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Read Molkki 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Daksh And Dhwani To Marry In Rewari

Episode Start: Why delay a good thing, Virender says. Dhwani ji’s a lovely girl, moreover. You’re fortunate enough to have her. Smiles from Daksh. Virender is emotional and thinks with Purvi about the past moments. Purvi looks carefully at him but looks away in the direction of her. In the mind of Virender, past memories keep flashing. Daksh takes his leave. He takes his leave. Purvi’s Virender looks back. Before the accident, he thought how rude it was for her. Blades of Purvi. In 10 days, Virender will remind Bawri of its past. Otherwise, I’m going to lose her. In 10 days I’m going to have her memories to bring back at any cost!

The wedding is busy with Purvi, Nani and Chandni shopping. It’s bad to see Juhi and Manas. Waves of Purvi, but they are running away. Purvi wondered why she wasn’t happy after she had accepted Daksh’s marriage proposal.

Children come and hug Virender. In 10 days, Manas says Haathi is going to get married. Juhi asks him what if Haathi is married to him. They are comforted by Virender. This is what I think. This is what I think. Bawri has always been and is going to be mine. To stop it, I have to do everything.

Once again, Virender meets the doc. Everyone has tried their best, but Dhwani has nothing to remember. Doc reminds him her case is very uncommon. Virender says if she doesn’t remember anything, it’s going to be a problem. Can we remember her past without hurting her? There is one way? Doc nodes. Doc nods. However, nobody knows her past life. We can take her to the place that she used to live in before if we find someone who knew her. She can revive her memories by going back to that environment and living with the same group. If you find anything, you can do it. Nobody should force her into remembering anything, remember that she should not be under any stress. She could otherwise have brain bleeding and lose her life. Be very careful. Be very careful.

To attend a call, Nani goes aside. With Purvi sit Juhi and Manas. Manas wonders why he hid her earring. Purvi notices Manas asking. I don’t want to wear Haathi, Manas says. Manas says. He asks Purvi why. Why? I’m not going to look good? Manas neglected. I don’t want Didi and my uncle to marry you. I will not give you it. I will not give it. She’s chasing him at the table. Virender is making mistaken steps on her pallu. When she tries to chase Manas again, Purvi slips into his arms. Children cutely smile. Purvi and Virender share a lock of eyes. A few moments later, she walks away. The reason for his visit is Daksh asks Virender. I had an urgent job with you, Virender tells us. Daksh is asking for a seat from him. What is that? What is it? Virender says the work will begin soon in your mill in Rewari. In the first 15 days you should fouc the work, so that things can be sailed easily. Nani’s getting dissatisfied. Daksh knows that he has completely skipped that point. The project and wedding I couldn’t ignore. I can’t handle them together, I don’t know. Virender is proposing an idea. In Rewari, why don’t you marry? In any of the things there will be no obstruction. I’m Rewari’s Mukhiya so I can arrange for you. In my haveli, you can marry royally. A better solution I can’t think of than that. He looks at Nani. He looks at Nani. Daksh wants the idea, but Nani interferes with it. In Delhi, and not some village, you should marry. It’s the marriage of Daksh Shekhawat. It’s not a birthday party for children that can be arranged like this. Why would you like Mukhi ji to be burdened? Virender assures her of the beauty of her haveli than any 5-star Delhi hotel. My friend is Daksh now, too. So why should a problem exist? His wedding from my haveli I’ll be thrilled to arrange. I don’t want to hear. I don’t want to hear. For me, you did so much. Now give me an opportunity. Nani is looking away. Nani looks away. Daksh claims that people are looking for their wedding heritage destinations. Why are we not giving this a shot? Purvi agreed. Purvi agreed. Virender says today I’m going to go with children to Rewari. Tomorrow you can begin. Until then, I’ll arrange preps. Daksh nods. – Daksh nods. Tomorrow we are going to meet you in Rewari.

The haveli have peace with Prakashi and Anjali. Both want Virender and the children to never go back. Then they enter Prakashi and Anjali shockingly. Prakashi claims he’s happy to see them. You might have told us to make you a delicious meal. Virender also asks Sudha and Veer to call their servant. Curious to know what it means, Prakashi says Virender is waiting for them. And there’s Sudha and Veer. Purvi isn’t dead, Virender shares. It’s all taken aback. Prakashi asks how it can be for Virender. You and Veer have seen your dead body. It’s not Purvi’s dead body, Virender says. Bawri is the one we’ve met. The dead person, Prakashi asks him. I don’t know who he was, Virender says. I don’t know whether Bawri was wearing or stole her clothes. Bawri’s alive, I only know. Do not be shocked. Do not be shocked. Tomorrow, she’s coming. Make preparations. After you see for yourself, you can believe her. Sudha’s excited. She asks the children if they have also seen her. Manas nods. Manas nods. We’ve even been playing with her. Juhi shares they also went with her for a picnic. There’s been plenty of fun. Sudha is asking you why you dint to bring her along. Virender starts explaining.

Nani again asks Daksh why he was falling on the idea of Mukhi. Anywhere in the world, I could arrange your goal wedding. Why Rewari? Why Rewari? Daksh says that these days people will come to the Indian villages to marry. Local is the world’s new. The Mukhiya of the city is Virender Ji. We will have no problem, I don’t believe. We should thank him. We should be thankful. It is time for the factory to open, we cannot disregard. A loss of crors is going to occur. Would you like to happen? I could either bear the loss or delay the marriage. Nani insists that only 10 days before the wedding takes place. She’s going to Rewari. He’s calling her candy. Nani thinks it’s the plan of Mukhi to marry Dhwani. In 10 days, he wants her to remember all of it. What’s he going to do in 10 days when in 6 months she couldn’t remember anything? In 10 days, I’m going to get rid of him.

Everyone is told by Virender not to name Purvi. For the first time, she ought to feel as though she met us. We ought to be each other strangers. Nobody’s going to try to remember her the past. Externally there are no pictures or past memories. It could otherwise cause brain bleeding and kill her. I’m not going to let anybody do that. I hope you’ve all realised. He sees the faces of everybody. Sudha nodes. Sudha nods. In thoughts, Prakashi. Episode End.

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