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Virender told Sakshi to leave before the children get up before tomorrow morning. I don’t want a cheating wife like you and even my children don’t need a mother like you!

Virender gave Sakshi a plane ticket. Go now I don’t even want to meet you anymore. Sakshi says that you are taking me away from your life because of this Molkki. Did you forget that you can’t live a second without me? You loved me so much You don’t remember, he says I remember everything. You forgot that you are not a witness that I loved so much, without which I could not live. You are not a sinner like you who keep calling and accusing Molkki. He doesn’t have a bad feeling with anyone. I think my witness really died in the same accident 5 years ago. You are not my witness. Take these tickets and go. Never show me your face again You are not a witness that I once loved! The whole thing is in tears. Sakshi sees tears in her eyes and joins hands. Excuse me, Sakshi came out of the room if possible. Virender is also in tears. Purvi hugs him and cries.

Sakshi looks home depressed and thinks of all the last moments with Virender and their children. Goodbye! I’m leaving forever! She walks out of the house.

The next morning, Prakashi asks Virender why he is sitting here like this. Is everything alright She looks at Purvi and is amazed. She is here. She asks Purvi how she came back. Virender says she left but I thought he would throw the right person out of his house so I brought her home. Prakashi asks about Sakshi. Virender says she is gone. She will never return. It’s time to dump her and move on. Prakashi asked him to speak clearly. Who is going now Virender asked Bawri to open the door. Anjali asked Prakashi that Virender asked Molkki to open the door. That means it’s time to leave. Jethji will now throw him out of the house! Purvi opened the door. Virender asks Purvi if the bags are full. She looks at the servants and shakes her head. Anjali and Prakashi took notice of their bags and panic. Prakashi asked Virender . It was Purvi’s turn to leave. Why are our bags packed? He replies that he has lost his mind. The mother I thought was mine stabbed me in the back. She commits innocence but he tells her that he has such a relationship. You pretended to be good on my face but you did everything to ruin me! He does not agree with that. The same flashback is shown again.

Virender says that Sakshi was alive and you held him captive for 5 years. You used it as your charm when I was approaching Bawri. You tried to snatch what belongs to my children! Which mother does this? You are the enemy, not the mother! He turned to Anjali. You are not a woman but an insecticide. You hollowed out the whole relationship. You only know how to deceive people and lie. I know everything you all planned. I know all the details. Sakshi has already been convicted. I have already evicted him. Anjali once again shed fake tears and apologized but she refused to fall back from her crocodile tears. You’ve already played a lot of games. I will not forgive you now. You both have no place in this house or in my heart. Leave! Porvi apologizes to Virender for the last time. Where will they go? Virender refused to ring. They don’t think about me or any of us. Then why should I think about them? He tells Prakashi and Anjali to be ashamed of themselves. You wanted to throw her out of the house but she is still begging for you. As a Mukhi, I declare that both of you will be punished. The law is above all relationships. I announce that you both immediately! Will leave the mansion! You can stay in this village if you want. I can pay your expenses but you are neither my mother nor I am your son after today. We are dead to each other. Our relationship is over! You are older than me so I speak with respect. Leave yourself alone and don’t show me your face again! Prakashi tells Virender to remember today’s date. Record it if you like, but I’ll be right back! I will not forgive you, I will make sure you die a painful death. I will destroy all those you love. Remember this well. I won’t forgive you. She stepped back after Anjali. Virender tells the servants to take their belongings out. Purvi took Virender’s hand and placed his head on his shoulder.

The children ask Virender about Sakshi, Anjali and Prakashi. Johi says they may have gone to the temple. Virender says that Daddy may have reminded you that very few people are going on pilgrimage. The three of them left together. Mans asked him when he would return. Virender says that he will come soon. Have breakfast now Purvi asks Virender why he lied to them. Virender says he is very young. This is not the right time for them to know. Purvi reminds him that Sakshi is his mother. Virender assured him that he would soon forget them. Mans has never missed his mother in the last five years. Purvi nodded. How will you hide things when Ma and Bhabhi will approach court? Virender says it will never happen. No one will reach court. She asks him what he has done.

In the flashback, Virender and Sakshi search the property’s property room. Virender finally finds the file and tears the papers. He called his lawyer the next day. We are coming to you right now for some important work. He asked Sakshi to sign some papers. Anjali and Ma have no right to the property later. Sakshi signed the papers. Flashback ends.

Virender says that he has got a new will and he too has been given the sign of Sakshi. Purvi asks him who is entitled to receive everything. Is it in your name now? Virender refused. I want everything to go to my children. I never wanted anything for myself. I was doing everything for my family. I had named everything after Sakshi when I got married
. That’s why Ma and Anjali kept him alive for 5 years. “I’m glad you named everything after the children,” Purvi said. Virender says that he will be happy when Maza and Anjali find out the truth. They will be amazed.

Prakashi and Anjali are walking with their bags. Prakashi vowed to meet the lawyer and take revenge on Virender. He heard the villagers asking why Virender had evicted Prakashi and Anjali. They have a Virender aspect. Prakashi is a stepmother. He must have done something wrong. Bees are never cruel. I will not forgive him in the light of smoke. I will make sure that he will bear the pain and pay for the fact that he has insulted me today!

The next morning, Purvi brought tea for Virender. He keeps moving to the other side in his sleep. She sat down next to him and dipped her finger in the hot tea. He gets up screaming. Is this a way to wake someone up? She gives the example of her Tao Ji. Did you mind He tells her to call him Tao to save her now. He pulls her closer. They are closing their eyes. He puts the tension of his hair aside and looks into her eyes. She rests her head on his shoulder. She tells him that they have passed away recently. Thanks Kanha ji, everything is fine now. Can we worship peace before starting a new life? Virender likes the idea. It is true. We have come a long way in the last few days. Everything is fine now, so let’s keep this pooja.

Prakashi asks the lawyer how these papers are not good. Sakshi signed them in front of me. How can they lose their value? Did you shake hands with Virender? He shows it with a new will. Sakshi ji had already changed his mind before leaving. You two will no longer receive anything from his property. Anjali asks him who is the heir of that time. The lawyer tells them (in a dumb way).

Precap: Prakashi calls someone and says it’s time to come back to the village. She then tells Anjali that Virender likes to play with risk, right? There will be a storm in his life that will destroy him now. Virender and Purvi were worshiping when two teenagers, a boy and a girl, came there asking the Pandit to stop.

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