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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th August 2021 Written Episode Today Full Episode, Written Update Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 14th August 2021 All Indian Tv Serial Written Episode Available On

Episode Starts: Mandar walks in Sharda’s room, he blood pressure increases again and she or he goes restless, Vijay asks does one need anything, Mandar says Baba leave her alone, let her rest and seeing you wish this she is going to not feel good, here is food for you, you sit out and eat, i will be able to stay with Aai, Vijay leaves. Mandar sits beside Sharda and says Aai once we were kids you taught us one saying and your situation is strictly same, alive but of no use, and that i am your son, my memory is back and with this finger you tried everyone right, Nurse walks in and asks Mandar to go away . Raghav calls Farhad and asks him to look after Pallavi & other.

Pallavi asks Milind to require everyone home and she will stay here with Farhad, Mandar walks in and says me and Pallavi will take care of you together, Pallavi leaves the space , Mandar walks to her, and asks why did you allow , Pallavi says just one person can stay in room, Mandar says your presence made me feel better, I couldn’t save Aai, I wish I could rewind everything, Pallavi says enough Mandar, its about Aai, I don’t want to believe you, i’m here for my Aai and nobody matters immediately , not even you, I agree you’re in problem but you’ll need to check out yourself too, we all made you priority but enough now, i’m no Doctor or therapist which will solve all of your problems, i used to be helping as humanity but not anymore and once Aai is locate i will be able to ask Doctor Ramya for a few other treatment for you, because I can’t do anything more and dont want to, please find your own way, Pallavi leaves.

Kirti gets Jaya coffee, and says how long will you be angry, Jaya says until you don’t get on target . Kirti says Amma please have coffee and that i am sorry I shouldn’t have crossed line, but since Mandar is back we are in stress, her family is so stress, Jaya says her family is our family, and such as you even your coffee is bitter, Jaya leaves.

Pallavi with Sharda says all are home but i’m with you and that i can’t see you wish this, so recover soon, and scold me I can’t see you wish this, you looked so good once you ise to boost eyebrows and shout at me, remember we made code language too, you employ to blink and communicate…. Pallavi remembers Sharda says Pallavi, Usha irritates tons so we’ll make a code language like if we’ve to go away i will be able to blink once and twice once we need to stay, Pallavi says done…
Pallavi says Aai lets communicate in code language, if yes blink once and twice if no, Pallavi says blink once if you’ll hear me, Sharda blinks once, Pallavi very happy, and asks her was this an accident, Sharda blinks twice, Pallavi asks did someone push you, Sharda blinks once, Pallavi asks was it someone from house, Sharda blinks once, Pallavi in shock, Pallavi asks is it Kaku, Mansi, Amruta or Baba, Kaka, Sharda blinks twice, Pallavi close to ask again, Nurse asks her to go away , Pallavi says Aai I promise I wont leave the one that did this to you and leaves.

Pallavi in Deshmukh house goes to terrace to seem for clues, Pallavi hits her toe then finds a button, Pallavi says this might be of one that pushed Aai, but only Kaka and Baba wear shirt, and Aai denied, Pallavi says yes Mandar, I didn’t ask Aai about him, is it him, Pallavi checks shirt drying on terrace and that they don’t match, Pallavi says I even have to travel check in his room, Pallavi opens cupboard and appears for his shirt with missing button, Mandar walks in and asks Pallavi what’s she doing here, Pallavi hides button in her hand, Pallavi looks at his shirt and sees a button missing, Pallavi thinks God his button is missing, Mandar asks when did you come from hospital and what were you trying to find in my cupboard, Pallavi says I came here to require Aai’s stuff and that i couldn’t find her towel so was looking in your cupboard, Mandar says is it, and walks to her and asks did you discover it, Pallavi asks what, Mandar says towel, Pallavi says no, i will be able to look in somebody else cupboard and leaves.

Pallavi locks herself in her room and in shock and says I asked Aai about everyone except Mandar and that i found his button on shirt which means he pushed Aai, which means Raghav was right, and says I even have to speak to Raghav and calls him, Raghav’s phone isn’t reachable, Pallavi calls Farhad and ask where is Raghav, Farhad says he went home.

Raghav home, gets a call and before he could pick, Pallavi disconnects. Episode Ends.

Precap: Pallavi is asked by Mandar to sign on divorce papers. Raghav asks Pallavi what are these papers, Pallavi says i would like divorce from you, sign on these papers Pallavi says Raghvi’s love will destroy Mandar Deshmukh, that he will never ever consider hurting anyone. Raghav disguises and says Mandar see now what Raghvi does.

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