Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 4th September 2021 Written Update


Read Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali30th August 2021 Episode Written Update: Sunny Joins Hand With Raghav

Episode Start: Sunny says I’m here to help you, Raghav starts laughing and says you’ll help me, Sunny says I don’t have time to do all of this, all I want to do is take revenge on Mandar, Raghav says and you think I’ll help you and in exchange give you my sister, Sunny says I don’t have time to do all of this, all I want to do is take revenge on Mandar, Sunny says I don’t have time to do all of this, all I want to do is Sunny says no, I’m not going to keep any conditions; all I want to do is destroy Mandar. Raghav says you wanted to destroy me until yesterday, Sunny says Raghav, you know my help will give you a good lead, so I won’t beg you, Raghav says okay, let me try once, so get me the information of this young boy black mailing Mandar, he has some information about Mandar and is using him again, so get it. Sunny says I’ll do my best because Mandar hasn’t spoken to me since yesterday, and Sunny claims she has a solution.

Sunny approaches Mandar and apologises, saying, “Please forgive me, I realise I made a terrible mistake, it was my fault.” When Mandar sees Sunny, he becomes enraged, and Sunny pleads that he at least drink tea with him, which Mandar agrees to. Sunny gets papers for Mandar and says these are Raghav Pallavi divorce papers, which Mandar checks.

[Raghav tells Sunny that he would get Mandar fresh divorce papers, but they will be phoney.]

Mandar, says Sunny. I’ll have these papers signed in two days, Mandar says okay, Sunny asks what’s wrong, Mandar says I have this boy, he’s a pain, Sunny asks why, Mandar says there’s this boy who makes videos and he recorded me pushing Aai from the terrace, he was on a nearby terrace and I got recorded, and he keeps demanding me and keeps saying he’ll make me viral, Mandar says As Sunny has a secret microphone, Raghav is listening to everything.

Raghav tells Pallavi about the video; Raghav says the person lives near you; Pallavi says it could be Damini Aunty’s tenant, and I’ll talk to him; these 18-year-olds listen to beautiful women; Raghav says no, I’ll talk to him; Pallavi says are you insecure; Raghav says these 18-year-olds like Aunty’s; Pallavi says Aunty will be your Amma; Raghav says oh, I

Sunny tells Kirti that he is with Raghav to get revenge on Mandar and gain Raghav’s trust; Kirti replies you think this would help; Sunny responds let’s try; and you wanted Amma’s blessings, therefore I’m doing everything for you.

Pallavi receives a message from Farhad, who introduces himself as Akshat and refers to his channel as “Garam Diwane.” Pallavi asks Amruta to look after her till she returns. Pallavi phones Akshat and asks, “Are you the host of Garam Diwane? I’m a great fan, you have awesome videos, and will you see me?” Akshat answers, “Sure, when will we meet?” Pallavi says, “When will we meet?”

Pallavi dresses in a black gown and decides to tell Raghav about it. Raghav enters the room and sees Pallavi dressed in a black gown and asks, “Is this for that boy?” Pallavi says yes to impress him and get the video, Raghav says I didn’t realise you looked so hot, Pallavi says romance later, Mandar calls Pallavi, Raghav and Pallavi hide, and Mandar enters.

Mandar notices that no one is in the room and asks, “Where did she go?” Raghav and Pallavi are hiding in the cupboard, so Mandar walks up to the cupboard and picks up the glasses that have fallen on the floor before leaving. Pallavi hurriedly exits and closes the door, asking, “Why are you starring?” Raghav responds, “My wife will do whatever she wants,” and Pallavi replies, “All right, let’s go, and go off this Mandar.”

Sulochana asks where Swapnil is, Rama says he went to purchase a few items, Sulochana says ask him to rest since he works so hard, Milind says you always worry about that cook, but you should worry about your husband, Sulochana replies he has good physic, you get it I will look after you.

Pallavi with Akshat, Raghav jealous, says look, she’s laughing so hard she won’t be able to laugh again until tomorrow, Pallavi says Akshat, you’re so cute and funny, Akshat blushes, Pallavi says my phone is dead, can I use your phone please, Akshat hands her phone, Pallavi says I’ll go out and call, he says okay, Pallavi hands phone to Raghav, who copies all files.

Pallavi walks up to Akshat and says, “Bye, I have urgent job.” Pallavi inquires if Raghav copied the footage; Raghav responds, “Don’t worry, we have it.” Raghav and Pallavi arrive at their destination. Pallavi says we’ll enter through the back door, then broadcast the clip to everyone, and we’ll win in no time; Raghav replies no one can save Mandar today from me.Episode End.

Precap: Raghav and Pallavi are on a date at the Rao Mansion. Mandar pulls up a knife and places it around Pallavi’s neck, telling Raghav that until he shoots himself, he will kill Pallavi.

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