Molkki 20th September 2021 Written Update


Read Molkki 20th September 2021 Written Update: Daksh Shocks Virender

Virender saying you know me, you tell me, what kind of friend am I. Daksh says you are a dear friend, you won’t cheat me. Virender smiles. Daksh says that I feel that your eyes are getting ready to stab me. Virender says he doesn’t know why you feel that way. Daksh laughs and says that you’re an excellent man. Purvi remembers Virender and shouts. She thinks why I should have seen Daksh when I close my eyes. Nani comes and asks why you’re so worried about what happened. Daksh says that I get married to my Dhwani, such a lovely girl is mine, none of them can stop, what are you going to do. Virender says tomorrow we’re going to think about it. Daksh says it’s a great coincidence. I got a complaint with you that your Purvi and my Dhwani look the same. The virus asks what. What. Daksh drinks and says you knew Purvi and Dhwani look the same when you first saw my Dhwani, why didn’t you tell me that, there’s any thief within your heart, there’sn’t a single Purvi pic, you don’t love her or you don’t miss her. Virender says I love my Purvi, I don’t have to prove it, love is from the heart, but I haven’t forgotten that I miss her out of pics from the wall. He thinks what happened to Daksh, never talked to me that way, now I shouldn’t stay. I make a mistake by wedding Daksh, Purvi asks, do I love him, or someone waiting, I’m confused. Nani tells every girl that fear happens before marriage, if someone had to come he’d come by now. Daksh’s best for you, you’re so fortunate to remove confusions from your mind. Virender says that I’m going to go now. Daksh says no, I enjoy it, you feel bad about my words, why are you going? Virender says that I only drink two pegs, you enjoy the party, good night. He leaves. He leaves. Daksh thinks he’s going to sleep well, tomorrow your sleep will be ruined. Virender sees the bags this morning. He asks who are these bags. We’re going to go back to Delhi, Nani says his own. The virus gets shocked.

Daksh is coming. Virender asks how did you plan to go to Delhi, here was your marriage. Daksh says our family is from London, they can’t come to Delhi now, so we chose to keep the marriage there. Virender tells them that they’re going to get the best service than the 5-star hotel. Daksh says I don’t believe they’re going to be comfortable here, you’ve surprised us a lot, we are going to maintain a marriage in Delhi. Purvi is coming. Daksh says there are many preparations I’d invited you to the marriage, but I know that you’d be busy in the village and panchayat, right, that I don’t want to confuse your schedules. Nani tells them to come and bless them. Subcontracting sees Purvi. He thinks how you agreed to leave me. Purvi remembered that Daksh had come to meet her.

Daksh says I’ll give you a news, we’re going to Delhi, there’ll be our marriage. She’s asking why all of a sudden. Daksh says in my cousins that I’m the eldest, they’re very excited about my marriage, they’re here, and I can’t just call them and deception. She asks what Virender is going to think if we leave suddenly. He asks why you are bothered about him, his marriage, I have my family to handle. She’s going to talk to Purvi, and Nani comes and asks him to go. He goes. He goes. Nani asks you don’t know why this decision was made, everybody can see between you and Virender, even Daksh can see. Purvi says no. Purvi says no. Nani says that he’s always around you. He doesn’t remember his age, you don’t think of us, how could Daksh see this, won’t get angry? Purvi says no. Purvi says no. Nani says this is a final decision, your marriage in Delhi will take place. FB ends. FB ends. Purvi shouts. Daksh is asking Nani to come here. Purvi meets all and shouts. She hugs the children. Virender remembers her moments. The children are asking him to stop her. Purvi remembers virus. She shouts. Daksh takes her into the car. He takes her into the car. They’re leaving.

Virender cries and Purvi thinks. Veer’s going to meet Priyu. He says that Purvi left Daksh. She thinks Daksh loves her very much, otherwise he would marry her with the truth. He says let’s celebrate leaving her. She thinks I’m going to celebrate when I make Purvi’s life fuck, I’m not going to let her marry Daksh, and see how I ruin her. The children are crying. Virender is coming to the room. Virender. He’s asking why you’re crying. She left us, you said she’s going to stay here. Juhi says that I hate you. Manas says she’s not going to return, get her back. He says listen to me, stop crying, tell me, trust me, or don’t trust me. They’re nodding. He says I’m not going to let Purvi marry Daksh, his promise is my promise. She asks how we’re going to stop marriage. It’s a secret, only pack up the bags, we’ve got to go and stop marriage. They hug him. They hug him. Anjali looks on. Anjali looks on.

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