Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 20th September 2021 Written Update


Read Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 20th September 2021 Written Update: Pallavi Confronts Raghav

Nisha says he’ll check our songs, everyone will have the opportunity to open them, Genda will show Nisha, Laxmiji, Varun will smile, Varun will all congratulate Varun and Genda, and Varun will be lucky for Genda. Varun commends Genda and leaves. Genda tells Nisha that she could be laxmiji if she wishes, Nisha says that I’ll be one if you’re equally happy, all thank Nisha for supporting you so much, Anuradha congratulates Genda.

Ratan asks Manish for the last decision on whether to join the company, Nisha hears that and whispers say yes, Manish tells us that we really owe it to him, so let me pay everything and then I can talk to Dad and give me a reply, Ratan says you’ve got two days, Manish tells me I understand, and soon he will let you know. Manish scolds Nisha for always speaking between you, Nisha is angry. Manish says all right don’t angry tell me about your play, Nisha says Genda will be Laxmi, Manish says it’s great why you won’t play any part too. Varun made my husband and Genda Laxmiji.

Genda is walking to Varun, he’s got plenty of gem, Varun says it’s for you in the game, I don’t know what everything you need but how it’s, Genda says Kadha is here, Genda asks Kadha to be working for him, Varun says yes, I sleep well and don’t feel tired. Genda tells us that in a month you will see effects. Genda asks you to say something, Varun says I can drink Kadha every day.

Varun walks to the sofa and says that you can sleep on the bed when you like, Varun smiles, closes the door, gets on the bed, keeps looking at the genda and sleeps and continues to smile.

Kundan can’t sleep because of debt stress, and says why I am so concerned, and at 4 am, Anuradha sees Kundan wake up and asks what it is, Kundan tells me I just woke up, go back to sleep. Kundan gets Ramesh’s call. Varun asks her to be okay, Genda says nightmare, you go to sleep U am all right, Varun gets to sleep. Genda goes to get water for herself, she sees Kundan calling.

Ramesh tells Kundan bad news is there, Pradhan ran away with all the money, Kundan tells me what ran off my money. Genda, Kundan says what he ran away with whole committees of money. Kundan says but he said that he’ll be returning Mahalakshmi pooja money, that I give every one dates to pay money, that Kundan says no one from the family should know and keep a secret on the market, or that money launders will not spare me. Genda sees Kundan in his worst condition. Kundan thinks of people for money behind him. Anuradha goes to Kundan and asks why he’s wrong, Kundan says I was waking up and so he thinks he’s going to walk, Anuradha says all right go then, Kundan leaves.

Genda says Papaji is unpleasant, and she went alone, what should I do, Genda goes to Kundan, Genda hides Kundan, because he won’t like to have her go after him but, too, she can’t leave him alone. Genda sees Kundan meeting Gopal, who thinks about the situation. Gopal asks what’s wrong with Kundan, Kundan says I couldn’t speak in front of Suman and so, and Ramesh today morning, he told me that Pradhan was running away with money from his whole board, Gopal says that it is very bad, Kundan says that yes it is very bad and I need your help because you are my brother, I want 80 lakhs, I’m going to give it back with certainty. Kundan thinking how he’ll manage the money, and asking Gopal for money, he’ll return it, Gopal said I’m sorry that I have no cash, why would I say no to you, I’ve just taken gold from you for Varun’s wedding necklace, I have an idea to make a mortgage to your shop.

Precap: Genda hears Gopal talk on the phone and explains why I am going to give him my hard-earned money. Genda thinks about chandra har to save the dignity of shop and Kundan

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