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Read Molkki 24th September 2021 Written Update: Purvi Hits Daksh

Nani tells them they can do whatever they want as long as Purvi becomes Daksh’s. She walks away. Prakashi instructs Anjali to take action. Anjali films Virender feeding soup to Purvi and even wiping it off her face when it spills. Purvi informs Virender that she has had enough. He asks her to drink a little more, but she declines. Please excuse yourself. Before that, he asks her to say thank you. She inquires as to why. He says that whenever I became ill, you fed me bitter medicines. This is completely normal. She invites him to accompany her. I, too, need to use the restroom. He is standing near the front door. She struggles to get up. She is still experiencing dizziness. Virender approaches her and she falls into his arms. Anjali is documenting everything. Purvi and Virender have locked gazes. Bawri can be heard in the background. Purvi averts her gaze. Manas and Juhi are having a good time. Purvi takes a step back but trips again. Virender manages to catch her just in time. She recalls how he held her when she couldn’t remember anything. Virender asks her if she noticed how she can only walk two steps without him. How will you manage living alone if you become ill? You must also look after the children. She locks her gaze on him. He warns her not to do so. Maintain your hand on my shoulder. I’ll take you to the restroom. She relents. As he assists Purvi in walking, Virender informs her that she has gained weight. She makes a funny face. He invites her to join him.

Anjali tells Prakashi that this recording will take care of the rest of the work. They both laugh. Nani inquires of Chandni about her current state of happiness. You destroyed your brother’s marriage. Are you happy now? If you hadn’t called Virender, Daksh and Purvi would have married by now. Chandni informs her that she is the one who has been cheating in this place. Whatever I did was the right thing to do. Daksh’s happiness cannot be guaranteed by Mukhi ji’s wife. It is illegal to force a married woman to marry without first obtaining a divorce. You should be grateful to me. You would have been imprisoned otherwise. Purvi had only recently lost her memory. Her wedding was not yet over. I agree with her decision. Stop lying, cheating, and conspiring. Allow Purvi and Mukhi ji to live their lives in peace.

Daksh recalls Virender feeding soup to Purvi earlier. When Prakashi and Anjali walk in, he pours himself a drink. Prakashi pretends to feel sorry for him. That girl is not deserving of any of it. We brought evidence for you to believe us. Anjali informs him about the video she has made. That girl said she wouldn’t marry you or go with Jeth ji, but she’s in Jeth ji’s arms. Daksh is skeptical, but they show him the video. Anjali is putting something in his drink. He’s sobbing. Prakashi says that this occurred only a short time ago. She is a brazen young lady. She stated that she will not spend the rest of her life with you or Virender. She was determined to look good in front of everyone. See how Virender does everything for her and how much she enjoys it. She doesn’t appear to be dissatisfied with anything. After all, she isn’t your average teen. Molkki is her name. Molkki’s are skilled at luring and exploiting people. She was close by when she needed you. She became your friend and agreed to marry you until Virender appeared. Molkki’s are like that. Daksh takes a sip of his drink. Prakashi says that Molkki’s do not belong to a single person. They continue to select people based on their preferences. Anjali informs Daksh that they have been truthful with him. Molkki’s can be kept in check with force. They walk away.

Purvi, according to Virender, may be unable to sleep properly with the children. He decides to go and check on her. Purvi is having trouble sleeping. She is taken aback to see Virender there. What brings you here? He informs her that he has arrived to pick up the children. She will not let them go anywhere. He says, “I’m taking them to my room so you can sleep soundly.” I’ll return them in the morning. Kids congratulate Virender and kiss her good night. We’ll see you in the morning. They choose Virender. Purvi turns off the lights and lies down once more.

Daksh continues to watch the video. He continues to drink while remembering his time with Purvi. Prakashi and Anjali keep an eye on him through the window. Anjali says, “It appears that our work is complete.” After watching the video, he lost his mind, and after drinking alcohol, he lost his senses. Prakashi expresses his hope that this occurs in the future. In this state, he should go to Molkki’s room and molest her so she will leave our lives once and for all! Daksh murmurs that he can’t let her go (Dhwani). Daksh never loses in business, and I’m not going to lose in love either. Dhwani, you’ll be mine today! Prakashi mentally entices him to visit Purvi’s room. Daksh departs. Prakashi grins.

Purvi believes that Virender abducted the children for no reason. I would have slept better if they were here. She sits up and decides to bring them back. Daksh walks in just then. She approaches the individual and inquires as to who it is. Mukhi ji, what’s your name? Daksh is irritated when he hears Virender’s name. Purvi inquires as to why he is here. Are you inebriated? Please excuse yourself. He denies it. I came here today to get a better look. He’s got her by the shoulders. She inquires as to what he is up to. Daksh says you attempted to reject me, but you should know that Daksh Shekhawat never loses. She tries to argue, but he tells her she is his tonight. Today, no one, not even you, can separate us. She begs him to let her go. You’re not in your right mind. He clutches her close. You’re not in your right mind. You’ve developed a crush on Mukhi. What were you thinking when you did this to me? She begs him to let her go. He questions why she would do this to him when she knows how much he adores her. She tells him to take her hand off her. Don’t say anything stupid. He moves closer to her. She screams for assistance. He closes her mouth. You’re dismissing me now that Mukhi has returned to your life. When you said you didn’t want to be with either of us, why were you in Mukhi’s arms? Anjali and Prakashi stand outside, watching the drama unfold. Purvi is asked to respond by Daksh. What exactly were you doing with him? She screams that he is going too far. Please excuse yourself. He is adamant that he saw her in his arms. Is it because you’re his servant? He bought you and named you Molkki? She slaps him across the face. How dare you say such a thing? Please let go of my hand. It’s excruciating. He tells her that the slap will not conceal the truth. She reminds him that she is Purvi, not Dhwani. He says, “Whoever you are, you are very selfish.” What were you thinking when you did this to me? You’ve only seen my tenderness and love up to this point. You will witness my retaliation right now. Nobody can stop us from spending tonight together. She sobs. Please let go of my hand. It’s excruciating. He tells her that no one will be able to stop him today. Tonight you will be mine.

Prakashi instructs Anjali to contact Virender. He should be able to see it with his own eyes. I’m curious to see how his face will turn pale or red in anger. Veer informs Priyu Purvi that she cannot leave both Virender and Daksh. It’s not possible. Priyu says she has ruined my life. Today, I did the same thing to her. Today is a very happy day for me. I would have preferred if she had died or suffered a brain hemorrhage. That’s why I showed Mukhi ji that video. Purvi, on the other hand, regained her memory. She will be upset because I have cursed her numerous times and will continue to do so! She chose to leave Virender and Daksh solely for that reason. Veer is of the opinion that it is not. I don’t believe it. I won’t believe it until I see her leave me alone with them. Priyu says she called you because she is leaving tomorrow. Let’s spend the night here. He concurs.

As she approaches Virender’s room, Anjali screams Jeth ji. The guard tries to stop her, but she refuses. Anjali comes to the door and knocks. Virender exits the room and inquires as to what transpired. Purvi, according to Anjali, is in danger. I noticed Daksh walking to her room. He was a little tipsy. I’m concerned that he’ll make a mistake. I’m terrified. Please help her. Virender instructs the guards to remain with the children and departs with Anjali. Anjali pauses for a moment to dial Prakashi’s number. I’ll be there with Jeth ji. Prepare yourself.

Purvi shoves Daksh and pleads with him to stop. Have you gone insane? Please consider our friendship and depart. He refuses to go anywhere. You are the one who has taken advantage of me. Just take a look at me. Have you ever seen me like this before? Because of you, I’ve become this. You’ve ignored my heart, my emotions! I never asked that you marry me. You were the one who gave your approval. Did I ever make you do something you didn’t want to do? On the day of our wedding, you regained your memory. Do you not think it’s a joke? What were you doing in his arms after you said you didn’t want to be with either of us? I believe you were deceiving me. You desired to spend time with Mukhi. You took advantage of me! She takes up a vase and motions for him to take a step back. He tells her he will have her at any cost. As he takes another step towards her, she hits him on the head with a vase. Daksh begins to bleed. Episode end.

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