Molkki 9th August 2021 Written Update


Veer tells purvi she has spoiled his life. She tells him that she has saved it instead. Forgive me but it is true that priyu does no longer love you. She was only playing a game with you. He screams against it. Sudha covers her ears. Purvi insists that priyu does now not love him.  She was playing a game with you You are wrong because of what happened. I had a proof, a cellphone wherein the whole thing became recorded however priyu snatched it from me and completed the entirety. I wanted to show it to you and mukhi ji however priyu ruined everything. She does not love you. It’s far sudha who loves you. Virender tells her to stop her nonsense. Your reality is with out a proof and good judgment similar to your blame on priyu. I had told you beforehand to do anything this time however you did now not pay attention to me both of the times. You acquire nandini married to my enemy’s son and now you have ruined my son’s existence. I will by no means forgive you for what you probably did nowadays! Recall it. Purvi tries to mention some thing but virender tells her to be quiet.

Veer refuses to just accept sudha as his wife. He publicizes it in front of anyone. Sudha is not my wife. I don’t accept this marriage. He walks out of there. Sudha and purvi cry. Juhi and manas move after virender. Prakashi asks purvi if she is satisfied now. You replaced your sister with your friend. You spoiled veer’s life. We used to stay thankfully earlier than you got here to this house but you continually do what you observed is right. You dint reflect onconsideration on veer even as soon as. You are not a molkki but a curse. You’re a curse on this haveli and each person! Anjali seconds her. This lady dint stand by using her sister. Veer, nandini are nevertheless not anything to her. She does not care what took place to them. She best wants to rule. Priyu might have turn out to be mukhiyayin in destiny if she had married veer. She couldn’t see her personal sister come to be mukhiyayin after her so she made her pal marry veer very smartly. Sudha is below her manipulate already. She will be able to do something purvi will say! She shouts at sudha and asks her to stand. Sudha obliges. Anjali says purvi desires to rule on everyone. She want every person to dance to her tunes so she trapped nandini and veer. She confirmed them that ma and that i are very bad. That’s how she has fooled the children!

Nandini tells purvi she can’t trust she did this to them. You showed us how low a step-mom can slump. I had began to recollect you my ma however you are certainly a molkki. I experience so ashamed to don’t forget you my pal. You aren’t really worth being my enemy.

Veer runs to priyu’s room. She continues to be unconscious. He breaks open the door and tries to wake her up. He sprinkles water on her to wake her up. She realizes that her rings is lacking. What are you doing right here? He cries. The entirety is ruined. Purvi ji has spoiled our lives. She asks him what di has achieved. He tells her the entirety (in mute). She is bowled over. I have been cheated! She throws things angrily and cries. Why did my personal sister do that? I cannot live with out you! Do some thing or i can die! He hugs her however she pushes him away and runs downstairs to confront veer. Priyu asks purvi if she is glad now. You snatched my love, my own family and the entirety from me! You trapped me together with your sweet words and cheated me! Purvi tells her to calm down but priyu refuses to hear her out. You don’t want me to be satisfied. You’re jealous. You can not see me getting the same happiness as you! You don’t want me to get a domestic, a family. It is due to the fact you’re jealous of me. You always need to peer me as sad and terrible, right? I am going to depart this haveli now. You’ve got in any case snatched veer from me. What’s going to i do right here now? I dint expect it from you. I wont live here in your favors. Have fun! I’m leaving your haveli. You have to be glad now as you acquire rid of me! Priyu heads upstairs followed by means of veer and nandini. Sudha breaks down.

Virender seems at purvi pointedly as she comes to the room. Purvi says i realize you are disenchanted with me however please concentrate to me as soon as. He refuses point clean. I don’t recognise what i can do if i lose my cool! Depart. She insists that she did it interested by veer’s sake. Virender says you snatched his happiness instead. What has he executed to you which you did this to him? She denies. He is like my son and i’m able to by no means even think unwell for him. Virender says you have got executed it already. You wouldn’t have snatched his love from him if you had completed your obligation as a mom! You wouldn’t have finished any of this. Assume if sakshi might have completed this? No! She might have finished what veer had wanted. That’s what a real mom does. You are a stepmother although. You showed what a stepmother is capable of. You’ve got ruined his life. Pass now! I don’t need to see your face. She leaves the room in shock. Virender closes the door on her face.

Virender’s words echo in purvi’s head. She cries. Purvi overhears aarav speakme to chaudhary. He tells chaudhary how purvi has swapped brides in the mandap today. Now nobody will accept as true with her when she will say that she noticed us together the alternative day. Anybody is against her. Molkki saved virender this time but he wont be capable of get away next time. I known as you to share this simplest. Purvi is taken aback. Aarav leaves. Purvi realizes that she changed into right. Aarav is on chaudhary’s facet. They may be on this collectively. Aarav cheated nandini too. She will be able to destroy when she will be able to find out the reality. I need to disclose him in front of absolutely everyone asap even though.

Next morning, sudha continues to be crying. Purvi tells her to manipulate herself. Sudha says it doesn’t matter to all of us. I will stay like this most effective. Veer enters just then. He asks purvi to leave. I don’t want to see your face. She tells him to trust her that sudha loves him very a lot. She will be able to take correct care of you. Consider me priyu will never do that. She has cheated you. She only cherished your call and standing. Accept as true with me. Veer says it’s far you who has cheated me, no longer priyu. Sudha would possibly love me however i don’t love her. She is just my buddy. We’re just friends. We may not be able to be friends again. I hate her. Sudha begs him to forgive her. I recognize i did a incorrect thing however i had no different choice to save you from priyu. It is okay in case you assume i’m incorrect. I wont bother you anymore. I can move from here for all the time. Purvi tells her in opposition to it but sudha remains positioned. What’s the factor of staying her whilst veer isn’t ready to simply accept me as his spouse? I most effective need to peer him happy. She begs for forgiveness but veer leaves. Sudha starts packing her things. Purvi tries to forestall her but sudha maintains heading in the direction of the door. Virender tells sudha to stop. You are the dil of this house. You can not leave like this. You are married to my son. Our recognize is connected to you currently. I cannot do injustice to every body because the mukhi of the residence. You may stay right here only now. Take your luggage again for your room. It’s far on veer whether or not he’s going to take delivery of you as his spouse or now not however he have to accept it that you are the dil of this residence. That is my selection. He leaves.

Purvi tells virender she has found out which family member told chaudhary on you. Nandini comes downstairs. Virender asks purvi who it’s miles. Purvi says it’s miles aarav. She tells him the whole thing that she noticed in advance and overheard the previous day. They are going to assault you again. Nandini says you are foxy as well as a cheater. You ruined my brother’s life and now you’re after me! How dare you blame my aarav falsely? What’s your problem, molkki? Why are you ruining our residence? She tells virender to tell her molkki now not to utter nonsense towards her aarav. I wont spare her in any other case. Purvi tells her to believe her. Aarav has been cheating you when you consider that beginning. This marriage changed into their plan too.

Prakashi calls purvi a liar. You are mendacity and doing drama, not them. I’m wondering while we are able to be at peace. You doubted priyu until yesterday so that you made sudha take her location within the mandap. Now you believe you studied aarav is along with his father and cheating us? Why are you doing dramas each time? Anjali seconds her. We are so fortunate that aarav loves nandini a lot. He left the entirety and is staying at his father’s enemy’s house. What are you pronouncing? Purvi says trust me. I overheard aarav speakme to his father closing night time. Virender does not trust her both. Get yourself handled. You assert pretty much anything. Every person leaves. Purvi decides to discover proof towards aarav to prove herself. I promise you mukhi ji. I’m able to discover it and display you.

Update Credit to: Nimra

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