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Episode start: Police talk about Laxmi and how strict she is. A man walks with tea to her. Laxmi asks how much you’ll pay for your tea, he says nobody will pay, and here, you are the boss. Laxmi says just shut up and tell me, he says ten loudspeakers, Laxmi pays him, and he says if anyone doesn’t pay, tell me the next time.
Laxmi discussing Raghav Rao with his team mate, Laxmi says I checked all his details, he didn’t do custom duties so many times, he smuggled diamonds like his fathers’ realm, and his competitors knew all about thay, but nobody complains so far. Inspector states it’s because his fan follows and fears, he smuggles so good, we can’t find any evidence of him, he hired them. Laxmi says he’s calling Raghav at a police station, he doesn’t come and meet him at the police station and Laxmi says he’s going.

Abhishek and Nikhil are visiting Pallav and Raghav and Farhad and see Abhishek.
Pallavi says that there’s no stay sometime, Nikhil is very workolic, he knows what work he’s doing, he even bought a car and a new house, I hope you don’t do anything illegal, I was caught up in very bad things. He isn’t a jerk like you, he knows what’s wrong or right and who you were working for, Nikhil says I know not, I only knew one name, and I told the police that. Keerti sees Sunny chilling, and tells what you do, and Sunny says their day of leave, Pallavi says on a weekend, I always found a house without a brokerage, and we’re going to see it tonight, Sunny says girls can stay in their parents’ house for life, and you want to go, Keerti says, but you aren’t insulted at their home. What if I tell you that will not happen any more, Sunny says, Keerti says you talk as if you found a Gennie. Sunny says. Sunny says something. Sunny says something like that.

When he was about to leave, Laxmi visits Raghav. Abhishek is frightened. Laxmi looks at Ganpati Bappa and goes to the temple and receives blessing. Laxmi looks at Abhishek and hands him hanky and asks her to be okay, Abhishek says Nikhil lets go I have work, Nikhil says all right and tells Pallavi goodbye. Sunny and Keerti are also walking down.
Raghav says Laxmi Singh, APC. She puts forward a hand, and says I’m transferred recently and you’ve been the hot topic, so I’ve come to talk here, Pallavi asks is okay, Laxmi says Ms. Rao doesn’t worry about police coming in a bad time, but also warning about it, Raghav says that I don’t meet without an appointment, Laxmi says that you have 23 lakh of Jewelry theft, you didn’t complain about it, Pallavi thinks something is wrong, something very serious is happening.

Nikhil tells Amruta that she needs to quickly leave Krishna and they need to shop. Nikhil asks what’s cooking between you and Farhad, Amruta does nothing serious I like him, Nikhil says he will not accept it, especially Baba, twice before you take a step forward. Amruta tells us that I know that Kaku and Baba are going to come to be persuaded but Moms and Kaka have to work hard. Mansi walks up to them says, “seriously,” if not Raghav’s assistant, and you think Farhad likes you, and he knows about your abortment, all the bad storey. Nikhil says that she ignore it, she’s very bad, Amruta says that she’s right and I have to talk about it with Farhad. Laxmi says to Raghav, you have good customs contacts. Raghav says I’m a businessman, so keep in contact with anyone that’s beneficial to my business, and my maximum customs task is my job. Laxmi says that you’ll smuggle diamond so well. Raghave says that you’ll blame me, Laxmi says not just a scenario. Laxmi sheets. Sunny says that Keerti, Pallavi worried, I’m going to see you later. Laxmi asks Pallavi to be prasad, Pallavi tells him to be sure and gives her prasad, Laxmi says you’re frightened, Laxmi says I want Raghav to say the same thing. Pallavi has told me that he knows that he did because Raghav Rao is not doing any wrong.

Pallavi says there is black cat, trying to cross the path again, Raghav and Farhad, Keerti watching them, Sunny walks to Pallavi. Pallavi register Sunny hands, Farhad says this is our database, Sunny says take a look. Pallavi takes and checks the register. Farhad says how it was done by Sunny. Sunny says you made fake Keerti accounts, you have to understand the actual account and call each and everybody and slap it in front of everyone, as per bet. Pallavi says that Raghav deserves a slap, that he didn’t tell me that he so loves me, he shows Sunny that the register is full of pictures of Pallavi. Sunny says all this, he had real letters, I’ve seen myself; Pallavi says that I’m going to be back soon, and Raghav smiles at it. Sunny remembers Pallavi saying she’s going to hit him till market with broom. Pallavi sees and stops Keerti. Sunny also sees Keerti, Raghav says let’s go of Farhad. Pallavi says last time I’m leaving you, I won’t stop because of Keerti next time you try to create differences between us. Episode end.

Precap: Raghav says, Pallavi, if we can’t support truth. Pallavi tells us that it’s life we’re going to have a situation like that. Abhishek is shot with Laxmi and Pallavi’s face drops blood.

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