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Read Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 16th September 2021 Episode Written Update : Pallavi In Shock

Raghav hands Farhad the register, Farhad is confused, Raghav says he is stupid because he thinks I will believe he was sleep walking, I followed him when he left from here and saw him hide the register under be, so I asked you to get this new register and exchange it, we have Sunny and Laxmi now, both will attack us, so we need to be careful.
Raghav, according to Farhad Raghav says, “Anna, don’t you feel like you’re cheating Pallavi bhabhi?” Raghav says, “I know my struggles behind this success and values look good in textbooks, but in real life, only money matters and I won’t let some values ruin my success.” Sunny says he was just messing with Pallavi chill, Keerti says why chill and why didn’t you tell me, I told you I would support you, Sunny says have water, we are always together, but with Raghav I will fight man to man.

Laxmi requests that her team obtain proof of Raghav’s involvement, and Inspector states that we only have one boy on our team. Raghav informs Farhad that there will be no consignment for the next 6-7 days, Farhad informs Raghav that we have a very important one today, Raghav informs Laxmi that he will bear the loss, but Laxmi is unable to locate anyone. Farhad says, “But Abhishek is on his way,” to which Raghav responds, “Call him and stop him.” Abhishek is on the phone with his girlfriend. When Farhad tries to call him, Abhishek’s phone goes dead. Farhad informs Raghav that Abhishek’s phone has been turned off. Raghav tells you to go get him as soon as possible and make sure he gets home safely. Raghav dashesh Pallavi, Pallavi stops him and thanks him for the scrapbook, and how can someone be so angry after that, and is this your new drama, Raghav says you are an expert in drama, let me go. Pallavi says enough of this, just keep stretching the topic, your sister ran away, she locked me in her room and ran away, and you’re acting as if I’m the pandit in her marriage, Raghav says stay away from me, Pallavi says if I’m angry, I show it unlike you, Jaya sees them fight, Raghav says I’ll do it this way only. Pallavi nods, looks at Jaya, and walks away. Raghav comments on Amma’s behaviour. Jaya claims she was angry, but she has since calmed down.

Pallavi is arranging food when Rajan walks in with Jaya and notices Keerti and Sunny on the dining table. Rajan says Pallavi madam cooked all the food, Jaya says I don’t want anything, Pallavi asks why not, Jaya says my wish, Pallavi says just say it because I cooked, and you will have to have food because you have Medicine to eat. Pallavi says, “Try until the end.” Jaya says, “I won’t,” and Pallavi is about to feed Jaya. Jaya in tears, Pallavi says open your mouth quickly, Jaya in tears has food, Jaya apologises, Pallavi says shhh no talking while eating. Jaya claims it wasn’t your fault, Pallavi, that it was someone else’s anger directed at you, and the person I’m really angry at doesn’t care. Sunny reassures Keerti. Why should I be angry with you, Jaya asks. Pallavi says it’s fine, let’s get some food. Jaya feeds Pallavi as well; both are content. Raghav says no and leaves when Jaya asks him if he wants to say anything to Pallavi. Sunny bursts out laughing, and Pallavi says, “Amma, I have you, and I am happy.” Jaya says, “When I was angry with you, I couldn’t eat anything properly and had a bad headache,” Pallavi says, “Forget it now and have this tell me how it is,” Jaya says. Sunny says to Keerti, “Your entire family is a TV serial,” to which Keerti responds, “It’s all because of Pallavi, and they always support her.” Pallavi says, “Krishna is on leave; I’ll go see Nikhil for a while,” and she walks away.
Pallavi is on the phone with Nikhil and says she’s on her way; Nikhil says she should get some tea on the way; Pallavi says okay and asks the driver to drop her off nearby.

Police chase Abhishek, he stops near Pallavi’s lane, he starts running inside with diamonds, Laxmi asks Abhishek to stop, Pallavi picks tea, Abhishek sees Deshmukh emporium and throws diamonds inside, Pallavi sees Abhishek on the ground, Abhishek about to run, Laxmi shoots him, all blood falls over Pallavi’s face and Abhishek Laxmi summons an ambulance. Nikhil rushes to Pallavi, takes her inside, and closes the shutter. Farhad sees everything and tells Raghav everything, saying, “I guess diamonds are with him.” Raghav says, “Forget diamonds, get him to the best hospital.” Farhad says the encounter happened in front of Deshmukh Emporium and she saw everything. Raghav asks where she is, and Farhad says she is in shock, and Nikhil takes her inside. Nikhil tries to talk to Pallavi, who is stunned and unable to speak. Raghav rushes to Pallavi, who sees him and hugs him before crying and saying Abhishek was killed. Raghav says, “Relax, let’s go home.” Pallavi passes out.

Pallavi is being tested by a doctor in the Rao mansion. The doctor says she is in shock and has fainted; make sure she eats and rests well. Jaya says it was terrible to see someone close to her die in front of us; I hope God gives her the strength to move on. Farhad summons Raghav outside and informs him that Abhishek is no longer alive, and that my informer informed him that Abhishek had no diamonds. Raghav responds, “I feel bad for Abhishek and not diamonds, and now I won’t spare Laxmi, take care of Abhishek’s family, money can’t bring their son back, but it can keep them financially safe.” On the phone, Laxmi is chastised by the commissioner for shooting a young boy, and we have 24 hours to find proof or I will be thrown out of the case and investigated, and I didn’t shoot to kill him but to stop him, Inspector says we didn’t find anything on Abhishek and his car, Laxmi says remember everything we got near him and around him, get his call records, and this will help us find Raghav. Pallavi wakes up with a nightmare, and Raghav asks if she is okay. Pallavi asks about Abhishek, and Raghav says he is no longer alive. Pallavi calls Nikhil, and Nikhil says he was just going to Abhishek’s house. Pallavi says she will accompany him.

Precap: Raghav asks Pallavi, “What if we can’t support truth?” Pallavi says, “I know such days will come, but I trust you, and I know you won’t do anything wrong.” Sunny informs Pallavi that Abhishek worked for Raghav. Pallavi discovers a diamond pouch and both she and Nikhil notice diamonds.

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