Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 25th September 2021 Written Update


Read Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 25th September 2021 Written Update: Vijay Caught By Police

Farhad informs Raghav that all arrangements are complete; Raghav responds, “My man is ready too; let me tell you who it is” and whispers to Farhad, “Go check who is out.” Farhad checks out and sees no one; it was Sunny, but he hides in time, and Farhad considers who must be the delivery guy.

Farhad on the phone says I can’t be there and deliver the parcel, the parcel delivery is more important, it will take me two hours to get there, Vijay hears all that and says you look stressed, Farhad says one of our shops we caught a customer stealing and the manager wants me there, but I also have to deliver this parcel, which is more important, anyways you go inside I will talk to you later, Vijay says The inspector, who is keeping an eye on Farhad, notices this and informs Laxmi.

Laxmi walks into Pallavi’s shop where she is working and says, “Pallavi, I want to talk to you.” Sunny chases after Vijay, saying, “I knew Raghav was up to something, so he hired Vijay for diamonds.” Pallavi asks Laxmi if Raghav is okay, to which Laxmi responds, “Why would you ask that?” Pallavi responds, “I don’t see any other reason for you to meet me anyway, do you know that man?” Pallavi notices Vijay and Sunny observing everything. Pallavi says, “He is my Baba, what is he doing here?” Laxmi says, “Look at the bag in his hand, they have smuggled diamonds,” Pallavi says, “Raghhav chose your father this time for his work,” Pallavi says, “My Raghav won’t do all this,” Laxmi says, “I know Raghav would never do this,” Pallavi says, “I know Raghav would never do this.” Laxmi instructs the constable to apprehend Vijay. Vijay asks Pallavi what all of this is about; Laxmi doesn’t let them talk and checks the bag, finding papers inside; Sunny is also surprised. Laxmi finds nothing, and Pallavi says, “I told you my husband would never do this, you killed a kid and are now behind my father, stop this,” to which Laxmi responds, “I will soon send your husband to jail.” Vijay asks Pallavi what all of this was about, and Pallavi replies, “You go home, we’ll talk later.” When Vijay calls Farhad to tell him about the incident, Farhad tells him to go rest.

Sunny goes to the police station and offers Laxmi his assistance and tells her about the tender. When Laxmi asks how Raghav and Pallavi are connected, Sunny says they are madly in love. Raghav chastises Farhad for sending Vijay, Farhad apologizes, Farhad says he thought you sent diamonds, Raghav says what do you think of me, and if my wife doesn’t understand me, how will others? Raghav hands Farhad a file and says, “These are the details of the Pizza delivery boys, no one checks them and we can do anything with them, I had a chat with the custom officer and we have four packages and these four will work, it’s a full proof plan, let these pink diamonds arrive at the factory and then Laxmi will be transferred.” Farhad says Vijay uncle told me Pallavi was with Laxmi, Raghav gets a call from Pallavi, he ignores, Pallavi wants to tell Raghav about Laxmi’s warning.

Pallavi’s manager says that having police come to our shop is bad for our reputation, and Pallavi promises that this will not happen again. Vijay tells the Deshmukh family about what happened and says he doesn’t expect anything good to happen because he works with Raghav. Sulochana asks if you found another job, that man hates you, he isn’t good, Nikhil says but few days ago you said he is like a son to you, Sulochana says I was trying to, Nikhil says stop stretching the topic and end it, Amruta says yes and

Raghav begins drinking because he is concerned about Pallavi’s relationship with Vijay. Farhad walks in and tells Raghav that the diamonds will not be delivered today because Laxmi has complained about corruption in the customs office. Raghav is drunk and thinks about only Pallavi, so Farhad leaves.

Pallavi’s car breaks down on her way home. Laxmi offers her a ride home, to which Pallavi responds, “I will manage.” Laxmi continues, “I know you’re upset about today, but it was my duty, and now that I’m off duty, it’s not safe to be alone, so come let me drop you off.” Pallavi agrees, Laxmi says it’s so stormy today, Pallavi says I hope there’s no damage, Laxmi asks Pallavi where she’s fine, Pallavi says Kolhapur, Laxmi asks about curries there and says me and my daughter love that, I’m separated from my husband and my daughter stays in a hostel because of my work, Raghav is lucky to have an understanding partner like you, I wish we could be friends someday

Sharda tells Jaya about Vijay’s incident and says Vijay is upset so I wanted to talk to Pallavi, my daughter wants to do things right and tells an incident of Nikhil cheating in exam and passing with good marks but Pallavi informed principal, Nikhil failed and was restigated for a month, she knew this would happen but still supported the truth, Raghav hearing all of that and drinking, he sees from wink. Episode end.

Precap :Sunny tells Pallavi that all of this won’t work because Raghav will never get back on track, Pallavi says Rajan, we have a dog in this house, Sunny says dare you, Pallavi says don’t worry, I won’t insult dogs by comparing them to you. Sunny is about to raise her hands when Pallavi says, “Don’t even think about it.” Raghav was dressed in his uniform. Farhad inquires as to what this akk is. Pallavi has been shot.

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