Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27th September 2021 Written Update


Read Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 27th September 2021 Written Update: Raghav And Pallavi’s Differences Increase

Pallavi notices Raghav drinking and remarks, “You are drinking too much.” Raghav responds, “You are getting rid of me, right?” Pallavi responds, “I want to tell you about Laxmi.” Raghav says your new best friend, I saw you with her, Pallavi says yes she gave me a lift because, Raghav says shut up, I know you told Laxmi everything, you are great right, because of you Laxmi has increased security at customs and you are too far behind being ideal and perfect right, why didn’t you ask God to keep you with him, you have nothing before your principles and values, you just want people to like you.

Pallavi says, “How dare you, Raghav, you never think before you speak, how could you think I would do this, if I wanted to, I would have given Laxmi diamonds long ago,” Raghav says, “I am saying what I saw,” Pallavi says, “you are wrong,” Raghav says, “you are wrong,” Pallavi says, “you are wrong,” Raghav says, “you are wrong,” Pallavi says, “you are wrong,” Raghav says,

Raghav says, “Everything here is with my money, and if you have a problem, leave everything and go away.” Pallavi says, “I am not leaving you or this stubbornness to bring you on the right track, this house and husband both are mine, the last time you tried sending me home, I packed your bags, if you want that again, tell me,”

Farhad and Amruta are together, and Farhad tells Amruta that Raghav and Pallavi’s differences are growing. Amruta says Farhad, if I ask you to leave this job, will you or be stubborn like Raghav? Farhad says Pallavi is his wife, and she has every right to stop him, but why are you stopping me? Amruta says you decide who I am to you, and one girl is with you at this hour, walking holding your hand.

Raghav is still drinking, and Pallavi is in her room, crying. She walks to their wedding photos, then sits beside Raghav’s side of the bed. Raghav recalls Sharda’s words, “Pallavi will not let wrong go unpunished; she will make it right.” Pallavi is awaiting Raghav. Pallavi falls asleep beside Raghav’s side of the bed; the next morning, she notices Raghav hasn’t returned to the room and is about to go look for him when Raghav walks in.

Sunny and Keerti enter after their workout, Pallavi sees Raghav leave and calls him for breakfast, Farhad walks up to Raghav and tells him he needs to talk about something important, and Raghav follows him to Den.
Laxmi is on the phone with the Commissioner, who praises her decision to increase security. Laxmi tells the Inspector that even the Commissioner is eager to see Raghav arrested, and that she is now waiting for his move to arrest him.

Farhad tells Raghav that it is critical to get diamonds today, and that they should skip this order because it is risky. Raghav responds, “Today we will have pink diamonds, leave it to me.” Pallavi instructs Rajan for lunch and is about to leave when Sunny says, “So you’re having fun, and your husband isn’t talking, and how do you feel about this boring life without luxury?” Pallavi says you’re just a freeloader who keeps commenting like a useless person, Sunny says Raghav will never get back on track, Pallavi says Rajan, didn’t you feed street dogs today, Rajan says I did, Pallavi says oh look, one is inside our house. Sunny asks Rajan to leave and says, “I dare you.” Pallavi responds, “I meant my street dogs whom I feed every day; they are loyal; why would I compare you to them and insult them?” Sunny is about to slap her when Pallavi says, “Dare you, this is my house, and if my husband sees you do this, you will not be spared,” and “If you have finished free apple, go in your wife’s room and spend time bye.”

Raghav walks up to Farhad in uniform, Farhad asks what this is about, Raghav says I will get diamonds as a duty officer, Raghav Rao will do dangerous work on his own. Sunny is aware of this. Sunny calls Laxmi to inform her of Raghav’s plan, and Laxmi tells her team, “We have to catch him red-handed today, let’s go.”

Sunny is very happy listening to music and begins dancing with Keerti, Keerti asks why Sunny is in such a good mood, Sunny says to Keerti I feel so bad for your wife, Keerti says I thought you hated him, Sunny says I don’t hate him just get angry at him but he is so unkucky, Raghav does so much for Pallavi but look at her behavior and you I do nothing but you support me so much, Sunny says I feel Raghav is in danger because of her, I mean Raghav is on his way doing something wrong and Pallavi informs police, Keerti says you are right and she can do this, Sunny you are so nice, Raghav wants bad for you and you think about him, Keerti says if Pallavi does anything, I swear on Amma I will kill her. Sunny advises you to unwind.

Pallavi is at her shop when her mangalsutra becomes stuck in a nail and breaks; Pallavi is perplexed; her colleague says her mother says it’s a bad sign, but it’s just superstition; Pallavi thinks to herself, “God, I don’t believe in all of this, but please take care of my Raghav.” Episode end.

Precap: Raghav and Pallavi are running together when Laxmi tells them to stop or else she will shoot. Laxmi shoots Raghav, and Pallavi is hit by the bullet.

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