The Episode starts offevolved with Sir ji going to see Roshni. Roshni asks whom were you speaking to. Muskaan says no one, take your phone. Sir ji looks at them. Dev praises Muskaan’s dance. He says I m wondering to name her in my marriage for dance, she gained my heart, I clicked her pic, see it. Ronak says I don’t prefer to see. Dev says I m sure you will be bowled over through her beauty. Sir ji scolds Roshni and Muskaan. Hanumant laughs and says exhibit me the pic, what a pic. He laughs seeing a man. Dev says this man got here in between at incorrect time. Ronak says you go to bar and see dance, I m now not interested, congrats for marriage. He goes. Dev says what happened, is he in shock, he is behaving like I m telling about his GF. Hanumant says enough, did you call Ronak to insult. He goes. Dev says what happened to Ronak.

Sir ji asks whom have been you speakme to, inform me. Muskaan says I was speaking to my student’s mum. Roshni receives scared and hides in the back of her. Sir ji calms down and says I used to be involved for you, why are you scared, you are fearless, its exceptional now, come with me. Roshni nods. Muskaan says tell me, how did you get scared, you always scare people. Roshni says I m not afraid of anyone. Muskaan says you must keep me from his scolding. Roshni says sure, however no, I will have enjoyable seeing this. Muskaan thinks Sir ji can idiot Roshni, she loves me. Mami asks Nisha to wear any saree and get ready. Nisha says I can’t meet Muskaan.

Mami says simply go to the backyard and do as I say, else you have to cry all life. Nisha asks what if the layout fails then… I will lose Ronak and Khushi. Nisha says simply make Khushi geared up and take her, I will get Ronak there. Roshni is lost. Muskaan asks what happened. Roshni asks about her mum. Muskaan says she used to be absolutely good, she used to be the great mumma. Roshni asks do properly mums die. Muskaan says no, their love is constantly alive, mums can do some thing for their children. She says tell Babu ji that I m going to meet student’s mum, you won’t lie. She goes.

Roshni says she is innocent, Babu ji will ask why is she assembly any one outside, I have to tell him. Rani says Ronak is coming, start the drama. Mami says what, Khushi wants to play with Ronak in the garden, what can be finished now. Ronak hears her. He asks what’s the matter. Mami says Khushi is insisting to call you to the garden. Ronak says if she said, then she has to play. She says I will also come with you. He says fine. She asks Rani to stay at domestic and work on plan B. Rani desires her all the best. Nisha says it would be proper if Ronak comes there. Khushi says yes.

Nisha says I will call Ronak. She calls Ronak. Khushi says its me, please come to the garden, I desire to play with you. Ronak says I m coming, simply be counted till one hundred Khushi says ok see you. Nisha asks are you completely happy now. Khushi says very happy. She counts down. Nisha thinks Muskaan would be accomplishing here. The taxi breaks down. Nisha prays. Driver assessments the taxi. Muskaan asks what happened. She thinks garden isn’t far, I will go through walk. She pays the driver and goes. Roshni argues with the guard. He says Mira didn’t come to school, I can’t let you in. She says don’t die, get away from my way. He allows her. She looks for Muskaan. She goes to the principal and asks for Mira. Principal says she will be coming, how did you come here alone. Roshni says she had some work, she said she will come here. Principal says don’t worry, she will come. Roshni thinks why didn’t she come. Ronak and Mami come to the garden. Khushi hugs him. He says I m superfast and got here fast. He takes her to play. Mami asks didn’t Muskaan come.

Nisha says no, I will ask her now not to come. Mami says no need to name her, its appropriate that Ronak came here, you be with Ronak and pamper Khushi, I will alert you when Muskaan comes. Ronak and Khushi play. Nisha says Khushi is joyful today. Ronak says yes, we need to get her out often, she is happy, thanks for the idea. Nisha says who else will think about my family. Mami sees Muskaan coming. She goes to alert Nisha. She says Muskaan has come. Nisha sees Muskaan. Mami says now have courage, else Muskaan will hug Ronak, go and stand with Ronak. Mami says I will click your pic with your parents, supply a suitable pose. Ronak, Nisha and Khushi pose. Ronak thinks why do I experience restless like anyone pricey is around.


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