repeat. Ravi says I want to know. Kahani goes that no one needs to know. Saroj asked Ronak to sit at his feet and apologize. Ronak tells the Kahani with regret and I will go to my room. Yug says you are criminal so the law will decide whether you will be punished or not. He called the inspector there. What does Ronak say? My maa asked me to apologize to her and I did this so what is all this? “I told maa to bring you here so that you could be arrested,” says Yug. Ronak says I’m your elder brother, have you forgotten him? Yug says that crime is bigger than any relationship. i want to see you break after what you’ve done with kahani. Ravi asked, “What did he do?” Yug says trust me baba. Yoga told the Inspector to take it Ronak was arrested and taken away. Everyone sees The Kahani is that now everything will be fine, I will find more evidence against Iravati, his lies will be exposed. Gunjan comes to Aravati and says that you promised me but the Yug are still fighting for the kahani. Iravati says you did nothing for yourself. Gunjan starts to leave but Kahani comes there and says that you have chosen this path so it had to end, Gunjan left. kahani tells Aravati that you lost even after winning. In court, the inspector tells Yug that they are taking him to trial. Rupa cries and tells Yug that he is my husband. Yug says he never respected you, I will take care of everything but tell me you are with me. Rupa nodded and hugged him. Bisham comes there and says that I have lodged a complaint against Ronak, nothing will happen to kahani. Bisham asked the ravi, “Where is Kahani and Iravati?” “I burned all the evidence,” Iravati told the Kahani. Kahani says why did you do all this? You could get money from the Ravi. “My dreams are big, we are both dancers but we are different,” says Iravati. You are just a stone that rolling but I am a star that shines all the time. Kahani says you are a fraud. You will soon be caught in your own lies. “I have already won,” she said. Kahani goes that you think you have won by burning these papers but when Yug finds out about your father’s letter, when it finds out that you were a dancer who gave two for your benefit. Families were destroyed. I am giving you all one last chance to tell the truth otherwise I will tell them. She leaves from there.

Police brought Ronak out of court. Yug goes to him and says I’m sorry to hear that you still don’t realize your mistake. Saroj says he keeps making mistakes so now it’s a crime, Maybe it was my upbringing that was not right. Rupa says it was her nature. Yug says it has lost all morality so it is not your upbringing. The police take him away. Saroj tells Yug that I want to meet the Kahani in the temple. Dadi says let’s all go there for prayers. They’re gone. Bisham told the Ravi that Kahani was alone with Aravati. The Ravi says let’s take Kahani there too. He says ok i will call him.

Kahani sees Yug calling her, but Iravati takes her his phone and sits at his feet. she says that you made me realize that my family is important to me, you changed me. Yug keeps calling Kahani, but he does not answer. Ravi calls Gunjan, but she doesn’t pick up too. Kahani forces Iravat to stand up and ask what this drama is. she tells the truth that it is not a drama, I did all this because I longed for respect. Kahani says that I know you are acting. The righteous one cries and says that I took your family, but now you take my family, I was selfish, but you can forgive me. Kahani says I can not forgive you. she tells the truth that I have changed. Kahani says you can never change. she tells the truth that I did all this for my daughter, who is your sister. If Rupa knew my truth, she would be completely broken. Please give me a chance for Rupa. Kahani says that people can cause heartache. I give you the opportunity to tell the family the truth. she tells the truth that I, as a dancer, promise to tell them the truth. Kahani sees Yug calling. she calls and says. Come home: Yug says Maa wants to talk to you. We are going to Mandir. Saroj calls and says that you were talking about something that day. Kahani says I’m coming to Mandir, let’s talk there. she ends the call. Kahani tells Iravati that let us go to Mandir, you can tell them the truth forgiveness from the bholenat. Iravati says Kahani you are a devi. Kahani says I do not want to lose my sisters, but if you do something wrong, you will see my anger. Kahani walks up the stairs and Iravati pushes him. Kahani falls and faints.

Episode ends.

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